Outbound Links Monetization


Outbound Links Monetization plugin is probalby the easiest way of monetizing your wordpress blog. It’s based on Urlshortener.co CPA advertisement network (http://www.urlshortener.co) which deals mainly with links.

All you need to do is to sign up for Urlshortener.co (http://www.urlshortener.co/backend/register), install our plugin in your wordpress page and configure it by copy&pasting your API KEY and ACCESS TOKEN which is accesible after registration in your Dashboard.

That’s all! Your wordpress blog or website is earning money for you with our Anti-Adblock Solution and CPA. You can check your earnings by logging into urlshortener.co.


I’ve disabled the plugin but is still happening, how do I fix this?

Clear the cache and you should be fine.

Can I use it with other networks?

No, it’s work only with Urlshortener.co!

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