Notification – Custom Notifications and Alerts for WordPress


Custom Notifications and Alerts without a hassle. Notify anyone about any action in your WordPress. With powerful Merge Tags, you can endlessly customize your messages. Set unlimited Notifications in your WordPress Admin via the beautiful and intuitive interface within 5 minutes.


The Notification plugin is built with three main components:

  • Trigger – a WordPress action, ie. User registration or Post publication
  • Notification – the thing which is being sent, ie. Email or Push
  • Merge Tag – dynamic content, ie. {user_email} or {post_permalink}

You can use them in any combination, adding as many Notifications as you want. They can be sent to multiple Recipients with the content you write.

The process is simple:

  • You select the Trigger
  • Compose your message with Merge Tags
  • Set Recipients
  • Save the Notification

From now on the Notification is working. Test it out and add more!


The Notification plugin is easy to set in the WordPress Admin, but it’s even easier to extend with some sweet API.

You can create your own Triggers with any WordPress action. If you do in your code do_action( 'my_plugin_doing_awesome_thing' ) you can create a Trigger out of it.

This allows you to use the Notification plugin as a notification system in your own plugin or theme. How? Well, because of two things:

  • You can easily load it copying the plugin files and including load.php file. A function known from Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • You can white label the plugin with just one function which is shipped in the plugin’s core. For free.

How easy extending the Notification plugin is? Let’s see:

  • Adding another Merge Tag to existing trigger – 1 line of code
  • Creating custom Trigger – one intuitive class definition and registration with a single function call
  • Defining Global Merge Tag – 1 line of code
  • Creating new Extension – we have a Boilerplate ready for you to start hacking

See the developer documentation if you don’t believe us.


  • Email
  • Webhook


The plugin comes with few registered by default recipient types:

  • Email address or Merge Tag – free type email address or a Merge Tag
  • Administrator – takes an email from General Settings page
  • User – takes an email from WordPress user profile
  • Role – notify all Users having selected role at once


These are already defined in plugin’s core and are ready to use. You can enable or disable them on the Settings page.


  • Available updates – sent as often as you set them, ie. every week

Post Type:

  • Published post notification
  • Updated post notification
  • Post send for review (pending post) notification
  • Post moved to trash notification

The Notification plugin supports any Custom Post Type out of the box.

Comment / Pingback / Trackback:

  • New comment notification
  • Comment replied notification
  • Comment approved notification
  • Comment unapproved notification
  • Comment marked as spam notification
  • Comment moved to trash notification


  • User registered
  • User profile updated
  • User logged in
  • User logged out
  • User deleted


  • Media added
  • Media updated
  • Media deleted

Feel free to suggest new core triggers in the support forum.

Each Trigger has own set of Merge Tags but you can use the Global Merge Tags anywhere.


Along the Trigger specific Merge Tags, you can use the below anywhere:

  • Site homepage URL – {home_url}
  • Site title – {site_title}
  • Site tagline – {site_tagline}
  • Site theme name – {site_theme_name}
  • Site theme version – {site_theme_version}
  • Current WordPress version – {wordpress_version}
  • Admin email – {admin_email}
  • Trigger name – {trigger_name}
  • Trigger slug – {trigger_slug}


  • Conditionals – send Notifications in certain conditions
  • Custom Fields – use any meta value in your Notifications
  • Pushbullet – send Push and SMS Notifications via your phone
  • File Log – save Notifications as file logs on the server


  • Post publication notification to the post author
  • Custom comment approved notification to post author and administrator
  • User logged in notification to the administrator
  • Notification about removed user account



  • Trigger edit screen
  • All triggers
  • Settings
  • Extensions
  • Help tab with global Merge Tags



This plugin require at least PHP 5.3.0.

Plugin install

Download and install this plugin from Plugins -> Add New admin screen.

Distributing in a plugin or theme

Notification can be loaded also as a part of any plugin or theme. To do it just include plugins’s load.php file. It will figure out if it’s loaded from theme or from plugin.

See the detailed guide


Installation Instructions


This plugin require at least PHP 5.3.0.

Plugin install

Download and install this plugin from Plugins -> Add New admin screen.

Distributing in a plugin or theme

Notification can be loaded also as a part of any plugin or theme. To do it just include plugins’s load.php file. It will figure out if it’s loaded from theme or from plugin.

See the detailed guide

Is this plugin for regular users?

Ofcourse it is! We are trying to make both parties happy – the Users and Developers. Users got their intuitive and beautiful panel in WordPress Admin and Developers got an awesome API by which they can extend the Notification plugin.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any coding skills, they are not required to setup the notifications with this plugin.

How to register my own triggers?

With register_trigger() function. See the detailed guide

Can I bundle the plugin with my plugin or theme?

Yes, you can. See the detailed guide


Great plugin and OUTSTANDING support!

We installed this plugin because we wanted to trigger an HTML scraper to recrawl our site anytime a post was published or updated. The plugin worked flawlessly in the normal case where posts are created and updated in the admin backend. But we also support a custom API endpoint that publishes posts via a programmatic call to wp_insert_post(). The PostPublished notification did not get triggered when posts were created programmatically. We reached out to the developer and he responded very quickly. We worked together to come up with solution (a one line change) and he delivered a fix within hours.

This plugin has a great UI and works very well. But the support may be its best feature.

I highly recommend this plugin.

Great UI and functionality; and stellar support

This is a wonderful plugin for pushing content from your WordPress site to any webhook based API. The UI is simple and elegant, very easy to set-up and use, and Bracket Space has provided very prompt and helpful customer support. We are also using the “Conditionals” extension to push posts filtered by Category to an external API for push notifications to our users. Thanks to Bracket Space and Kuba for this great plugin!

Excellent Plugin and Exemplary Support

This is a brilliant plugin for getting granular control of notifications from all the main WordPress events to either Email or Webhook, and is completely extendable for other triggers or metadata via the author’s provided documentation and guidance.

My own particular use-case (webhook with custom json payload) resulted in a quick and thorough example of excellent support with perfect guidance being provided. I wholeheartedly recommend both the plugin and the author.

Full 5 stars.

Works great for post/page pending notifications

At the time of this review WP Job Manager doesn’t notify administrators when a new job pending review has been submitted. After trying some of the other popular plugins without success this one solved the problem with ease.

Read all 40 reviews

Contributors & Developers

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  • [Fixed] Post Terms merge tags not rendering the values, thanks to @stocker.
  • [Changed] register_new_user action for User registered trigger to user_register.
  • [Added] new_to_publish action for Post published trigger, thanks to @JBCSU.
  • [Added] Post Added trigger.
  • [Added] Comment replied trigger.


  • [Fixed] Notice from PostTerms merge tags and from empty result.
  • [Fixed] Cloning Notification object which used the same fields instances, thanks to @JohanHjalmarsson.


  • [Fixed] Comment author display name bug, thanks to Aga Bury.
  • [Fixed] Post Published and Post Pending trigger fired twice.
  • [Fixed] Assets modification time as a cache buster.
  • [Fixed] Missing translations.
  • [Fixed] Notice thrown while saving email administrator recipient.
  • [Added] Comment Post Type merge tag for Comment triggers.
  • [Added] Comment moderation links for Comment triggers.
  • [Added] HtmlTag merge tag type.
  • [Added] WordPress updates available trigger.
  • [Added] Post Type merge tag.
  • [Added] More merge tags for comment triggers.


  • [Fixed] Object class name error on PHP 7.2 when using paid extension.
  • [Added] User password setup link for User registered trigger.
  • [Added] Ability to encode Webhook args as a JSON
  • [Added] Post status merge tag for Post triggers.
  • [Changed] Recipient Free type email field now supports comma separated emails.
  • [Changed] ACF integration postponed action for Post triggers has been changed to save_post which makes it more universal.


  • [Fixed] Pretty select in repeater is now rendered correctly while adding new row.
  • [Fixed] User Registration Trigger action.
  • [Fixed] ACF Postponing when there’s no data from ACF to save.
  • [Fixed] Post object property name for Custom Post Types.
  • [Added] Global Merge Tags which can be used in any Trigger. This includes Site title, Trigger name etc.
  • [Added] Screen help.
  • [Added] User Display Name Merge Tag.
  • [Added] Post Terms Merge Tags.


  • [Added] Ability to suppress the Notification just before it’s send.
  • [Added] Freemius integration to better understand the users.
  • [Added] Current Notification post ID property for Notifiation object.


  • [Fixed] Posponed action callback.
  • [Added] Support for NOTIFICATION_DEBUG constant. If it’s defined the cache for extensions is not applied.
  • [Added] notificaiton/notification/field/resolving filter before any value is resolved with merge tags.


  • [Fixed] The Email notification it not enabled anymore for already saved notifications
  • [Fixed] New Notification post is not automatically saved as an Auto Draft anymore
  • [Fixed] Enabled switch state in Save metabox
  • [Changed] Documentation link in Own Extension promo link
  • [Changed] Extensions in Extension directory are now loaded from remote API
  • [Added] TextareaField field
  • [Added] License handler for premium extensions


  • WARNING! This version is not compatible with previous version. No core notifications nor custom triggers will be transfered to the new version because of too many changes in the plugin. Consider updating the plugin in a safe, not-production environment.
  • Plugin has been redesigned from ground up
  • The only thing which is not available in new version is disabling the notifications

For more changelogs please refer to the changelog.txt file.