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Are you fed up with the size of wp otions table? You are not alone!
Install this plugin and get a fine view of the table and analytics.

<?php echo 'Small WP Options Table, Clean Database!'; ?>

A Simplified Solution for a Cleaner wp_options Table View

Tired of your WordPress options table being flooded with unnecessary options? Say hello to NHR Options Table Manager, the lightweight and hassle-free plugin designed to help you manage the wp_options table.

✨ Major Features

  • Edit Options: Easily update existing options.
  • Delete Options: Remove unwanted options.
  • Analytics: View analytics on options usage to understand why your table is so large.
  • Enhanced UI: A revamped table UI that includes prefix count and a scroll bar for long content.

⚡ Instant Installation

No complex settings or configurations needed. Install the plugin, activate it, and voilà! Browse to Tools => NHR Options Table for a DataTable with all the options.

🎯 Enhance Performance

Review all the options and understand why your table is so big. Take appropriate actions and make your site faster.

🌟 Join Thousands of Happy Users

Join the growing community of WordPress users who trust NHR Options Table Manager to streamline their dashboard experience. Install it today and enjoy a fine view of wp_options table like never before!


  • DataTable view of the wp_options table
  • Analytics on plugin usage by prefixes
  • Plugin features at a glance


  1. Upload the NHR Options Table Manager plugin to your blog.
  2. Activate it.

That’s it! You’re done.


Does it require any other plugin?

No. It works as a standalone plugin.

Will using NHR Options Table Manager impact my website’s performance?

No. But it helps you to make decisions on how to reduce the db size and make your site faster!

Can I edit, delete, and add options easily?

Absolutely! NHR Options Table Manager allows you to effortlessly edit, delete, and add options directly from your WordPress dashboard.

How about analytics on options table?

Yes, it shows analytics based on prefix count. This way, you can determine which prefixes are mostly used.

Can I search without loading the page?

Yes, indeed! Using the datatable feature, the search functionality in NHR Options Table Manager is live, allowing you to search without any need for page reloading.


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Contributors & Developers

“NHR Options Table Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.5 – 09/07/2024

  • Added: Add new option feature. Now adding option becomes much easier directly from Dashboard.
  • Improved: JSON data are being saved now correctly without adding extra slashes. Props @hrrarya
  • Few minor bug fixing & improvements

1.0.4 – 07/07/2024

  • Added: Edit feature to update existing options. Props @arrasel403 and @obayedmamur
  • Added: Delete feature to delete existing options. Props @mehrazmorshed
  • Few minor bug fixing & improvements

1.0.3 – 05/07/2024

  • Added: Author URI updated using org profile. Props @jakariaistauk
  • Added: GitHub and Slack community links in readme.
  • Improved: Scroll bar added for very long contents in the table. Props @jakariaistauk
  • Improved: Table UI fully revamped. Now prefix count is shown using a table too.
  • Fixed: Settings page not shown as active after clicking from plugins page
  • Fixed: Menu design breaks for some plugins due to conflict with tailwind css. Props Md Toufiqul Islam (scriptertoufiq)
  • Fixed: Pagination select box spacing issue. Props Md Toufiqul Islam (scriptertoufiq)
  • Few minor bug fixing & improvements

1.0.2 – 30/06/2024

  • Added: Settings page link on plugins page. Props @himadree12
  • Fixed: Long text breaks design. Props @mehrazmorshed
  • Few minor bug fixing & improvements

1.0.1 – 26/06/2024

  • Prefix updated
  • Few minor bug fixing & improvements

1.0.0 – 12/04/2024

  • Initial beta release. Cheers!