Organic Customizer Widgets


Display and arrange custom widgets as full width content sections on any page — such as post slideshows, testimonials, team members, portfolios, feature lists, pricing tables products and more. The widgets are designed to work with virtually any theme or page builder that uses widgets.

Organic Customizer Widgets introduces several widgets for displaying content in new ways. It includes a new page template, that when applied, creates a new widget area on that page. This allows the core WordPress customizer to be used like a page builder by adding widgets as content sections to any page. Each widget includes basic styles, but will otherwise inherit styles from the active theme.

Live Demo

Video Demo:

Widgets Included

  • Hero Widget View Example – A full browser height section with a background image, featured text and a call to action.
  • Blog Posts Widget View Example – Display a section of blog posts from any category in a chosen layout.
  • Content Slideshow Widget View Example – A full width slideshow of featured posts with background images.
  • Feature List Widget View Example – A list of features with icons displayed in multiple column layouts.
  • Portfolio Widget View Example – A section of posts displayed as portfolio images in a masonry layout.
  • Subpage Widget View Example – Display existing page content as a section within another page or use custom content.
  • Team Members Widget View Example – A section of team members from a selected post category.
  • Testimonials Widget View Example – A slideshow of testimonials from a selected category or custom post type.
  • Profile Widget View Example – A personal profile widget with an image, bio and social media links.
  • Pricing Table Widget View Example – Create a pricing table with a list of features and link to purchase.
  • Featured Product Widget View Example – Display a product image with content and purchase link on the left or right.
  • Featured Content Widget View Example – Custom content that can be grouped together with other featured content widgets.

Getting Started

Follow the simple steps below to begin building a page with Organic Customizer Widgets:

  1. Add a new page under Pages > Add New.
  2. Apply the ‘Organic Custom’ page template within the Page Attributes.
  3. Click the ‘Customize Page’ button.
  4. Within the Customizer, Click the ‘Add a Widget’ button.
  5. Begin adding Organic widgets to the page.


  • The Organic StartUp Theme using widgets for the various content sections on the home page.
  • The Organic Content Slideshow widget.
  • The Organic Hero widget within the WordPress customizer.
  • The default WordPress image widget within the customizer.
  • A list of some of the custom widgets included as seen within the customizer.


Note: This plugin relies on new WordPress features, so it requires WordPress version 4.8+ and PHP 5.3.29+

  1. Upload ‘organic-customizer-widgets’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Apply the ‘Organic Custom’ template to the desired page
  4. Click ‘Customize Page’ in the page editor, navigate to the customizer (‘Appearance > Widgets’), or the widgets page (‘Appearance > Widgets’) to add widgets to the page.


Installation Instructions

Note: This plugin relies on new WordPress features, so it requires WordPress version 4.8+ and PHP 5.3.29+

  1. Upload ‘organic-customizer-widgets’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Apply the ‘Organic Custom’ template to the desired page
  4. Click ‘Customize Page’ in the page editor, navigate to the customizer (‘Appearance > Widgets’), or the widgets page (‘Appearance > Widgets’) to add widgets to the page.
Q: Why would I use Organic Customizer Widgets over other page builders?

A: The Organic Customizer Widgets plugin utilizes the core WordPress Customizer and native widget functionality, rather than relying on proprietary code. Therefore, it’s faster, easier and more secure to build dynamic pages for your site using Organic Customizer Widgets. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with almost any theme, and there is no vendor lock-in.

Q: How do I start customizing a page with the Organic Customizer Widgets?

A: Simply assign the “Organic Custom” page template to a page and save it. This will create a new Widget Area named after the page. You can then add widgets to this widget area via the WordPress Customizer (recommended) or the Widgets page in the WordPress Admin. The Organic Widgets have been designed to function as page sections, but you can also add core WordPress widgets.

Q: Can I use Organic Customizer Widgets with themes other than Organic Themes?

A: Yes, the custom widget areas and widgets will transfer between themes. The widgets contain basic styling so that they should work with most themes. That said, the widgets will look best on sites using Organic Themes, as they’re designed with the plugin in mind. Custom CSS can be used to override the default styles to customize the content to fit your needs.

Q: How can I get widgets to group together into a single page section?

A: Groupable widgets (Profiles, Pricing Tables and Featured Content) will group together when placed consecutively in a widget area. A colored border on the left side of the widget panel will indicate which widgets have been grouped together.

Q: Can I use the Organic Customizer Widgets in other widget areas, like sidebars and footers?

A: Most of the Organic Widgets are designed to be used as full-width sections on a page, but depending on your theme styles they may work in other areas as well.


Usefull for onepagers

One of the most usefull plugins for createing onepagers, presentation pages, hero pages and the like in any theme. I am saying goodbye to these kind of themes since i found this!

Best Plugin Ever!

This plugin is not only super easy to use, but it provides amazing versatility and offers a wide array of widgets. It allows you to transform your site easily, and is great for many different purposes (including testimonials, featured content, pricing tables, and many more!). I would highly recommend this plugin. Thank you, OT, for making my site awesome!

Epic Customizer+ Plugin! Cutting edge!

This is a natural fit for WordPress. It’s one of the best new plugins I have explored recently. You gotta take this one out for a test drive because I can talk about it all day, but once you get aboard and punch the peddle, you’re gonna love this one!

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Contributors & Developers

“Organic Customizer Widgets” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed issue with unnecessary admin scripts being loaded on the front-end
  • Added directional navigation arrows to testimonials slider


  • Fixed pricing table widget mobile style
  • Allowed HTML in pricing table repeatable fields


  • Updated Give donation widget styles
  • Added basic Gravity Forms widget styles
  • Minor fix to welcome page themes


  • Added star icons to testimonials widget
  • Displayed widget title for WP core video widget


  • Preparation for WP 4.9
  • Added default styles for new gallery widget
  • Added featured image option to hero widget


  • Fixed background image display for portfolio widget


  • Fixed background video display for hero widget
  • Added styles for Give donation plugin widget
  • Added “All Categories” option to blog widget
  • Simplified subpage widget options
  • Removed masonry classes from groupable widgets
  • Early prep for Gutenberg editor
  • Added styles for forms on dark backgrounds
  • Mobile style fixes


  • Save widget assignments on plugin deactivation for restoring on plugin re-activation


  • Mobile style fix for hero widget fixed background images


  • Version Bump


  • Move settings to top level menu item
  • Add settings to activate/deactivate Organic Customizer Widgets
  • Mobile style fix for profile widget
  • Style fix for content slideshow widget
  • Added new social media icons


  • Changed heading for featured content widget
  • Updates to profile widget styles
  • Style tweak to hero widget


  • Removed post edit link from subpage widget
  • Allow basic HTML tags (
    ) in Widget Titles
  • Fix featured product Safari alignment bug
  • Add WYSIWYG editor to Portfolio widget content


  • Fixed alignment issue for grouped widgets


  • Minor updates to featured content widget


  • Updated README.txt with new widget example
  • Updated hero widget style and HTML
  • Updated featured content style


  • Added featured product widget
  • Fixed button links for hero widget
  • Updated background image script prefixes
  • Updated link input styles to condense widget options
  • Additional style tweaks


  • Updated plugin description
  • Added fixed height option to content slideshow widget
  • Updated Structure Lite screenshot
  • General cleanup


  • Updates to testimonial widget
  • Updates to featured content widget
  • Minor style updates
  • Updates to customizer text editors


  • Updated README.txt with video demo


  • Fix widget sync function


  • Add support for One Click Demo Import
  • Added fixed background position option to Hero Widget
  • Break customize url function out into static method and add to page template
  • Minor updates to content
  • Style tweaks


  • Pricing Table Update


  • Relax PHP Version Requirement
  • Readme Updates


  • Initial plugin release