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Ninja Tables is the most advanced, and modern Table builder plugin on WordPress. You can easily build any type of HTML tables with its powerful column builder where you can specify how it will look on different devices. You don’t need to know any HTML or CSS at all.

For Online Preview and Detailed Documentation Please Check Online Demo Here

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The Easiest Responsive Table Plugin on WordPress

Quickly create responsive HTML tables to show thousands of data on your site, It’s powerful search and ajax features will help your users to filter data easily. Comes with the best frontend table styles like Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Symmetric UI.

100+ Table Styles

NinjaTables shipped with 3 most popular CSS library with multiple color schema and table style.
Here are few styling options you can choose or mix different styles for a table:

  • Single Line Cells
  • Fixed Layout
  • Hover rows
  • Bordered table
  • Table Inverse
  • Striped rows
  • Compact Table
  • RTL Support

with Unlimited color schema

It’s Blazing Fast!

Ninja Tables works on everything from a single page. The backend is built on VueJS and VueRouter as SPA so the experience will be smooth. From creating a table to configuring settings or add entries, importing from CSV, re-arranging columns everything feels real time. No delay – because your time is precious! The frontend table rendering is even faster with minimal js and css load, The frontend data load using ajax so it can handle thousands of table rows without affecting your page load time.

Whole New Design Studio!

We are very excited to introduce design studio for table design. Now you can configure the settings visually and real-time you can see the changes on your table. Without writing a single line of CSS you can set any color to table components. Also, You can see how your tables will look in different devices sizes. Give a try and let us know what do you think about the new updates.

Easy Configuration Option

Design Table columns and configure responsive breakpoints is faster with our user-friendly column builder that lets you re-arrange the columns easily. Also, You can specify the data type for each column like single line text, text area or HTML area where you will get WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Mobile Responsive Tables

Rendering tables in all devices are critical. Ninja Tables will solve this problem by placing certain columns in-row expandable area. You can control which columns will show in which devices easily and visually. Also, Ninja Tables have real-time sorting, pagination, searching features and it works on all devices.

Export and Import Data

You can export your table in CSV or JSON format and save them in a safe place or you can take your table data and use them in any other program. So, your data will always be portable and safe. In the same way, You can import any table from CSV, JSON data source.

Import From TablePress Plugin

If You already have tables build with TablePress Plugin then You can easily transfer the tables with one single click per table. We made the process very easy so You can enjoy the modern table experience and build your tables in no time.

Import From ULTIMATE TABLES Plugin

If you use ULTIMATE TABLES plugin and want to Ninja Tables then We made this process easier for you. Now You can transfer ULTIMATE TABLES from Ninja Tables -> Import a Table -> Import From Other WP Table Plugin and select “Ultimate Tables” that will show all the Ultimate Tables. With a single click you can transfer any table to Ninja Tables.

Import From Data Tables Generator by Supsystic Plugin

If you use Data Tables Generator by Supsystic plugin and want to Ninja Tables then We made this process easier for you. Now You can transfer Data Tables Generator by Supsystic from Ninja Tables -> Import a Table -> Import From Other WP Table Plugin and select “Data Tables Generator by Supsystic” that will show all the Supsystic Tables. With a single click you can transfer any table to Ninja Tables.

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To show one of your tables in a post, on a page, or in a text widget, just embed the Shortcode [ninja_tables id=”TABLE_ID”] into the post/page/text widget, where is the ID of your table (can be found on the “All Tables” screen.)

Build Any Type of Table

You can build any type of table using Ninja Tables. Our Users already build various type of tables using this resposive table plugin.

  • Data Tables
  • Pricing Table
  • Amazon Affiliate Product Table
  • Product Comparion Table
  • Responsive Product Specification Table
  • Member List Table
  • Customer List Table
  • League Points Table
  • Sports Team Member Table with Image
  • Any Type of Data that need to be shown as tabular format

Blazing Fast Frontend Table Rendering

We have optimized this plugin for last 1 year and we made the plugin feature rich but we did not compromise with you page speed. Ninja Table only load the scripts and styles on the pages where you inserted the shortcode. That means you site will not be slow. Our ajax technique load your thousanads of row withour slowing down your site. Our frontend javascript file is less than 4KB ( It’s true ). We are continuing improve this plugin so you may contribute by giving us suggession and what do you think about this plugin anytime. Our engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Awesome Support

Get dedicated support from our awesome happiness managers and developers and Yes! It’s completely free.

Let Us Know What Do You Think

We always hear our users. We have a dedicated support team. We try to integrate features that our users want. Please let us know your feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Documentation with Video

So, give this plugin a try and check the awesome powerful features and table styles, Let us know what you loved and what else you need more.


  • Table Preview with Features
  • Add / Edit Table Data
  • Backend - Table Column Configuration
  • Table Design Studio - Use any color in your mind
  • Backend - Import / Export Table Data
  • Import or Export Table from CSV,JSON or from TablePress
  • Default Table View in Frontend
  • Teal Color Table View in Frontend
  • Black Color Table View in Frontend
  • Import TablePress Tables in NinjaTables


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Ninja Tables -> All Tables -> Add a table to create a table and get started.


Is Ninja Tables Responsive?

Tables created by Ninja Tables are mobile responsive and looks beautiful on any device.

I am not a developer, can I use Ninja Tables?

Ninja Tables is the most beginner friendly and fastest WordPress Tables plugin available and getting started is so easy! For users’ better understanding, we have designed our documentation and user manuals in a way so that even non-technical people and novices to web development can use this plugin to the fullest!

Can I import tables from my TablePress plugin to Ninja tables?

Yes, absolutely you can. We have introduced a feature that helps you import tables from your existing TablePress plugin. With this feature, you don’t have to build from scratch all those tables you created with your TablePress plugin, but can integrate them in Ninja tables with just a few clicks!

Can I import tables from “Ultimate Tables plugin” to Ninja tables?

Yes, We have added this feature to version 2.2.5. Recently, many Ultimate Tables users wanted to move to Ninja Tables and this was on of the most wanted features. We have explored Ultimate Tables and added optimized feature to transfer your “Ultimate Tables” data to Ninja Tables easily. Now You can transfer your “Ultimate Tables” data with a single click 🙂

Can I import tables from “Data Tables Generator by Supsystic” Plugin to Ninja tables?

Yes, We also added this feature to version 2.2.5. As like Ultimate Tables, some of our wanted to move their data from Data Tables Generator by Supsystic to Ninja Tables. We have added a features where you can now transfer “Data Tables Generator by Supsystic” data to Ninja Tables with a single click.

How can I import my tables from other plugins?

If you are using a table builder plugin other than TablePress / Data Tables Generator by Supsystic / ULTIMATE TABLES, you have to export the table files in CSV/JSON format. Ninja Tables allow you to upload those CSV/JSON files directly into Ninja Tables.

How can I manage long tables with huge amount of data?

Tables are usually introduced to present a huge amount of data in an organized way. Still, sometimes large amount of entries can botch that purpose. To maintain this hassle you can utilize different options Ninja Tables offers. You can use Pagination to break down your tables in segments. Not only that, Search/Filter option allows you to quickly find out the exact information you might be looking for from a haystack of table data.

Can I upload images / medias to table cells?

Yes, For that please check pro add one here


Ninja Tables Just Works

I have used a number of table plugins for WordPress over the years. All of them are — at the very least — “good” or “usable.” I was looking for something that had more features that suited the needs of the embedded table that was required for a specific website — a corporate intranet. Ninja Tables provided those needs, including but not limited to HTML content in cells, drag and drop rows, comprehensive table styling (headers, borders, rows, etc.), responsive settings, and so much more.

The premium version was well worth the investment, and I highly recommend the plugin to anyone who needs a flexible and powerful table for their WordPress website.

I am using this plugin for a high-tech corporation in the semiconductor failure analysis industry that serves the likes of Intel, Sony, Apple, Panasonic, and other huge semiconductor players. Ninja Tables is a huge player itself!

Best plugin EVER!

Best plugin EVER! I was facing some challenges on my web table system, but i was fortunate to get in touched with Mr Shahjahan,lo and behold, those challenges that post as a high mountain was level to the ground with the help of NINJA TABLES

Thanks so much Shahjahan, you are AWESOME!

Best and most flexible WP Tables Plugin

We tried a lot of plugins, but “Ninja Tables” was the only one, that fits all our needs. It’s no rocket science to create the first table and fill it up with data. Additionally it is so flexible, that you are able to move and change the table, without having to re-create the whole thing. PS: We’re using now the Pro version and it absolutely worth the price – it’s nearly a steal, for what you get. 5 ***** Stars! Great work!

No Filter or DB, but works ok

I did love the import from TablePress. The most robust table plugin I had used is WPDATATABLES PRO. That was awesome, but too much under the hood caused a lot of resource issues.

What this plugin needs is some of what they had, FILTERS!!! Not search. Think of how Excel works, you can add a quick filter since the customer may not know everything in the table. Why are so many plugins missing filters? Even the PRO?!

Having a link to an MYSQL database is worth buying the plugin, but this seems unlikely since this plugin is missing a lot when you look at the competition’s best. I do prefer it over TablePress and WPTables, but it is not hitting all the cylinders.

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2.3.4 ( Date: August 11, 2018 )

  • Fix Sorting Issue
  • Added Design Suggesion on Table Design Tab
  • Fix Table Demo Preview for Non-Admin Users

2.3.3 ( Date: August 09, 2018 )

  • Fix bug for date type columns

= 2.3.0 ( Date: August 02, 2018 )
* Fixed bug for rendering multiple table in a single page
* Fix bug for column width and header text alignment
* Fix bug for table not rendering issue

= 2.2.6 ( Date: August 01, 2018 )
* It’s a big update with lots of improvement
* Added Design studio for table to colorize tables visually. Now you can change settings and see instance preview
* Re-Arrange Table Config Components to make things easier.
* Added Duplicate Row Features ( We know you wanted this )
* You can change column configuration from table rows tab now
* Added feature to import table from “Ultimate Tables”
* Added feature to import table from “Data Tables Generator by Supsystic”
* Added Permission for User Role based. You can assign custom role now.
* Fix few css bug for table cell text wrap issues ( Thanks to our users to report it )

2.1.1 ( Date: April 28, 2018 )

  • Fix Table sorting for HTML Elements
  • Added more customization Options on Advanced Settings
  • Added Select-Options for data

2.1.0 ( Date: April 24, 2018 )

  • Fix Table sorting issues
  • Better Table Rendering

2.0.9 (Date: 04-16-2018 )

  • Added Shortcode support to table cells
  • Add Support for colspan feature to table header
  • Added Custom Color Alpha
  • Add feature to make table cells as vertical center

2.0.8 (Date: 04-13-2018 )

  • Added Table Styling for header element
  • Date and Html sorting bug fix
  • Added Cell-Merging Feature for Pro Version
  • Added Legacy Table Support

2.0.4 (Date: 04-12-2018 )

  • Date Field Support
  • Iframe support on table cell
  • HTML sorting support
  • Improved CSV upload
  • Import From Table Press Bug Fix

2.0.3 ( Date: 04-09-2018 )

  • Enhanced Support Non-Unicode Language for CSV import
  • Overall improvement for admin panel UI

1.9.9 ( Date: 04-01-2018 )

  • Non-Unicode Language Support for import
  • Table Description update fix
  • Fix for TablePress Plugin

1.9.8 ( Date: 03-31-2018 )

  • Edit Support for restricted column ID

1.9.7 ( Date: 03-31-2018 )

  • Added RTL Support
  • CSS Fix for Safari
  • Table sorting bug fix
  • Improved table data caching

1.9.5 ( Date: 03-21-2018 )

  • Added Caching Mechanism to load the table data faster
  • Make the custom table mariadb compitable
  • Added Table Data Filter by shortcode
  • Fix csv and json data import bug
  • Remove Conflicts with elementor


  • Upgraded the admin panel slick.
  • More add-on compatible.
  • Added unlimited color schema generator with add on.
  • Added media upload with add on in table cells.


  • Fix conflicts with jetpack notification components


  • Fix table sorting by column values


  • Fix html elements loading
  • Improve html element vuejs component


  • Added WordPress Native HTML editor to the table.
  • Added Number Type Table Column.
  • Sorting table data by column.
  • Number type Sorting added.
  • Added Live Preview, Now users can preview Demo


  • Added tinymce button to insert shortcode


  • Added shortcodes support in table cells


  • Improve speed
  • Support for WP latest version


  • Improve TablePress Import
  • Add Support for older WP versions


  • Added contextual Tutorial link.
  • Improve TablePress Import UX.
  • Refactor how footables render in frontend js.
  • Overall UX improvement.


  • Init First version