Incorporate data from an OpenACalendar site (eg into your WordPress.

Use a Widget and/or Shortcode to list events.

Ask for help at:


Upload the OpenACalendar plugin to your blog, Activate it.

Note this plugin uses a cron job to regularly get the latest event data. Please make sure cron is running correctly on your WordPress install.

Setting up

You need to add an event pool and define some sources.

An event pool is a set of events. You can have several pools and use them seperately, so different pages can show different events.

A source for an event pool tells the plugin where to get it’s event data from. One pool can have several sources and all the events will be mixed together.

Upload the OpenACalendar plugin to your blog, Activate it.

Go to Settings, OpenACalendar. Create a new pool with a name.

Add a new source to this pool with the Source URL of a OpenACalendar site (eg “”) and any filters you like.

Click “Get events from this source now”.


You can then use a widget in the sidebar.


You can also use a shortcode “openacalendar_events”. There is a guide to the short code in the administrator user interface.

Pass attributes:

  • poolid – required. Displayed on the settings screen.
  • descriptionmaxlength – optional, int.
  • usesummarydisplay – optional, boolean. “true” or “false”
  • startformat – optional. String in same format as
  • eventcount – optional, int.
  • url – optional, string. What URL to use? “site” links to calendar site, “url” links to URL of event.
  • image – optional, string or int. Whether to show an image from the event. One of “normal”, “full” or an integer. The integer sets the maximum size of the image in pixels. “full” shows the image as large as possible. “normal” shows the image at the size set by the server.
  • schemaorg – optional, boolean. “true” or “falseā€. Defaults to true. Should be added?

By default the short code only shows start times, but it can also show end times to:

  • endformat – optional, String in same format as How to format end time. Defaults to empty.
  • endformatsameday – optional, String in same format as How to format end time if the event starts and ends on the same day. Defaults to whatever the value of endformat is.
  • startandenddivider – optional, String. This seperates the start and end times. It defaults to ” to “.


  • [openacalendar_events poolid=1]
  • [openacalendar_events poolid=2 eventcount=5 startformat=”jS F Y”]
  • [openacalendar_events poolid=2 usesummarydisplay=”false”]


Development happens at:

Contributors & Developers

“OpenACalendar” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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  • Add options
  • Mark suitable for WordPress 4.7


  • Add link to more events under Widget (off by default)
  • Add option to hide “more info” link in Widget and Shortcode (shown by default)
  • Add option in Widget to open links in new window (off by default)
  • Add tags to output


  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.0.10 for users with short open tag disabled.


  • No functional change, but easier to follow admin UI’s.


  • No functional change, but easier to follow admin UI’s.
  • Mark suitable for WordPress 4.1


  • Fix bug when adding source with country
  • Check country code when adding country
  • Show better errors when importing data
  • Mark suitable for WordPress 4


  • Can show image with shortcode


  • Bug fix; version 2.0.5 was showing start times instead of end times


  • Can show end times when using short code


  • Can pick URL to use
  • Parse usesummarydisplay option to short code properly


  • Can show events a user is attending (Only works on OpenACalendar sites v1.1.5 and up. and have been upgraded.)


  • Can delete source
  • Actually order events!


  • Better admin UI
  • Minor improvemments


  • Events cached in WordPress
  • Shorttag
  • New Widget using cache


  • First Version