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How it works.

1) participating non-profit organizations register for free at – they only need a site able to send an RSS feed with their news;

2) bloggers and site owners – based on WordPress – looking to help non-profit organizations, install the freely available plugin; then they can easily configure how the widget used to display the feeds should look like on their blog, including colors and size. Finally the blogger sets a number of parameters about what kind of contents will be presented by the widget, including the country where the non-profit organization operates, the language of the feed, one or more tags (such as: education, environment, etc.). From that moment on the plugin will take care to download the relevant data once a day and to feed it to the widget.

What a better way to help non-profit organizations?

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Planned for the next release:

  • noprofeed.php: automatically upgrade the db structure when releasing a new version (if needed)
  • widget: handling ratings
  • widget: handling report abuse
  • help system, is it needed?
  • do you have a good idea you wish to see in this plugin? Please let us know!

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  • The plugin settings allow to configure the widget graphical look like, for example: width, colour of each element, how many feeds and what type of content to show, etc. Changing the options will immediately reflect the sample widget look so you can easily configure the widget before publishing it.
  • When adding the widget you can change its title
  • Example of how the widget looks like on the default home page


If I need help with this plugin, where can I get support?

For an updated list of FAQ, please check the the FAQ page – if you cannot find your answer there, please send us an email through the contact page


1.2.1 (28 April 2014)

Added the Spanish translation, thanks to Andrew Kurtis

1.1.2 (17 December 2012)

Added some missing images and fixed a minor bug.

1.1.1 (22 November 2011)

Added some missing images and fixed a minor bug.

1.1 (21 November 2011)

Added the Italian translation – Please help us by translating the plugin in your language! (24 July 2011)

Replaced few lines of a Creative Commons licensed code used to handle the mailing list subscription as per kind request from

1.0.8 (23 July 2011)

All the images and javascript code is now loaded from the same server where the plugin is installed. Last year I tought it might be useful to have the myeasy common images and code loaded from a CDN to avoid having to update all the plugins in the series each time an image changes and to load pages faster; so I moved all the common items to a CDN. Today I received a kind email from letting me know that “there a potential malicious intent issue here as you {me} could change the files to embed malicious code and nobody would be the wiser” and asking me to change the code. I promptly reacted to show everyone that I am 101% in bona fide and here is a new version.

1.0.1 (13 July 2011)

Limiting the number of words to 20 in the widget feed content – even when the “The title and the entire feed content” option is selected. Minor fixes in the code.


This is the first release.

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