What is NLPCaptcha?

NLPCaptcha is the pioneer of Captcha advertising and it converts your security tool into revenue generating Ad platform. Like traditional Captcha, it helps keep your site secure against spamming. At the same time it provides a better experience for the end user and helps the publishers increase their revenues without any additional cost.

* Provides better and more advanced security tool based on our patent pending Natural Language Processing technology which makes website 100% secure and impossible to breach
* Creates a new premium inventory on the website and generates a completely new stream of revenues
* You are paid every time a captcha is filled in your website
* Better user experience
* Real time tracking of earnings and performance


  • You will need an NLPCaptcha Account and corresponding API keys from here


  • The NLPCaptcha Settings


To install in regular WordPress and WordPress MultiSite:

  1. Upload the wp-nlpcaptcha folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Get the NLPCaptcha API keys here


HELP, I’m still getting spam!

There are four common issues that NLPCaptcha caters to:

  1. Moderation Emails: NLPCaptcha marks comments with a wrongly entered captcha as spam. This way, all the bots, which are the usual kinds of spam, are filtered out. But even for the other comments you have an option of switching on the moderation emails. This way even those comments which have been written after validating captcha will be posted on your website page only after you approve them. This saves any spam from going onto your website.
  2. Akismet Spam Queue: Again, because NLPCaptcha marks comments with a wrongly entered CAPTCHA as spam, they are added to the spam queue. These comments however weren’t posted to the blog so NLPCaptcha is still doing it’s job. It is recommended to either ignore the Spam Queue and clear it regularly or disable Akismet completely. NLPCaptcha takes care of all of the spam created by bots, which is the usual type of spam. The only other type of spam that would get through is human spam, where humans are hired to manually solve CAPTCHAs. If you still get spam while only having NLPCaptcha enabled, you could be a victim of the latter practice. If this is the case, then turning on Akismet will most likely solve your problem. Again, just because it shows up in the Spam Queue does NOT mean that spam is being posted to your blog, it’s more of a ‘comments that have been caught as spam by NLPCaptcha’ queue.
  3. Trackbacks and Pingbacks: NLPCaptcha can’t do anything about pingbacks and trackbacks. You can disable pingbacks and trackbacks in Options > Discussion > Allow notifications from other Weblogs (Pingbacks and trackbacks).
  4. Human Spammers: Believe it or not, there are people who are paid (or maybe slave labor?) to solve CAPTCHAs all over the internet and spam. This is the last and rarest reason for which it might appear that NLPCaptcha is not working, but we have a solution for that as well. A combination of NLPCaptcha and Akismet might help to solve this problem, and if spam still gets through, there are multiple options of blocking users, creating blacklisted words and lastly manual moderation of comments. These all take care of any minute chances of human spammers.
Are CAPTCHAs secure? I heard spammers are using porn sites to solve them: the CAPTCHAs are sent to a porn site, and the porn site users are asked to solve the CAPTCHA before being able to see a pornographic image.

CAPTCHAs offer great protection against abuse from automated programs. While it might be the case that some spammers have started using porn sites to attack CAPTCHAs (although there is no recorded evidence of this), the amount of damage this can inflict is tiny (so tiny that we haven’t even seen this happen!). Whereas it is trivial to write a bot that abuses an unprotected site millions of times a day, redirecting CAPTCHAs to be solved by humans viewing pornography would only allow spammers to abuse systems a few thousand times per day. The economics of this attack just don’t add up: every time a porn site shows a CAPTCHA before a porn image, they risk losing a customer to another site that doesn’t do this.

Contributors & Developers

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Version 3.1.7

  • Initial Release