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My Tips


My Tips是一款让您能亲轻而易举地为您的WordPress添加气泡提示的插件。
My Tips is a plugin that make you get your blog Bubble Tiped easily.

The reason of why you use it:

  1. 无需修改任何文件;
    NO FILE need to be edit to use it.

  2. 自动检测jQuery库,避 冲突;
    AUTO DETECT the loading of jQuery Lib to avoid conflict.

  3. 多样化但很简单,轻松为各标签批量添加Tip。
    Multi-Styled but Simple-Use, it’s just a cake for you to make all elements to be Tipped.


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  1. 使用WordPress的上传插件将下载的zip文件上传安 即可。或 将zip文件解压后通过ftp上传至wp-content/plugins/目录。
    You can simply use the WordPress’ Install Plugins page install this plugin from the WordPress plugin repo or download the zipped file and unziiped it to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. 在‘已安 的插件‘中‘启用’ ‘My Tips’。
    Switch to the Installed Plugins page to activate ‘My Tips’.

  3. 在‘My Tips’ 置页进行个性化设置。
    And you can config if in the ‘My Tips Configuration’ page.


= 置中的标签名是什么意思? / What is the ‘Label Name’ means to ? =

置中的标签名会作为Tip的选择器,比如’a’,会给页面所有的链接且 容属性不为空的加上Tip(如果它的 容属性值不为空的话),像 置标签名为a, 容属性为attr,标题属性为title,会对所有的 有attr属性的链接加Tip,当鼠标悬停时会弹出Tip鼠标移出Tip 闭,这样的话对于类似的链接,鼠标悬停时会弹出 容为“示例 容”标题为“示例标题”的Tip。
In the configurations every Label Name will be the selector for decide what element should be Tipped. For example, the ‘a’ will make all links will be tipped(if them have an un-empty content attribute).So if you have a config label name as ‘a’, content attribute as ‘attr’, title attribute as ‘title’, all the links that has an un-empty ‘attr’ attribution will be tipped, the tip will popped by mousehover and close by mouseleave. such as <a href="xxx" title="example title" attr="example content">example link</a> will have a tip poped with mousehover and closed with mouseleave, its content is ‘example content’ and its title is ‘example title’.

标签名有哪几种形式 / How many selector it support ?

两种,一种是直接标签名为标签选择器,支持通 符。另外一种是以点头的类选择器。2012-11-4更新支持ID选择器。
Tow kinds, one kind is the label selector, and it support the ‘*’ to apply to any label. another one is the class selector which are prefixed by ‘.’ .

= 怎样让指定的 容Tip显示? / How to make your message displayed ?=

例如:为所有的 有title属性的链接加上Tip并以title属性作为Tip 容,你需要这样做,在My Tip 置里添加自动属性,标签名a, 容属性title,保存 置后,只要前台页面中的链接 有title属性就会被加上Tip。当鼠标悬停在她上面时,就会弹出Tip。
Set your message as the value of the content attribute that you has configed.

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  • 修复功能缺陷,支持ID选择器
    FIX the function bug, and make it support the ID selector.


  • 完善国 化支持
    Completed the Internationalizition.

  • 添加国 化支持
    Make It Internationalized.


  • 修改qTip调用方式。在js/mytips-class.php
    Modified the calling of qTip. at js/mytips-class.php.

  • 修改jQuery 容性,考虑 他插件会替换系统自带jQuery
    Modified the compatibility of jQuery, aware of others plugins/themes will replace the jQuery Lib of WordPress.