MyCryptoCheckout – Accept 70+ coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more


Cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Receive coins directly into the wallet of your choice.

Key Features & Highlights

  • 0% transaction fees
  • No product restrictions
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Use any wallet(s) you want: desktop, mobile, or online
  • Automagically detect unique payments from customers using one wallet address
  • Optional hierarchically deterministic (HD) wallet support
  • No redirection to 3rd parties, no iframes, no modal windows
  • Optional donations widget shortcode generator
  • See the feature comparison table to see why you should use MyCryptoCheckout instead of other crypto gateways
  • How to auto convert received Bitcoin/Altcoin to USD/EUR/etc

The free license can process three sales per month. A flat rate license can be purchased for your account if you require more. The flat rate license includes unlimited transactions. Bulk pricing options are available if you need to use MyCryptoCheckout on several domains.

Webshops supported

  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • WooCommerce

Cryptocurrencies supported:

  • Bitcoin BTC (Including SegWit addresses, Electrum HD wallet)
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH (Including Electrum HD wallet)
  • Bitcoin Gold BTG
  • Bits’mdo’ BSD
  • CatoCoin CATO
  • ColossusXT COLX
  • CrypticCoin CRYP
  • Dash DASH
  • Decred DCR
  • Digibyte DGB (Including SegWit addresses)
  • Elite 1337
  • Ethereum ETH (Including MetaMask)
  • Ethereum Classic ETC
  • Litecoin LTC (Including SegWit addresses, Electrum HD wallet)
  • MarsCoin MARS
  • Monero XMR
  • New York Coin NYC
  • Solaris XLR
  • Straks STAK
  • TokenPay TPAY
  • TurtleNetwork TN
  • Verge XVG
  • Viacoin VIA
  • Waves WAVES
  • Zcash ZEC (T-address recipients only)
  • We can now add your cryptocurrency!

ERC20 tokens supported (Including MetaMask):

  • 0x ZRX
  • Aeternity AE
  • Aragon ANT
  • Augur REP
  • Bancor BNT
  • Basic Attention Token BAT
  • Binance Coin BNB
  • Dai DAI
  • DigixDAO DGD
  • Dragonchain DRGN
  • eBitcoin EBTC
  • Flix FLIX
  • FunFair FUN
  • Gifto GTO
  • Golem GNT
  • Huobi Token HT
  • Icon ICX
  • intimate ITM
  • Invacio INV
  • Kyber Network KNC
  • Latino Token LATINO
  • L’île LILE
  • Loom LOOM
  • Maker MKR
  • MetalPay MTL
  • Monaco MCO
  • Nebulas NAS
  • Omisego OMG
  • ONG
  • Populous PPT
  • Pundi X NPXS
  • QASH
  • Raiden RDN
  • Request Network REQ
  • SALT
  • shelterDAO SHEL
  • Status SNT
  • Storm STORM
  • TenXPay PAY
  • Veritaseum VERI
  • Worldcoin1 WRD1
  • We can now add your custom ERC20 tokens!

NEM Mosaic tokens supported:

TRON TRC-20 Tokens supported:

WAVES Tokens supported:

Cryptocurrency Donations Widget

Receive donations in any of the cryptocurrencies supported by MyCryptoCheckout. Generate a widget using our simple shortcode generator and add it into any text widget or text editor. Shortcode generation options:

  • receive donations in any or all the cryptocurrencies supported by MyCryptoCheckout
  • select currencies to show
  • select primary currency
  • show currencies with icons or a dropdown box
  • show QR code
  • show wallet address text

Technical disclosure

Upon plugin activation an account is created on the MyCryptoCheckout API server: The only data that is sent is your WordPress install’s public URL and the plugin version.

The URL is used by the API server to know where to send updated account info (license status, payment statistics), exchange rates and completed purchase notifications.

The plugin version is used to help answer requests made by the plugin (different plugin versions speak to the API server differently).

If your server cannot be reached by the API server this plugin will not function.


  • WooCommerce checkout
  • EasyDigitalDownloads checkout
  • WooCommerce purchase confirmation page with payment data
  • Account tab
  • Currencies tab
  • Adding a Monero wallet
  • Global settings tab for network and single installs
  • Local settings tab for network installs
  • WooCommerce gateway settings
  • EasyDigitalDownloads gateway settings
  • Donations generator form
  • Donations widget


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Visit Admin > Settings > MyCryptoCheckout
  3. Check that your account looks ok
  4. Visit the currencies tab
  5. Set up one or more currencies
  6. Visit your WooCommerce payment gateway settings. The instructions included in receipt e-mails are taken from the WC MCC gateway instructions text boxes.
  7. Visit your EasyDigitalDownloads payment gateway settings. The instructions included in receipt e-mails can be included using the {mcc_instructions} e-mail tag. The text is taken from the EDD MCC payment gateway instructions text boxes.


Everything TOP!!

Hi community,

I just can say:

TOP-Plugin, TOP-Support, TOP-Customer Service…

So must be a TOP-Rating for this outstanding plugin!

I can only recommend it to everybody, who is seeking an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure Crypto-Payment-Plugin.

Best Wishes,

A Sound Investment

This plugin is well worth the investment for anybody who has customers that are crypto enthusiasts. At the low, low price of $59/year it pays for itself in just a few sales that you probably wouldn’t have gotten without it.

For me, I was using a bunch of different plugins for various cryptocurrencies. Some worked better than others. Sometimes orders didn’t confirm properly, others created support headaches which exceeded the value of the sales generated. MCC just plain works. Turn it on, count your money. It’s that simple. I was using PayWithEther to confirm my Ethereum transactions and that costed me $5/month. For a dollar less per year, I get much, much more.

Perhaps more importantly, they have excellent support, and are even responsive to feature suggestions. When I first started eyeing this plugin, it did not include the price in the QR code, which makes checkout a bit more confusing for the customer as they had to manually enter the right amount, and some inexperienced users deducted their transaction fees from the price or made other mistakes. They also didn’t support the HD Wallet features of Bitcoin (changing keys for each transaction).

So I emailed the developers with these as feature suggestions. I got a reply to my email the same night. The next day, there was an update and in this version the price was included in the QR code. About a week later, they had support for HD wallets with Bitcoin.

The crypto markets are constantly innovating, and having responsive developers who are committed to keeping up with those innovations is an absolute must for anybody entering this market. Now I can accept a wider range of cryptocurrencies than any of my competitors, without trusting my private keys or transaction histories to third parties. I’ve increased the diversity and value of my crypto portfolio in the process, and added an exciting and profitable element to my financial dealings that I simply could not have done without the help of this excellent product.

Spot on and super responsive

Had tried another couple of plugins and found them quite difficult.

MCC was very easy to install but by far and MOST IMPORTANTLY for me their support was super responsive.

We added our token and wanted some changes to decimal places and also had an issue with some conflicting CSS. Generally responded to within the hour, and everything sorted in days.

Highly recommended.

Dont use – No order uniqueness


Tried few checkouts using the plugin. It uses same bitcoin address for each order. This way an customer can underpay an order and noone knows which customer paid which order.

Ok if you are getting one order a day. Not suitable for any serious business


For ETH and erc20 tokens, ZEC, BTG, etc. probably the best plugin for WP! It is working like a charm. Only thing if it could detect payments with like few % missing amount or above the amount, because it happens me a lot that customers use some mobile wallet that doesn’t support full ETH 8 decimals but only 6 or they sent a bit higher amount as a tip and then the gateway won’t detect the payment and complete the order. But I understand that it is not that easy as using HD wallets for BTC, LTC,…
It is working with Cryptowoo, MoneroWP and SUMO together I can cover almost all the top coins and the ones I want most.
I paid the license, for the price it is really good. I recommend it!

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Contributors & Developers

“MyCryptoCheckout – Accept 70+ coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.23 20181020

  • New: The plugin is now using the official MCC API!
  • New: Wallets can be manually sorted by dragging them up and down in the wallet list. This replaces the wallet’s default / preselected option.
  • Fix: WooCommerce: Use font instead of SVG icons for checkout box.

2.22 20181012

  • We now accept custom WAVES tokens!
  • New currency: CoffeeCoin COF
  • New currency: Invacio INV
  • New: Want your webshop publically listed in our upcoming store directory? There’s a checkbox for that in the account overview tab.
  • New: Added Monero private view key input placeholder text.

2.21 20181006

  • New: HD wallet support for Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • New: HD wallet support for Litecoin LTC

2.20 20181004

  • New currency: ADULTEUM ADULT
  • New currency: CrypticCoin CRYP
  • New currency: L’île LILE
  • Fix: WooCommerce and EDD: allow having virtual currency as base currency.
  • Fix: EDD: Override checkout payment method name to match checkout method name.
  • Fix: Metamask: Use different dividers for different currencies.
  • New snippet: Refresh page after payment complete

2.19 20180925

  • New currency: Monero XMR

2.18 20180920

  • New currency: CatoCoin CATO
  • New currency: TRONBITCOIN TBTC
  • New currency: TurtleNetwork TN
  • Fix: EDD: Show receipt when not using MCC on checkout.
  • Fix: QRcode CSS on payment page.
  • Test: Used BrowserStack to test payment page across browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices.

2.17 20180915

  • New currency: Bits’mdo’ BSD
  • New currency: Latino Token LATINO
  • New: Added MetaMask support for all ERC20 tokens except Flix.
  • Fix: WordPress: Checkout icon generated on a per blog basis.

2.16 20180904

  • New currency: Huobi Token HT
  • New currency: Viacoin VIA
  • Fix: Woocommerce: Fire woocommerce_cancelled_order action upon cancelling the order.
  • Fix: EDD: Fix checkout QR code.
  • Fix: EDD: Don’t show MCC checkout boxes when using test payments.
  • Fix: Fatal error with GoURL fixed, but double currencies won’t allow MCC to work.

2.15 20180829

  • New currency: eBitcoin EBTC
  • New currency: shelterDAO SHEL
  • New: WooCommerce Metamask payment support on checkout. The MetaMask button is automatically shown during checkout if detected.
  • Fix woocommerce_settings_get_option error on some installs.
  • Fix Woocommerce checkout “optional” text. It should be required, of course.
  • Fix removal of thousands separator when sending the amount to the API.
  • Currency disabled: NEO

2.14 20180813

  • New currency: Tron TRX

2.13 20180810

  • New currency: Loom
  • New currency: Monaco MCO
  • New currency: NEM XEM
  • New currency: TenXPay PAY
  • New currency: Pundi X Token PNXS
  • Default payment timer for new installs is now 2 hours instead of 6.

2.12 20180713

  • New currency: ONG

2.11 20180706

  • New currency: Elite 1337
  • New currency: Binance Coin BNB
  • New currency: intimate ITM
  • New currency: MarsCoin MARS
  • New currency: Straks STAK
  • New currency: TokenPay TPAY
  • New: Allow alignment selection for donations widget.
  • Fix: Conflict between CSS classes that prevented the “payment complete” tick from appearing. CSS class “hidden” renamed to “mcc_hidden”.
  • Fix: Be more insistent sending unsent payments to the API server.
  • Fix: Normalize currency amounts using commas before converting them to crypto amounts.
  • Fix: Only override payment URL if using MCC. Fixes conflict with some other payment methods.

2.10 20180614

  • New: Some currency QR codes will also include the amount to pay. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin.
  • New: WooCommerce; option for sending invoice to customer upon purchase, in addition to after payment.
  • Fix: Ensure that small amounts of virtual currency (0.00000001 BTC) are displayed as small amounts, and not in scientific notation.
  • Fix: WooCommerce; when using a virtual currency as the native currency, ensure that the order amount is the same as the amount MCC is expecting to receive.
  • Fix: WooCommerce; when using a virtual currency as the native currency, show a warning if the WooCommerce currency decimals don’t match the capabilities of the virtual currency in MCC.
  • Fix: WooCommerce; during checkout, also include shipping in the virtual currency preview amount.

2.09 20180524

  • New currency: Raiden (RDN)
  • New currency: New York Coin (NYC)
  • New currency: Verge (XVG)
  • New currency: Worldcoin1 (WRD1)

2.08 20180518

  • New: Donations shortcode to allow your users to send you donations via cryptocurrency.
  • Fix: Allow MCC to ignore currencies that have been disabled / removed.

2.07 20180511

  • New currency: Flix (FLIX)
  • New currency: Digibyte (DGB)
  • New currency: Solaris (XLR)

2.06 20180509

  • Fix: When using cryptocurrencies as the primary WooCommerce currency, do not try to convert to fiat first.
  • New currency: Aragon (ANT)

2.05 20180505

  • New: Added global / local QR-code settings.
  • New: Added payment countdown timer with global / local settings.
  • New currency: Aeternity (AE)
  • New currency: ColossusXT (COLX)
  • New currency: Dai Stablecoin (DAI)
  • New currency: Dragonchain (DRGN)
  • New currency: Gifto (GTO)
  • New currency: Nebulas (NAS)
  • New currency: Request Network (REQ)
  • New currency: SALT (SALT)
  • New currency: Storm (STORM)
  • New currency: VeChain (VEN)
  • New currency: Veritaseum (VERI)

2.04 20180403

  • New currency: Ethereum Classic ETC
  • New currency: Decred DCR

2.03 20180331

  • New: Add payment timeout hours option to EDD.
  • New: Added option to choose default currencies on checkout.
  • Fix: Load CSS on the checkout page for those themes that don’t have WooCommerce support.
  • Fix: Default WooCommerce payment timeout is now 6 hours instead of 72.

2.02 20180328

  • New currency: Bitcoin Gold BTG
  • New currency: MetalPay MTL
  • New currency: Neo Smart Economy NEO
  • New currency: Zcash ZEC
  • New: Show QR code for the wallet address when checking out. If you are upgrading and want to enable the QR, you can either (1) reset your EDD or WC MyCryptoCheckout settings (in order to get the new text) or add the following to your online instructions text area before the final </div>:

<div class=”mcc_qr_code”></div>

  • New: Added payment timeout setting for WooCommerce. The default is 3 days, but can be changed if you want your orders to be automatically cancelled before that. The default will be changed to 6 hours in a few versions’ time.
  • New: Added setting to change the status of the order when payment is complete. Use this to set your paid orders to complete if your products don’t need to be processed manually.
  • Fix: Currency icons in WooCoommerce checkout box are now dynamic, showing only the currencies that are available.
  • Fix: No more rounding error when using BTC as main WooCommerce currency, and trying to pay in BTC.
  • Fix: Try to intercept API calls earlier by raising the priority of the template_redirect hook.
  • Fix: Cancelling a WC order will cancel the payment on the API server simultaenously.

2.01 20180315

  • Fix: Use a different way of displaying the copy-to-clipboard icon on the checkout page, making it compatible with more themes.

2.0 20180313

  • New ERC20 token: STAKE
  • Fix: LiteCoin addresses can now be Segwith length (43 chars).
  • Fix: Add CSS to prevent the WooCommerce currency selection box from growing too big on some themes.
  • Fix: Incorrect wallets key in the options table. Your wallet info will remain untouched if upgrading normally. Else: deactivate and reactive the plugin.
  • Fix: Nicer rounding of amounts.