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Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin - Native iPhone Apps and Android Apps for WordPress

Publish iOS and Android mobile apps for your site in 5 minutes.

Mobiloud is a service designed to convert your WordPress site into a native mobile app for iOS and Android (including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets). Mobiloud is easy to use, with no coding required.

Is this free?

Install the plugin for free and design and preview your mobile app. Try it as long as you want. Test it online and on your own device. To publish your app on App Store or Google Play, we charge affordable fees. You'll get your app built and published for you, push notifications and unmatched support. Check the pricing plans on Mobiloud.com.

How is Mobiloud different?

Unlike other solutions, Mobiloud gives you a completely "native" mobile app. Native mobile apps look and feel great on Android and iOS, and don't have the sluggish and glitchy behaviour of non-native mobile apps.

With Mobiloud, you can really build high quality native mobile apps in 5 minutes, and you won’t need any programming skills to get your app published - we take care of the app build and submission for you.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at support@mobiloud.com.

What you get with Mobiloud

  • Your WordPress site quickly converted into real mobile apps. The Mobiloud WordPress plugin will automatically feed your mobile app with your latest content. Any new articles will be listed in the app as soon as they're published; changes to your mobile app's menu and configuration will be instantly made available. With Mobiloud, you publish your content from your WordPress site, with the convenience of having your mobile app automatically updated. No extra work required.

  • Customise your mobile app with your style and brand. It's your own app, so customise it with your own colors, add your logo, create a custom icon and launch image, and with your content in there, it will be unique!

  • Fast, smooth and well designed native mobile apps. iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets are all supported. Mobiloud apps are designed according to the latest mobile design trends and following iOS and Android design guidelines. It means you get mobile apps which look and feel great and offer the best user experience possible: users intuitively know how to navigate your content in the app and will be amazed by the design. Try our demo

  • Publish your mobile apps on App Store and Google Play. We take care of the tedious app submission for you, so you don't have to worry about signing up as a developer, paying for a developer account and handling the build and submission process. But if you care to do it yourself, we're ok with that too (you can use your own account and receive binaries for the app).

  • Use push notifications to bring people back to your content, send alerts and reach out to your users. Mobile apps and push notifications are the best tool to build an audience on mobile. Think of it like a newsletter on steroids (open rates for push are close to 90%, compare that with email!). With Mobiloud you can send notifications automatically whenever you post new content (with optional filters) or manually, whenever you want. You can also attach a page or post to your notification, so you can use them for anything: alert your users to a new event, promotion or send urgent and important updates - it's a direct connection with your users!

  • MoPub, Google DFP, Admob, Adsense and other mobile advertising options. We support HTML/Javascript/iframe ad units you can embed directly in your content (you're free to fit them wherever within articles/pages). Banner ads, interstitials and native ads are all supported with our MoPub and Google DFP integration.

  • WordPress, Disqus and Facebook comments. It doesn't matter what you use - your mobile app will store your user's details so they can comment on your content in one tap!

  • Easy social sharing options for your users. To grow your site and business, sharing is everything. It's like free marketing! And with your mobile app, you'll encourage sharing with a single tap via all social media sites, email or SMS – simple! We support all major social networks, Whatsapp, Readibility and Instapaper among other services.

  • Analytics. With support for Google Analytics to track traffic on your mobile apps, you'll have a full view on how people use your app and what content works best.

  • Support for WordPress features such as custom post types, custom fields, tags, categories, custom taxonomies and most WordPress plugins (some customisation might be required).

  • Advanced feautures including an advanced Editor you an use to add your own HTML/CSS/PHP code to customise the article/page screens or add custom fields, support for subscriptions/membership sites and much more.

All the features

  • Your own design for icon, launch images, logo and UI colors
  • Unlimited automatic and manual push notifications (compatible with posts and custom post types)
  • Customisable app menu with pages, categories, tags, custom taxonomies and links
  • User preferences for push notifications (by category)
  • Support for posts, pages, categories, custom post types and custom fields
  • Advertising with AdMob, Adsense, MoPub, Google DFP or your own custom HTML ads
  • Banner, interstitial and native ads supported
  • Offline access to your content
  • Support for Google Analytics with complete app usage statistics
  • Custom HTML/PHP/CSS in the article contents (add all the functionality you need)
  • WordPress, Facebook and Disqus comments supported
  • Social Sharing features (one tap to share to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email and more)
  • Support for Youtube, Vimeo and other video players, Soundcloud and any HTML5 widget or player
  • Support for image galleries
  • User favourite posts
  • Multilanguage apps, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish and Portuguese.
  • RTL support for Arabic and Israeli
  • Create a members only, login protected app with access to your WordPress user database
  • App Submission service to App Store and Google Play (we do all for you)
  • Ability to publish with your own Developer accounts on Google Play and App Store

How it works

1. Install and Activate the plugin More than 50,000 people have downloaded our plugin, join them to get started and preview your own mobile app.

2. Customise your mobile app and test it on your own device From the plugin's page, choose your app's main color and upload your logo to customise your app. You'll be able to add an icon and launch image later on in the process.

3. Preview your app From the plugin's page, click on "Test Your App" and follow the instructions to test your app online or on your own mobile devices (iOS and Android).

4. Sign Up for one of our plans To get your app built and submitted, sign up for one of our pricing plans or choose to purchase a lifetime license.

In a matter of days we'll submit the app for you to Android and Google Play.

What some of our customers say about it

"The guys at Mobiloud are amazing. Not only have they created this crazily easy-to-use product that lets you build native iOS and Android apps for your website at an affordable price, but they work tirelessly with you to ensure you are happy with your apps. We can't recommend Mobiloud enough!" ― Stephan Whelan, Founder at DeeperBlue.com

"Mobiloud has made sure that creating a quality mobile app for your blog is as easy and as affordable as setting the blog up in the first place. They're a pleasure to work and offer timely customer service. Today, we enjoy thousands of installs of our apps and control how and when we notify our subscribers of important content through mobile alerts. If you are seeking an elegant mobile solution to accompany your WordPress blog, look no further." ― Jeremi Karnell, Partner & CMO, PTT Research

"They left no stone unturned in making our mobile app perfect! It has been a pleasure working with them." ― Paul Andrew, Founder of Speckyboy Magazine

“I had previously worked with four different mobile app developers and none of them were able to get the job done for me the way I wanted it. It took just two days for Mobiloud to get my WordPress website into an iPhone App." ― Nick Coffey, The Cardinal Connect

"The team at Mobiloud built astonishing apps for the main blogs in our network. Fast development, great support, and of course beautiful mobile apps. What more could we ask for?" ― Fernando Serer, CEO and founder of Blogestudio

"Fantastic plugin and service. We now have great looking native iOS and Android mobile app that stays up-to-date with our site automatically. Mobiloud allowed us to focus on our content without writing a single line of code to get our apps built." ― Luke Wheeler, Editor of Compare The Cloud

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-6-22
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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