This plugin allows you to send custom email notifications about various events in WordPress. It also comes with a simple API by which you can add literally any trigger action.

In messages you can use defined merge tags which will be later changed to content applicable for trigger.

There is also option to disable the notifications for specific post, comment or user in case you don’t want to send notification for a secret article.

See Notification homepage and check Developer docs

Default recipients

Plugin comes with few registered by default recipient types:

  • Email address – free type email address
  • Administrator – takes an email from General Settings page
  • User – takes an email from WordPress user profile
  • Merge tag – email rendered by merge tag

Default triggers

These are already defined in plugin’s core and are ready to use. You can enable or disable them on the Settings page.

Any Post Type:

  • Published post notification
  • Updated post notification
  • Post send for review (pending post) notification
  • Post moved to trash notification

Comment / Pingback / Trackback:

  • New comment notification
  • Comment approved notification
  • Comment unapproved notification
  • Comment marked as spam notification
  • Comment moved to trash notification


  • User registered
  • User profile updated
  • User logged in
  • User deleted


  • Media added
  • Media updated
  • Media deleted

Feel free to suggest new core triggers in support forum

Useful links


  • Trigger edit screen
  • All triggers
  • Settings



This plugin require at least PHP 5.3.0.

Plugin install

Download and install this plugin from Plugins -> Add New admin screen.

Distributing in a plugin or theme

Notification can be loaded also as a part of any plugin or theme. To do it just include plugins’s load.php file. It will figure out if it’s loaded from theme or from plugin.

See the detailed guide


Installation Instructions


This plugin require at least PHP 5.3.0.

Plugin install

Download and install this plugin from Plugins -> Add New admin screen.

Distributing in a plugin or theme

Notification can be loaded also as a part of any plugin or theme. To do it just include plugins’s load.php file. It will figure out if it’s loaded from theme or from plugin.

See the detailed guide

How to change notification email headers?

There’s no such option at the moment. Please use some other plugin to adjust wp_mail() headers.

How to register my triggers?

With register_trigger() function. See the detailed guide

How do I fire my trigger to send an email?

With notification() function. See the detailed guide

Can I deregister trigger I don’t want to use?

Yes, with deregister_trigger() function. See the detailed guide

Can I bundle the plugin with my plugin or theme?

Yes, you can. See the detailed guide


Almost Awesome

I was amazed – simple but efficient, this was exactly what I wanted.. but.. I created a new user with Contributor rights and it appears that such user can inspect administrator’s Notifications :/ No big deal for me, but stil..

Also, a user request – could you add option to send a notification to user if his/hers post is published/changed?

Please notify me when you change this. I will be pleased to change my review then.

Awesome! Front-end triggered notifications work

I had been using another popular notification plugin which works really well except I needed to have it work with a front end form (Gravity Form with Pods Gravity Forms plugin) and the other notification plugin was sending notifications for all activity and not just the specified one.

However this plugin works for my front-end form as desired and expected and I am very grateful for it. Well done and thanks!


This plugin works really well and is very simple. One feature that I’d like to see added (from what I know it isn’t already a feature) is to be able to edit the name/e-mail address of the e-mail the subscribers are receiving. Right now it says its from WordPress.

Edit: Changed review to 5 for prompt response 🙂

Gets the job done, no extra nonsense (in a good way)

Thanks for this plugin. Saved me a ton of time and didn’t leave me nervous it was going to add a ton of extra crap I didn’t want/need on my client site.

I did have to change my register_post_type() functions to init priority 6 instead of 10 to get them to show up in the admin settings page. Other than that, no issues!

Works Perfectly

If you want to be notified of custom post type with triggers, this is the plugin for you. Many thanks to the developer!!

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Contributors & Developers

“Notification” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • [Fixed] Newsletter notice now it’s displayed only on supported pages
  • [Added] Message about v5 update danger


  • [Changed] Newsletter promo now uses default admin email


  • [Fixed] Plugin not sending notifications


  • [Fixed] Missing MergeTag class thanks to Windows not being able to understand that Mergetag is not the same as MergeTag


  • [Fixed] Composer vendor directory


  • [Fixed] Composer autoload file thanks to @jclausen
  • [Added] WPML support for translated Notification thanks to @max-kk
  • [Added] v5 promo


  • [Fixed] Bug with directories/files names, thanks to Gregory Rick


  • [Added] notification/notify filter which control if notification should be sent or not
  • [Added] notification/settings action which accepts Settings API class as a parameter
  • [Added] post_author_email merge tag for all comment types triggers, thanks to Wayne Davies
  • [Added] Ongoing check of PHP and WP version, thanks to Max (@max-kk)
  • [Added] Option to strip shortcodes from Notification subject and content, thanks to @Laracy
  • [Added] Notification : Signature extension to extension directory
  • [Changed] Settings and Singleton are now loaded from Composer libraries
  • [Changed] Gulp default task to build, and added watch task which boots up BS
  • [Changed] Action priority when default recipients and triggers are registered from 50 to 9
  • [Changed] Action priority when settings are initialized from 15 to 8
  • [Changed] Updated Composer libraries
  • [Changed] Values for default trigger options from strings/arrays to null
  • [Fixed] Bug when Text editor was active and the trigger was changed
  • [Fixed] Post Visibility setting on other post types than Notification
  • [Fixed] Default recipient merge_tag value. All recipient inputs are now dynamically refreshed
  • [Fixed] Not cached exception in plugin’s table when requiring this plugin from inside of another plugin or theme, thanks to Max (@max-kk)


  • [Fixed] Ignore tags which has been passed to notification but hasn’t be registered in the trigger
  • [Fixed] Conflict with Advanced Custom Fields
  • [Added] Filters for post and comment types to output disbale metabox. notification/disable/post_types_allowed and notification/disable/comment_types_allowed, default to saved general settings
  • [Added] Extensions screen
  • [Added] While registering triggers you can now provide a default title and recipients
  • [Changed] bbPress post types are no longer available in the settings. Triggers for bbPress are provided by addon
  • [Changed] Place where merge tags metabox actions are executed
  • [Changed] Chosen to Selectize.js


  • [Fixed] Bug with “Can’t use method return value in write context” in Settings class, thanks to @rozv
  • [Fixed] Settings priorities, now every CPT registered not later than init 15 will be catched by the plugin, thanks to @rozv
  • [Fixed] Double protocol in links added via TinyMCE insert link feature, thanks to Jozsef
  • [Fixed] Notices in Notification validation method
  • [Fixed] Empty Recipient value, ie. Administrator
  • [Added] Post type triggers can be disabled for an user
  • [Added] Database Upgrader
  • [Added] User triggers – registered, profile updated, logged in, deleted
  • [Added] Taxonomies merge tags for post types
  • [Added] Media triggers – added, updated, deleted
  • [Changed] Post updated notification is now triggered only if the post has been published before, suggested by nepali65
  • [Changed] Content Type triggers setting has been changed to Enabled triggers


  • [Fixed] Bug with not activated “Disable” option


  • [Changed] Removed unused default post controls
  • [Changed] Better error handling, plugin will not die now unless WP_DEBUG is active
  • [Changed] Role class parse_value() method now must define 3rd parameter $human_readable
  • [Added] Role recipient
  • [Added] Option to disable notification for specific post (and in future for user or comment), thanks to Jeff Lehman
  • [Changed] string, integer and float merge tags used in the message subject are now rendered


  • [Added] notification/metabox/trigger/tags/before and notification/metabox/trigger/tags/after actions to merge tags metabox
  • [Added] notification/metabox/recipients/before and notification/metabox/recipients/after actions to recipients metabox
  • [Added] notification/metabox/trigger/before and notification/metabox/trigger/after actions to trigger metabox
  • [Fixed] Settings register action priority
  • [Fixed] Post type trashed template
  • [Changed] Gulpfile to not include any browser
  • [Fixed] Comment type added template
  • [Changed] Comment added trigger now is Akismet compatibile, thanks to Nels Johnson
  • [Changed] Core triggers current type global to anonymous functions, thanks to Bartosz Romanowski @toszcze


  • [Fixed] Warning when no post or comment type are selected in the settings. Thanks to JoeHana
  • [Fixed] post published trigger
  • [Changed] Post type name in trigger title is now singular
  • [Added] {author_login} merge tag to each post trigger
  • [Added] Promo video:


  • [Fixed] Issue with not sent emails because of wrong current post type while registering notification action. Thanks to Karl Camenzuli


  • [Fixed]: Correct choice selected for WP User recipient after saving notification. Thanks to whitwye
  • [Added]: Settings API
  • [Added]: Setting – what to remove upon plugin removal
  • [Added]: Plugin cleanup procedure
  • [Added]: Plugin deactivation feedback popup
  • [Added]: Conditional tag is_notification_defined() to check if notification will be send
  • [Added]: Post permalink to comment triggers
  • [Changed]: Notifications class is now singleton and partialy moved to Admin class
  • [Changed]: Notification trigger metabox is now under the subject
  • [Changed]: On the single Notification edit screen there are only allowed metaboxes displayed
  • [Changed]: You can now controll what post types and comment types trigger use via plugin Settings


  • [Fixed]: Missing 3rd argument on page publish
  • [Fixed]: Namespace issue for PHP < 5.3
  • [Fixed]: Constant notification on post edit. Thanks to @pehbeh
  • [Changed]: Allow for merge tags empty values. Thanks to kokoq
  • [Added]: Admin notice: beg for a review. It will display only if there’s at least one notification set, on the Notification plugin screens and can be dismissed easly.


  • [Fixed]: Error with “Can’t use function return value in write context” in empty() function. Thanks to Błażej Zabłotny


  • [Added]: PHP version check
  • [Changed]: Typos in readme.txt file thanks to justyn-clark (


  • [Added]: New User recipient (takes WordPress users)
  • [Added]: Post/Page updated trigger
  • [Added]: Template for triggers. You can now load default template for user
  • [Changed]: Default post published trigger for posts and pages – it was triggered every time post was updated
  • [Changed]: In Notifications table values are now parsed before displaying
  • [Changed]: Readme file


  • Changed priority for main init action from 10 to 5
  • Added ‘notification/cpt/capability_type’ filter for capability mapping


  • Added ability to distribute in any plugin or theme


  • Release