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THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER BEING DEVELOPED (if you’d like to take over the project, please contact the Author.)

Allows you to freely order posts by context rather than date.

LetŐs take a simple example; Reasonable Faith is a website setup for author Wez Hitzke to publish his short essays on Christian Apologetics. Each article belongs to one or more categories and visitors to the site can comment on each of the articles.

While Wez tends to release a new article every month or so, it is more important that each article is given correct context within a category. For this reason, articles on that site are ordered so that they follow a logical flow from one article to the next based on their content (and not their date).

See the Installation tab for more information about the usage.


Currently only works if you have more than one category and more than one post for each category. This will be resolved in the next release


Can I get involved in developing this plugin?

Absolutely! Sadly, ucantblamem is a busy man and would appreciate any help he can get to further develop this plugin.


0.3 (2007-09-10) – Fixed up some issues with next and previous links not changing the page offset.

0.2 (2007-05-13) – First stable release. Have added images to indicate ordering direction, instead of the +/- buttons

0.1 (2007-04-28) – Preliminary release.

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