Do you tend to keep all of your notes on a large collection of bits of paper? Would you rather keep them all easily accessable on your WordPress site, so they are all there to your fingers? Then Ninja-Notes is for you.

It lets you have as many separate notepads as you want. Or to have fixed notes per Post/Page

It’s a great way to keep track of things.


I love this notes plugin!


All of the other plugins used notes that read the code, instead of display the code. This one is perfect for what I needed. It is a simple text note so codes stay visible. And the notes pop up below pages & posts while adding & editing which is helpful since I am using shortcodes that I want to use again.

Perfect. Thank you!

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  • Major re-write of plugin
  • Version Update to comply with updated plugin policies
  • Added Intergration With NinjaTool box


  • Version Update to add features requested by Demonpengu.
  • To allow for new note creation on Post/Page that is associated with that post/page giving you a per page note system.


  • Version Update to add features requested by kdunham on wordpress.
  • Notes now remember which note you were on when you hit save, or update a post/page. Plus bugfix for erroneous slash issue.


  • Full Version Released

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