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This plugin get markdown file path on dropbox public link, convert markdown to html, and put it to post content.

Fixed it does not work.

Dropbox changed its public document must use https. So this plugin did not worked. Than WickedSik fixed the issue.


View intro video.

  • This plugin get markdown file path on dropbox public link, convert markdown to html, and put it to post content.
  • You can update post by editing file on your computer with dropbox sync function. Of course, that's ok even if content editor is empty, when you write new post. If you have entered markdown file's URL, plugin will take care of.
  • If post was updated once, plugin check only URL server's ETAG not full content. It is for speed. If ETAG was changed, plugin get new content and update post content. Or do nothing.
  • Plugin use WordPress's wp_update_post() function. So revision history is preserved.
  • Plugin's compatibility is good. Because this plugin updates only post content html. This doesn't touch the_content process(vary plugins touch the process).
  • You can use markdown extra syntax.


You have to enable dropbox 'Public Folder'

This plugin use dropbox 'Public link'. If you register dropbox account after December 6, 2012 you don't have Public folder. Then, visit this page to 'enable public folder'.

On admin page

On admin write page, put markdown url path. And click 'update editor' button. So markdown content converted to html is putted to editor.

On view page

This plugin get file url(Dropbox public link is recommended). And save header's etag to postmeta and converted html to post_content. Next time on request same post, first this plugin olny get dropbox http etag. If changed etag, get dropbox md content and save again, or get html from post_content.

This plugin divide title and content from md file.

If markdown file has h1 this plugin puts first h1 string to post_title. Of course, remove the h1 from post_content so don't print title twice.


Mytory Markdown Github

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Compatible up to: 4.0.1
Last Updated: 2014-10-21
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