Order Your Posts Manually


This plugin is a simple plugin for ordering your posts totally by hand.

Main Features

Change the settings via: WP Admin Panel » Settings » Order Posts Options
Start the plugin via: WP Admin Panel » Tools » Order Posts Manually
Drag and drop your posts in the order you like!

Running this plugin will actually change the CREATION- or MODIFICATION dates of your posts in the database, to change the display order.
It will swap some of the dates.
So, if you think the EXACT DATES of when a post was created and / or modified are more important than the order of the posts: DON’T USE THIS PLUGIN!


CAGE Web Design | Rolf van Gelder, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – http://cagewebdev.com – http://rvg.cage.nl

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Currently supported languages

  • English [en_US] default, translated by Rolf van Gelder, CAGE Web Design – http://cagewebdev.com
  • Dutch [nl_NL] translated by Rolf van Gelder, CAGE Web Design – http://cagewebdev.com
  • Serbian [sr_RS] translated by Borisa Djuraskovic, Web Hosting Hub – http://www.webhostinghub.com
  • Spanish [es-ES] translated by Andrew Kurtis, Web Hosting Hub – http://www.webhostinghub.com

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How do I run this plugin?
  • WP Admin Panel » Tools » Order Posts Manually.
How do I change the options for this plugin?
  • WP Admin Panel » Settings » Order Posts Options.




I've been using Order Your Posts Manually for a couple years for two sites and today I am installing it on a 3rd site and decided it's time for me to thank the author(s). The ability to place a later posted post to an earlier position in a blog index would seem to me like a feature already included in WordPress. But I was unable to find any other way to add this essential ability than with this wonderful, God-send tool. I am so thankful for Order Your Posts Manually!!! Thank you!!!!

Holy Sh*t!


Very interesting plugin. Just what I was looking for. Very, very cool! I wanted to get a few Stickys in a certain order on the front page, and this did the trick. Here's what happened though at first. Initially upon install, you try to convince us saying, "If you belong to the second category (MODIFICATION date) select the second option in the first drop down box below!" So I did that. And, the plugin didn't do what it's supposed to do. I went back into settings and changed it back to "Creation Date" and while I was there, I went to the option to let the "Editor" make changes, and it DID work. There are no other users in the Admin, so I thought, hey, why not tell it I'm an editor. And BAM, it worked great! Very cool plugin, and VERY unique in the sea of plugins, I love it. I'm one of those that do not care (as you warn) about the date of posts, my only curiosity will be about SEO - and even then I don't much care as I'm tending to my sitemap and traffic in different ways. Curious though what the SERPS will do with this kind of database tinkering. Who knows, it might help in a weird way on front pages when the spiders come to scroll canonically. Any thoughts on SEO repercussions or ramifications? LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The drag and drop is seamless and genius. Good work!

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2.0 [01/25/2016]

  • NEW: new option ‘Show drafts’ added; show and order drafts too (optional)

1.10 [12/13/2015]

  • NEW: new option ‘Also allow editors to use this plugin’ added
  • CHANGE: several changes and improvements

1.9 [10/16/2015]

  • NEW: sticky posts now also can be re-ordered

1.8 [08/29/2015]

  • NEW: thumbnails of posts can be displayed in the list (optional, via settings)
  • CHANGE: total revamp of the code + many improvements

1.7.2 [08/06/2015]

  • CHANGE: made the role for running the plugin and changing the options the same (‘manage_options’)
  • CHANGE: added a link to the settings page on the main plugin page
  • CHANGE: some ‘cosmetic’ changes

1.7.1 [07/26/2015]

  • BUG FIX: bugs fixed for ajax calls

1.7 [03/09/2015]

  • NEW: filter posts on a category (optional)
  • CHANGE: languages moved to the ‘languages’ directory
  • CHANGE: stylesheet moved to the ‘css’ directory
  • CHANGE: javascript moved to the ‘js’ directory
  • CHANGE: several minor updates and improvements

1.6 [10/22/2014]

  • NEW: custom post type support for ordering (default: post)

1.5.1 [10/20/2014]

  • NEW: plugin has been fully localized
  • NEW: dutch language support [nl_NL] added
  • NEW: serbian language support [sr_RS] added
  • NEW: spanish language support [es_ES] added
  • CHANGE: some bug fixes

1.4.1 [09/06/2014]

  • CHANGE: many changes and bug fixes

1.3 [08/21/2014]

  • NEW: added ‘infinite scroll’ to the posts

1.2 [08/20/2014]

  • NEW: posts are now paginated
  • NEW: number of posts shown per page can be configured via a new option
  • CHANGE: some minor changes

1.1 [08/14/2014]

  • NEW: sticky posts are shown separately and cannot be moved anymore
  • CHANGE: some minor changes

1.0 [07/29/2014]

  • Initial release

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