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Better Tag Cloud


I was pretty annoyed with the default tag cloud widget. It does a lot of things wrong, like inconsistent HTML markup and hardcoded font sizes. So I wanted to write my own. Digging through the code I found out that the wordpress wp_tag_cloud() function is pretty powerful. In fact, it could do almost everyhing I want. So I abandoned my plan to rewrite everything from scratch and added a nice admin interface to my tag cloud widget.

This plugin makes the options for wp_tag_cloud() available to multiple tag cloud widgets and shortcodes. This means that you can easily choose things like custom taxonomies, font sizes, HTML markup and ordering. See the wp_tag_cloud() page for what the normal settings can do.

Additionally, it is possible to sort tags by count and alphabetically at the same time. It is also possible to add a counter to the tags, so that your visitors can see how many posts are associated with each tag. The plugin also adds a sensible CSS class to every tag.


Visit the plugin’s home page to leave comments, ask questions, etc.

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Q: How do I remove the link to the plugin homepage?
A: Please read the settings page, you can disable it there.


0.99.5 ( 2010-12-10 )

  • Fix a few small bugs, update docs

0.99.4 ( 2010-11-12 )

  • Bugfix for custom taxonomies, thanks to all who reported this!

0.99.3 ( 2010-07-25 )

  • Minor bugfix
  • Update italian translation

0.99.2 ( 2010-07-14 )

  • Update docs

0.99 ( 2010-07-13 )

  • Support custom taxonomies (only for WordPress >= 3.0)
  • Add multi-widget support

0.11.2 ( 2010-05-24 )

  • Make it possible to hide the widget header markup when there is no header text.

0.11.1 ( 2010-05-18 )

  • Make it possible to hide the last separator as suggested by Scott.

0.11.0 ( 2010-05-17 )

  • Add the nofollow attribute as a configurable option.
  • Add dutch translation. ( 2010-05-13 )

  • Update the documentation. ( 2010-03-09 )

  • Rename function to avoid potential conflicts. ( 2010-02-01 )

  • Bugfix for minimum tag count, thanks to Muad for reporting this.

0.10.0 ( 2010-01-19 )

  • Modify the shortcode so that it can display a single post’s tags.
  • Use parameters for all function calls to make them more usable for theme developers.
  • Add the possibility to display the tags of a specific post outside the loop. This can be used in the sidebar for example. ( 2010-01-15 )

  • I ♡ the wordpress plugin versioning system through plugin.php readme.txt svn tag… I really need to script around that…

0.9.0 ( 2010-01-15 )

  • Fix for when WordPress is installed into a subdirectory. Thanks Martin!
  • Add belorusian translation sponsored by FatCow, thanks! Update various others.


  • Clean up counter and separator markup, thanks Carolin!

  • Really add the new CSS file, thanks Roman!
  • Update italian translation.


  • Add colored CSS style.


  • Add french translation by Lise, thank you!
  • Add a first FAQ entry.


  • Add danish translation by Georg S. Adamsen.
  • Make widget title translatable.


  • Bugfix for missing category links.


  • Hopefully fix all invalid HTML markup.


  • Add the option to put a separator string between tags.


  • Small fixes, optimizations and updates.


  • Add minimum count required to show a tag, thanks to Kaspars for the suggestion.
  • Add CSS class to every tag in the cloud: class=”nktagcloud-$tagsize”. $tagsize is something between the configured values for biggest and smallest font size.
  • Add icon by famfamfam to the Admin Drop Down Menu.
  • Move CSS files.

  • Fix version number


  • Fix bug for new installs where parts of the plugin options get deleted. Before, a plugin reset was necessary after the first install.


  • Bugfix, put shortcode in the right place on the page
  • Add admin styles + info
  • Update german translation
  • Add italian translation, thanks to Gianni!


  • Bugfix, thanks to cornel.

  • Fix invalid HTML in admin


  • I18N
  • Add german translation by Nicolas Kuttler
  • Sorry for releasing 0.8.0alpha-1, it was intended as a (pretty stable) development version.
  • Add a shortcode. It is possible to insert a tag cloud into any page or post.


  • Major rewrite
  • Made code more efficient
  • Better code documentation
  • Improved admin security


  • The categories can be included in the tag cloud.


  • Make it possible to have the tag count outside of the tag hyperlink. Requested by Maya.


  • Fix URL typo.
  • Fix bad upgrade bug that deletes settings.


  • Make font sizes text input fields for post decimal positions. This was suggested by Triton Bloom as well.
  • Admin CSS update.


  • Add include parameter as well.


  • Make the exclude parameter work.
  • Use new changelog format.
  • Fix some typos.


  • Rewrote the settings form and added an option to enable/disable tag link underlining.


  • Add post count feature. Thanks to Triton Bloom for the suggestion.
  • Add sorting by count and name at the same time feature.
  • Moved the configuration to a settings page.


  • Better description.


  • Add regexp for putting multi-word tags on one line, thanks to Augen for suggesting this.
  • CSS fix, doc and other minor minor updates.


  • Compatibility tests


  • Another bugfix.



  • Add default CSS style for the list format.


  • Doc updates, fix typo.


  • Release

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