This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

NoShop Product Page


NoShop Product Page allows you to create a formatted list of products/items with pictures.

This allows you to create a shopping cart like product page or employee list with pictures without having to install
and maintain a full shopping cart.

Data is stored in the wordpress database.

Pictures has to be pre-uploaded to somewhere and then referenced via URL.

For each item you can add specifications tags.

See also: NoShop.


  • NoShop! in action
  • NoShop! Admin interface


How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. (Or install via WP plugin directory)

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  3. Add products on the option page.

  4. Place [NoShop <category name>] in your page.


Why is this so clunky

This plugin is still in BETA. Please feel free to visit my page and submit some comments and suggestions 🙂

Are there other plugins that works!

This works! I am currently using it in a live environment – however – it IS clunky…

I wrote is because I couldn’t find any other plugins that does the same (simple list of products – no shopping cart – no fancy setup).

If you find a solution that’s easy to use, feel free to tell me and I’ll happily stop wasting my time re-inventing the wheel 🙂

Contributors & Developers

“NoShop Product Page” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Change: Reversed This ChangeLog
  • New: Added {hashtitle} that will take you directly to a product on the page (See table.template.xhtml for example)
  • New: Added {autourlbegin} and {autourlend} that will create the A HREF tag for you, but NOT do so if you do not have an URL for the product.
    {url} still works and is still used for the product image so the template has an example of both.


  • Fix: Corrected call to dbDelta() and update_option(). Database should now upgrade without need for deactivate/activate


  • Added note about multi-categories.
  • Added link to settings page to WordPress Plugin Directory Support page for this plugin.


  • Tested on WordPress 3.4.2 – Passed!
  • DB Version updated to 0.8.1 to keep in sync with plugin


  • New: Sorting index for entries
  • New: Added Category name and index as variable to template (use {cat} and {ndx}).
  • New: Added Category name and index as HTML comment in table.template.
  • Fix: Multiple list on one page NOW WORKS! (I had a DAH moment 🙂


  • Fix: Whoops, got my versioning out of sync. Fixed. 🙂


  • Added delete button for products.
  • Fix: Multiple Lists on same page now working.


  • Fix: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() – Thanks Gayan Hewa!


  • Added donation button. Thank you for considering it 🙂
  • Fixed this readme file (again!)


  • Rewrote CSS and XHTML templates for better CSS
  • New CSS much leaner
  • New simpler back end been revised but still buggy (will be released later this week)
  • This version now allow for custom CSS separate from install
  • Added width field for value headers


  • First rewrite. Horrible. Trying to forget.


  • Uh oh. DB didn’t update. Temporary fix in there. Plz ignore update error – it’s not real 🙂


  • Moved output to template based output. Plugin now uses html templates and css for all formatting.
  • Template per item: table.template.html
  • Template per specification: subtable.template.html
  • Keep templates in plugin directory.
  • ONLY HARDCODED TEMPLATE for now. Later I’ll add selectable 🙂


  • Redesigned options screen to more compact format.


  • Fixed small errors.
  • Fixed versioning.
  • Added imgurlmode field to DB (DB now version 0.5!)
  • Fixed ‘ != ` error in dbDelta that prevented DB upgrade!


  • Added screenshots.


  • Added default image to settings.


  • Updated options page: Add specification button added
  • Updated options page: Showing thumbnail picture preview


  • Updated options page: Moved ‘Create Product’ to a button rather than a checkbox.


  • Error fix: Added ‘static’ to NoShop::Products()
  • Updated this readme.txt


  • New and improved admin page


  • First version of admin page


  • Created functions to show database contents in list
  • Created CSS


  • Copied hello.php