Reachu Embed Commerce


Sell products on your WordPress site.

Use the Reachu plugin to display and sell products with your own shop or embed products directly into your content. Take your webpage, blog, magazine, partnerships and paid content to the next level by implementing ecommerce. It’s the best way to increase earnings, monetize your following and ensure you keep readers engaged and on site.
Whether you have your own products or use Reachu to sell products from your brand partners you can sell and display products directly on all your WordPress sites.

The plugin works with all WordPress sites – it comes with default Gutemberg editor functionality, as well as Short Codes for all other editors.


Add your own products or use Reachu to get access to products from your brand partners. Reachu synchronizes with most ecommerce systems meaning inventory and product information is always up to date.

Sell Anywhere

Reachu lets you add products and sell them directly on all your WordPress sites. No ecommerce system needed, no redirects and no affiliate links.


The Plugin comes with pre-designed blocks and templates to get you up and running as fast as possible. Our templates support single product listings, multiple product listings, carousel view and shop view. The synchronization with Reachu is done by copying your Reachu API key into WordPress.

Orders & Fulfillment

All orders are routed directly back to the ecommerce system the product was sourced from. Whether it’s your own or your partners. While order tracking and confirmations are sent directly to the customer.


The Plugin comes with the option to use our complete checkout and pre-made listing templates, or personalize it as you see fit and add your own Stripe or Klarna account.

Getting Started

1.Register: Get started by registering your free Reachu account at account at

2.Install: Download, install and activate the Reachu Embed Commerce plugin to your WordPress.

3.Login: Go to your Reachu Blocks tab, where you will find a field where you can paste you API Key to connect you Reachu account with the WordPress.

4.Export: Go to your Profile on the Reachu platform, then to the Sales Channels section, look for the API Key and copy it. If it is not created, generate a new one and copy it. The next step is to paste the API Key you copied in the Reachu blocks plugin to connect your Reachu account with your WordPress.

Start using Reachu to monetize your following and increase your relevance. You can always learn more about Reachu, find tips and tricks and all features at:

Contributors & Developers

“Reachu Embed Commerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


This plugin provides 6 blocks.

  • Reachu Embed Commerce
  • Reachu Embed Commerce
  • Reachu Embed Commerce
  • Reachu Embed Commerce
  • Reachu Embed Commerce
  • Reachu Embed Commerce


To install the Reachu Embed Commerce plugin, follow these simple steps:

1.Download the Reachu Embed Commerce plugin from this page

2.Go to Plugins in your WordPress sidebar menu, click “Upload Plugin” and select the zip file form your computer.

3.Click “Activate Plugin” and wait until the plugin is successfully installed.

4.See the Getting Started section under the Details tab to learn how to begin using the plugin.


Is it free to use Reachu?

Yes, we offer a free plan ideal for testing the product and smaller collaborations – seeing is believing.

Can I add any kind of store?

We integrate with the most commonly used ecommerce systems such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Do I need my own products?

No, you can use Reachu to source products from any of your partners. They can give you access to any of their products through the Reachu platform.

What kind of checkout and payment options do you support?

We offer our own payment solution accepting credit cards as well as Klarna. While you can also easily add your own payment gateway. We currently offer plug and play integrations to Klarna and Stripe.

Can I add products to any WordPress site?

Yes, we allow you to convert the product listings to a short code you can embed on any WordPress site. Alternatively you can use Gutenberg.

If you have any questions, issues or feedback with the Reachu Export plugin, please get in touch with us:


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Contributors & Developers

“Reachu Embed Commerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.