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Network Summary

This plugin enables sites of a network to display information and posts from other sites within the same network. This happens through shortcodes and

WordPress networks can consist of many different sites which are usually kept separate. With this plugin the network admin and the site admins can change that and display content from other sites in the same network as well.

All sites can be categorized in any number of categories to allow structure and grouping. Also each site now can enter its own description to provide the reader with more detailed information about the site.

Finally the content can be displayed in multiple ways. There are three shortcodes that offer a high flexibility in parameters and filters to display a list of sites with the most recent posts on any other site. Going further the plugin adds a new rss that aggregates posts of all sites or only certain categories. It also adds a custom feed builder which allows each user to build a customized feed with only the sites she or he is interested in.

Currently there are three shortcodes available:

Network Overview

Shortcode: [netview]

Description: Displays a rather detailed overview of a specified set of sites. Can include images and most recent posts. Offers two layouts and two ways of sorting them.


  • include (optional, defaults: all available) expects a comma separated list of site ids. It will only will list these sites.
  • exclude (optional) expects a comma separated list of site ids. It will list all sites except the listed ones.
  • category (optional) expects a comma separated list of category ids. Only sites within these categories will be displayed, regardless of the include parameter. The exclude parameter will still apply.
  • numposts (optional, default: 2) expects a positive number or zero. Limits the number of most recent published posts displayed.
  • sort (optional, default: 'abc') expects either 'abc' or 'posts'. 'abc' means alphabetical sorting. 'posts' will sort the sites according to their most recent post.
  • layout (optional, default: 'table') expects either 'grid' or 'table'. Defines the layout of the list. Grid uses two columns. Table uses one row per site.
  • images (optional, default: 'true') expects either 'true' or 'false'. Defines whether header images of the sites are displayed if available.
  • rss (optional, default: 'true') expects either 'true' or 'false'. Defines whether a custom rss feed link should be displayed.
  • minposts (optional, default: 0) expects a positive number or zero. Defines a limit of posts a site must have published in order to be shown.
  • post_types (optional) additional post_types that are taken into consideration and displayed, type 'post' is always included.


[netview order=posts layout=grid numposts=3 images=false]

Lists all visible sites in a grid layout without images and with the three most recent posts. The list is sorted by the site with the most recent post first.

Network Single View

Shortcode: [netview-single]

Description: Displays one site with a custom image and in a more prominent way.

Network Index

Shortcode: [netview-all]

Description: Displays all visible sites in form of an index in alphabetical order without any additional information.

Requires: 3.5.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.14
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: Less than 10


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