Multi Device Switcher


This WordPress plugin allows you to set a separate theme for device (Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Game and custom).
This plugin detects if your site is being viewed by UserAgent, and switches to selected theme.
The Custom Switcher can add every device.


  • Set a separate theme for device (Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Game), switches to selected theme.
  • Add every device by the Custom Switcher.
  • Add links ‘Mobile’ or ‘PC’ in the theme by the PC Switcher, switch to the default theme.
  • Switch the content of the post or page for each device by the Display Switcher Shortcode.
  • Disable the switching of the theme for each url by the Disable Switcher.
  • Can be using is_multi_device() function that detect of the device.
  • Multi Device Switcher Command command-line tool (required WP-CLI)


Patches and Bug Fixes

Small patches and bug reports can be submitted a issue tracker in Github. Forking on Github is another good way. You can send a pull request.


  • hykw


Translating a plugin takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. I really appreciate the hard work from these contributors.

If you have created or updated your own language pack, you can send gettext PO and MO files to author. I can bundle it into Multi Device Switcher.


The latest PO and MO files

Send your own language pack

You can send your own language pack to author.


  • Theme option
  • UserAgent option
  • PC Switcher option
  • PC Switcher button
  • Disable Switcher


Breaks tablet


Somehow this plugin causes my Adsense income to drop to zero on tablets. I tried 4 different themes on tablets all with the same results. If I disable plugin and use any of those four themes my adsense income immediately resumes normal levels for tablets. Not sure why this happens, I see no obvious issues when browsing my site with tablets while this plugin is enabled.

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  • fixed: add function multi_device_switcher_get_default_options for wp multi-device


  • fixed: fix setcookie()


  • fixed: fix preg_split()


  • fixed: refactoring by the PHP_CodeSniffer
  • fixed: change admin functions to class/object methods


  • edited: edit readme
  • new features: Display Switcher Shortcode
  • updated: update default UserAgent
  • fixed: fix pc-switcher ssl url


  • edited: edit readme
  • new features: is_disable_switcher() function
  • new features: is_pc_switcher() function
  • fixed: fix redirect url and pc-switcher url


  • edited: edit readme
  • added: add cookies ‘multi-device-switcher’, ‘disable-switcher’
  • new features: Disable Switcher
  • fixed: fix get_options_userAgent(), multi_device_switcher_get_options()
  • fixed: add reserved words validate
  • new features: Multi Device Switcher Command
  • added: add option settings into Theme Customizer
  • fixed: refactoring by the PHP_CodeSniffer


  • fixed: fix script, style, html and readme
  • new features: is_multi_device() function
  • fixed: fix translation
  • updated: update default UserAgent
  • fixed: replace WP_PLUGIN_URL with plugins_url()
  • fixed: using Page Hook Suffix
  • merged: pull request #3


  • fixed: fix redirect uri with query string, using add_query_arg
  • fixed: fix translation
  • fixed: fix readme


  • improved: improve responsiveness UI
  • fixed: fix html


  • fixed: delete add_contextual_help
  • fixed: fix readme and html


  • added: add PC Switcher Widget
  • new features: PC Switcher
  • added: add the settings link to the plugin page


  • required: at least version 3.4
  • fixed: fix tabs and buttons


  • fixed: change the order of the UserAgent detection
  • updated: update default UserAgent
  • added: add HTTP/1.1 Vary header


  • new features: Custom Switcher


  • fixed: fix the object model PHP5, __construct() to replace Multi_Device_Switcher
  • fixed: wp_get_themes(), and wp_get_theme() to replace get_themes(), get_theme()


  • updated: update screenshots
  • fixed: fix reset button


  • added: add file uninstall.php
  • fixed: split admin_enqueue_scripts() into two functions
  • fixed: detects is_admin()


  • fixed: split multi_device_switcher_init() into two functions


  • Initial release.

Contributors & Developers

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Multi Device Switcher has been translated into these 1 locales: Japanese. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.
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