NACC WordPress Plugin


This is a WordPress plugin implementation of the N.A. Cleantime Calculator.
To use this, specify in your text code.
That text will be replaced with this cleantime calculator.


  1. Upload the nacc directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place <!-- NACC -->in the HTML view, or [[NACC]] in either view, of a page. It will be replaced by the plugin.
  4. You can change how the plugin appears like so: <!-- NACC(THEME) -->, where THEME is currently NACC-BT (Dark blue and white), NACC-GNYR2 (Light blue style customized for the Greater New York Region), or “NACC-HOLI” (Black and Red, customized for the Heart of Long Island ASC). Leave it out for default (gray).
  5. You can change the language like so: <!-- NACC(THEME,LANG) -->, where LANG is currently en (English -Default), es (Spanish), zh-Hans (Simplified Chinese), zh-Hant (Traditional Chinese), or it (Italian).
  6. You can specify which layout (vertical or horizontal) you want the tags to appear in by default, like so: <!-- NACC(THEME,LANG,LAYOUT) -->, where LAYOUT is linear (default, in a long line), or tabular (In a horizontal row).
  7. You can specify whether or not the “special” tags are shown, like so: <!-- NACC(THEME,LANG,LAYOUT,SPECIAL) -->, where SPECIAL is true or false.


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Contributors & Developers

“NACC WordPress Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 3.1.5- January 2, 2021
Version bump.

Version 3.1.4- January 20, 2020
Added CSS to center align the legend by default.

Version 3.1.3- November 5, 2019
Fixed a bug in shortcode setup.

Version 3.1.2- November 4, 2019
Fixed a bug in the image directory URI.

Version 3.1.1- November 4, 2019
There was a bug in the Italian translation that was fixed.

Version 3.1.0- November 4, 2019
Added Italian Localization.
Improved documentation to cover additional parameters.

Version 3.0.1- April 6, 2019
Added a couple of themes.
Fixed a warning about an unquoted string.

Version 3.0.0- ???
Complete rewrite to support all JavaScript.

Version 2.0.10- July 29, 2010
Fixed a bug that seems to be caused by a JavaScript issue for leap years.
Added the ability to specify the plugin as standard WP shortcode ([[NACC]]).

Version 2.0.9- June 24, 2009
Fixed some issues in the WordPress plugin that interfered with “pretty permalinks.”
Reconfigured project as a WordPress Plugin Repository project.

Version 2.0.8- April 5, 2009
Fixed another calculation error in the Persian Calendar.

Version 2.0.7- March 19, 2009
Fixed a calculation error in the Persian Calendar.

Version 2.0.6- February 6, 2009
An error would sometimes occur when the current day is in a month, and the given
day was in a day that would exceed the end day of the month (most easily seen in

Version 2.0.5- October 22, 2008
Two of the Persian strings were transposed. This has been fixed.

Version 2.0.4- October 20, 2008
Thanks to NA Iran, the Persian calendar is now almost completely localized.

Version 2.0.3- July 3, 2008
Found another bug with “edge dates.” It should be fixed.

Version 2.0.2- June 16, 2008
The Persian calendar returned the wrong days of the month. This has been fixed.

Version 2.0.1- June 15, 2008
Fixed some calculation bugs.

Version 2.0- June 14, 2008
Added support for a Persian (Solar) calendar, thanks to NA Iran.

Version 1.7.5- June 4, 2008
The old bug briefly reappeared. It has been re-quashed.

Version 1.7.4- June 4, 2008
There were reports of issues with 1.7.3. This attempts to address them.

Version 1.7.3- June 3, 2008
Fixed a bug in the main calculator that manifested itself on “edge dates.”

Version 1.7.2- May 21, 2008
Fixed a bug in the decades calculator.

Version 1.7.1- May 19, 2008
Fixed a bug in the decades calculator.

Version 1.7- May 18, 2008
Added the Decades tag and also removed the fancy “stripping” we did for JS.

Version 1.6.10- January 6, 2008
Minor JS tweak to improve validation -no big deal.

Version 1.6.9- October 7, 2007
Fixed another date calculation error.

Version 1.6.8- October 6, 2007
Fixed another date calculation error.

Version 1.6.7- September 1, 2007
There were still issues in the date calculations. These should be fixed.

Version 1.6.6- September 1, 2007
There were still issues in the date calculations at edges. These should be fixed.

Version 1.6.5- August 31, 2007
Fixed a second “Last Month of the Year” bug.

Version 1.6.4- August 31, 2007
Fixed a minor “last day of the month” bug.

Version 1.6.3- August 11, 2007
Added a new theme line to the WordPress Plugin code.

Version 1.6.2- August 9, 2007
Fixed minor WAI AA validation issue: nested headings in the element were incorrect.

Version 1.6.1- July 30, 2007
Fixed minor issue with iCab 3 browser -NACC_browser () needs to have its return checked for false.

Version 1.6.0- July 20, 2007
Added base param to parseInt() calls
Changed how private methods/functions are defined
Reworked anonymous functions for form onsubmit(), reset link onclick(), and change layout link oncick()
For FillYearSelect(), FillMonthSelect() and FillDaySelect() functions changed “onchange = ”;” to “onchange = null;”

Version 1.5.11- July 19, 2007
Added the new “FIPT Correct” tag artwork.

Version 1.5.10- July 15, 2007
Created the documentation, and upped the version number in “nacc.php.”

Version 1.5.9- July 12, 2007
CSS Tweak for table top layout
RenderMessage() and RenderKeyTags() now check to see if their relevant exist before creating them

Version 1.5.8- July 11, 2007
Improved Peekabo Bug Fix

Version 1.5.7- July 11, 2007
Fixed Peekaboo bug that has cropped up in IE7

Version 1.5.6- July 11, 2007
Reversion back to browser sniffing for IE <=6
Added browser sniffing function
Added param to NACC_CleanTime() to hide key tag display
Converted tags to tags for IE5/6
Attempt to mitigate IE6 background image not caching issue
Modified CSS file to support above

Version 1.5.5- July 10, 2007
Slight change to nacc_keytag_img_tabletop style to improve tabletop appearance.
Temporary change to the code to make up for issue with IE browser detection.

Version 1.5.4- July 7, 2007
Initial documentation.

Version 1.5.3- July 7, 2007
Fixed CSS display bug.

Version 1.5.2- July 6, 2007
Minor optimization tweaks to base CSS.
Darkened the “shadowed” insets for the “inset” rects.

Version 1.5.1- July 6, 2007
Changed with of wrapper div to 532px
Fixed bugs in FillYearSelect(), FillMonthSelect() and FillDaySelect()
Reduced amount of CSS created via DOM to minimal and added it to CSS file
Removed floating on key tag images

Version 1.5.0- July 6, 2007
Created changelog file
Redesigned UI
Changed name of CSS file
Modified CSS for new UI
Added rudimentary CSS theme support
Modified documentation to reflect most changes
Added more documentation
Pulled DOM and display code from CalcCleantime() and other functions where it wasn’t necessary
Major reworking of various things to encapsulate stuff
Modified localization section
Increased support for multiple languages (except BuildCleantimeMessage() function)