MobiLoud News – WordPress Mobile App – Convert your WordPress News Site to Native Mobile Apps


MobiLoud makes it easy to convert any WordPress site into a native mobile app for iOS and Android phones and tablets, published to App Store and Google Play for you.

From news sites to complex WordPress websites, MobiLoud has a solution to make building mobile apps easy and affordable:

  • MobiLoud News: with a customizable native mobile app interface, our News product makes publishing mobile apps easy for everyone from professional bloggers to large news organisations.

  • MobiLoud Canvas: with our new Canvas product (request a free demo), you can turn your existing responsive or mobile website into native mobile apps, adding Push Notifications, Offline support, a native tab menu and more. Build a mobile app with your existing theme and plugins, including BuddyPress and WooCommerce

Install the plugin to try your own app!

Got any questions or need any help? Email us at

What is MobiLoud?

MobiLoud is a “done for you” app building service specifically designed for WordPress. Other plugins and services will leave you alone to figure out how to build and publish your mobile app. MobiLoud’s team will take care of building, submitting and maintaining your mobile app for you.

How is MobiLoud News different?

  • MobiLoud is a complete service including a mobile app build and submission and premium support. You don’t need to learn any coding and do any of the work to get your mobile app published. Our mobile app developers will take care of all the build and publishing work for you.
  • MobiLoud News apps are truly native apps. Native apps ensure the best user experience for your readers
  • MobiLoud is designed specifically for WordPress sites. No other mobile app solution gives you this level of integration with WordPress, your content and third party plugins.
  • MobiLoud is designed for high traffic sites and supports a number of mobile app specific advertising and analytics solutions to give you all you need to monetize and grow traffic from your mobile app.

MobiLoud is a paid service (see the pricing plans) and includes not just a license, but a building, publishing and maintenance service and fast technical support. You get everything done for you and a team ready to help.

See the video for an example app built with MobiLoud News.

What do you get with MobiLoud News?

  • Automatic content updates — Your mobile app updates without any work required. New content on your site is immediately visible in your app
  • Full customization of your mobile app’s style — It’s your mobile app, so it’s all about your brand. Add colors, your logo, customize the app menu and more
  • A mobile app that works on all major platforms — Guaranteed to work on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
  • No-hassle publishing — No building or messing with code. MobiLoud gets your app published for you, on your account or ours if you don’t have one
  • Effortless push notifications — Send push notifications to your app users for new content automatically or manually, as often as you want.
  • Mobile advertising and monetisation — Make more money from your mobile traffic. Use banner ads, interstitials and native ads designed specifically for mobile apps (MoPub, Google DFP, Admob, Adsense and more supported).
  • One-tap commenting — Make commenting on mobile easy. Your mobile app will store your user’s details so they can comment on content in just one tap.
  • Easy social sharing — Encourage sharing from mobile devices. With just a single tap, your app allows users to share on social media sites, Whatsapp, email, or SMS.
  • Full Support for Google Analytics — Keep track of traffic. Use Google Analytics for mobile apps to track how many people use your app, how they use it, and what content works best.
  • Unmatched WordPress support — Your mobile app supports all the commonly used WordPress elements including custom post types, custom fields, tags, categories, posts, pages and more.
  • Out of the box support for most WordPress plugins — MobiLoud is the only mobile app solution providing simple access to functionality offered by most third party plugins (some customization might be required for the most complex ones)
  • Advanced HTML/CSS/PHP editor — Your app is fully native, but you still get to change the presentation of your content in your mobile app, just like on your WordPress site. Use the code editor to customize page screens, fields, support for subscriptions/membership sites, and much more.

Why building a mobile app?

MobiLoud News lets you publish fully native mobile apps that update automatically with your content, run fast on iOS and Android and offer offline support, native image galleries, sharing, mobile advertising and advanced push notifications.

You get all the benefits of your own native app, with none of the costs and headaches.

  • Remind your users about your content with your icon and brand on your user’s home screen
  • App Store and Google Play profiles to acquire new users through mobile app installs
  • Push notifications help retain users and drive repeated visits to your mobile app
  • Mobile app specific advertising solutions mean no ad blockers will prevent you from monetizing your work
  • Native mobile apps offer an improved mobile experience, which leads to more time spent in your app, more traffic and ad impressions
  • A MobiLoud mobile app will offer easy, native social sharing straight to the user’s social apps, which helps your content spread organically

Content updates automatically

MobiLoud integrates with WordPress and automatically updates your apps with any changes on your site, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining a new channel. Let our experts take care of all the hard work and keep control of everything you may want changed in the app.

  • Our easy to use WordPress plugin allows you to customise and manage your app from your site’s backend.
  • Content and settings update automatically in your app.
  • Unlike others, we take care of all the hard work to build, publish and maintain your apps for you, so there’s nothing new to learn, your don’t need a developer or any technical knowledge.

Monetize your mobile traffic

Your mobile app is integrated with the leading mobile app specific ad servers like MoPub and Google DFP, to give you maximum flexibility in serving your own inventory. If you don’t have your own inventory, then you can easily monetize your app with banners from ad networks like AdMob, which is fully supported in your mobile app.

We support the following options:

  • Google DFP or MoPub ad servers supported, with support for banners, interstitials, and native ads.
  • AdMob banners and interstitials.
  • HTML/Javascript/iframe ad units you can embed directly in your content (you’re free to fit them wherever within articles/pages).

Launch your apps, the easy way

We take care of building, testing and publishing your app for you, so you don’t have to worry about any of the work required!

If you have an App Store or Google Play account, we can also publish the apps on your account, or send you binaries you can publish yourself.

Use push notifications to drive traffic

Mobile apps and push notifications are the best retention tools available to publishers.

With MobiLoud you can send notifications to your mobile app users automatically whenever you post new content (with optional filters) or manually, whenever you want.

Now that you’ve won a place on your readers’ device, it’s important you get to keep it. With MobiLoud both you and your users have full control over what notifications they receive, so you can limit push to timely updates that your users will value.

All the features

  • True native apps: unlike all competitors, MobiLoud provides fast, truly native apps designed for iOS and Android.
  • Fully branded: Your own design for icon, launch images, logo and UI colors for your mobile app
  • Unlimited automatic and manual push notifications to your mobile app users (compatible with posts and custom post types)
  • Customisable mobile app menu with pages, categories, tags, custom taxonomies and links
  • User preferences for push notifications, so they stay in control of what they receive
  • Support for posts, pages, categories, custom post types and custom fields, in your mobile app like on your website
  • Support for videos, images, galleries and almost every HTML5 widget you can embed in your your mobile app’s content
  • Advertising with mobile app specific ad solutions: AdMob, Adsense, MoPub, Google DFP or your own custom HTML ads
  • Banner, interstitial and native ads supported in all of your mobile app’s screens
  • Offline access to content already downloaded by the mobile app
  • Support for Google Analytics with complete mobile app usage statistics
  • Custom HTML/PHP/CSS in the article contents (meaning you can add content to your mobile app from any plugin)
  • WordPress, Facebook and Disqus comments supported in your mobile app, fully synced with your website
  • Social Sharing features: one tap to share to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email from your mobile app, with no redirects
  • Support for Youtube, Vimeo and other video players, Soundcloud and any HTML5 widget or player
  • Support for image galleries: your photos are displayed in a native gallery, with the design and performance of a native mobile app
  • User favourite posts: let your users get back the content they loved in your mobile app
  • Multilanguage mobile app interface, including Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese (Si.), Chinese (Tr.), Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian (Bo.), Portuguese (Br.), Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
  • RTL support for Arabic and Israeli content
  • Create a members only, login protected mobile app with access to your WordPress user database
  • Complete integrations with WP Groups and the WordPress user database for login protected mobile apps
  • Built-in browser: keep your users in your app by loading external links in your app’s internal browser.
  • Rating reminder: ask your users to rate your mobile app at the right time and climb the charts on App Stores!
  • Most WordPress plugins work out of the box. Need some help? Just get in touch.

All the advantages of a service

  • A team of developers available to help with customizations when required
  • Mobile App Submission service to Apple App Store and Google Play (we do all the work for you)
  • Ability to publish your mobile app with your own Developer accounts on Google Play and App Store
  • Regular maintenance updates to resolve any issues with your app or bring it up to date with the latest iOS and Android versions

What some of our customers say about MobiLoud

“Pietro and his team have found the best solution for a wordpress-to-mobile app solution. Their plugin is very robust and I was very pleased with the pre-build options that I had control over. I can’t recommend Mobiloud enough.”
Jason Rollison, Pirates Breakdown

“I highly recommend MobiLoud! We had a few additional requirements for our mobile apps that needed the team’s help. They responded quickly and worked directly with our dev team in order to make all the changes we needed.”
Roy Pessis, CTO & Founder, Allmyfaves

“We enjoy thousands of installs of our mobile apps. If you are seeking an elegant mobile app solution to accompany your WordPress blog, look no further.”
Jeremi Karnell, Partner & CMO, PTT Research

“Exceptional service for a great price. Very responsive customer service and truly a one-of-a-kind product.”
Chris Burhans, Founder, Sports Mockery

“MobiLoud effortlessly turned our huge blog into native iPhone and Android mobile apps. They were very responsive and helpful during the process. We are happy to recommend them to anyone who wants to do the same.”
Aylin Yalcinkaya, Founder,

“I had previously worked with four different mobile app developers and none of them were able to get the job done for me the way I wanted it. It took just two days for MobiLoud to get my WordPress website into an iPhone and Android mobile app.”
Nick Coffey, The Cardinal Connect

“The team are very responsive and have been adding features to the mobile app as they are requested by the user base, so I highly recommend MobiLoud. I have been using it to convert our website Best of Parenting into a native mobile app on Android and iOS and the MobiLoud plugin and service have proven invaluable to achieve this at a reasonable cost, while providing great mobile app functionalities and support.”
Nadim Saad, Founder, Best of Parenting

“Fantastic, and highly recommended! I’ve been using MobiLoud for a couple of years now to publish a native mobile app for my WordPress site. It was a strong service to begin with and over that time it has only gotten better. The team are friendly and provide great support. I tried several options before choosing MobiLoud and I’ve been very pleased with the choice. It’s great to be able to provide a nice native mobile app and bring our content easily to a much wider audience.”
Christopher Sutton, Founder & Developer, Easy Ear Training

“The guys at MobiLoud are amazing. Not only have they created this crazily easy-to-use product that lets you build native mobile apps (iPhone and iPad supported) and Android mobile apps for your website at an affordable price, but they work tirelessly with you to ensure you are happy with your mobile apps. We can’t recommend MobiLoud enough!”
Stephan Whelan, Founder at

“They left no stone unturned in making our mobile app perfect! It has been a pleasure working with them.”
Paul Andrew, Founder of Speckyboy Magazine

“The team at MobiLoud built astonishing mobile apps for the main blogs in our network. Fast development, great support, and of course beautiful mobile apps. What more could we ask for?”
Fernando Serer, CEO and founder of Blogestudio

“Fantastic plugin and service. We now have a great looking native mobile app and Android mobile app that stays up-to-date with our site automatically. MobiLoud allowed us to focus on our content without writing a single line of code to get our mobile apps built.”
Luke Wheeler, Editor of Compare The Cloud



  • Design - The plugin allows you to customize your app with your brand and style.
  • Advanced settings - Define exactly how to display your content in your apps.
  • Custom code - Customize your app with your own HTML/CSS and add support for third party plugins.
  • Advertising - The plugin and apps support MoPub, Admob, DFP and HTML ads, giving you the maximum flexiblity in monetizing your content.
  • Push Notifications - Reach your users with timely alerts, even when your app is not loaded.
  • The All4Women mobile app
  • The Dawgnation mobile app
  • The DeeperBlue mobile app (read the DeeperBlue story)
  • The Soompi mobile app


  1. Go to WordPress Control Panel
  2. Click “Plugins”, then “Add New”
  3. Type in “MobiLoud” and click “Search Plugins”
  4. Click the “Install” button
  5. Click the “Activate Plugin” link
  6. Move to the “MobiLoud” section in the menu
  7. Done! Now you can start designing and testing your app

Any questions?

You can contact us at


Installation Instructions
  1. Go to WordPress Control Panel
  2. Click “Plugins”, then “Add New”
  3. Type in “MobiLoud” and click “Search Plugins”
  4. Click the “Install” button
  5. Click the “Activate Plugin” link
  6. Move to the “MobiLoud” section in the menu
  7. Done! Now you can start designing and testing your app

Any questions?

You can contact us at

Can I test my app before I pay anything?

Of course. If your site is a blog or news site, just install this plugin and preview your app.

If your site is an ecommerce, social community or any other kind of site, our new Canvas service is the best solution for you. You can Get a Demo to see how your app will work and look and get answers to any questions you may have.

Who is MobiLoud for?

MobiLoud is a native mobile app service specifically built for WordPress users. It’s the only effortless solution designed for bloggers, news publishers, social communities, ecommerce site owners and all other small businesses that need an app built from an existing site.

Do I need to know any coding to use it?

No, there’s absolutely no need for you to write even a line of code or know how to publish an app. Our expert team will take care of all the hard work required to publish your app and is available for small customizations.

Do the apps update automatically?

Yes, any new content, changes in the app configuration or design will be reflected automatically in your app!

Do you publish the apps for me?

Yes, we handle the build and submission process for you. But you can also do it yourself if you want to. We can provide binary files for you to complete the submission work.

How long will it take to publish my app?

From your order to submitting the apps we take generally around 5 business days. Note Apple then takes up to 5 business days to approve your app for the App Store. Publishing on Google Play requires just a few hours for the store to update.

How does your money back guarantee work?

With every plan and license we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, meaning there’s no risk for you, as we’ll refund you completely within 30 days from your purchase if you’re not happy with your app or our services.

Can I pay a one-time fee?

With a one-time payment, our Lifetime Licenses allow you to publish your app with no time limits or subscriptions required. Licenses include our build & submission service, support and updates for 12 months. Read more on Lifetime Licenses.

Are maintenance updates included?

Yes, you don’t pay anything extra for updates required to fix bugs or make your apps compatible with the latest iOS/Android versions. The content and style of your app will update automatically as you publish new content on your site or change the plugin’s configuration. The only updates which are not included in your standard monthly fees are icon and launch screen changes which will require a rebuild of the app.

What kind of app can I build?

MobiLoud News is designed for news and blog publishers, meaning you can build a truly native mobile app with all the typical features of popular News apps like CNN, BBC, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed or TechCrunch.

With MobiLoud Canvas you can turn your existing website (responsive or mobile optimized) into native apps, adding Push Notifications, Offline support, a native menu and more. Any site is supported, including WooCommerce or BuddyPress sites. It’s the perfect solution for site owners or developers who have already designed an app-like mobile web experience and want that translated into real native apps, with the addition of Push Notifications, improved navigation tools and other native app features.

How can I start to customize my News app?

You can easily customize your mobile app directly from the plugin, in less than 5 minutes. See the video below for instructions.

Read more: How can I customize my mobile app?

Can I quickly test a MobiLoud mobile app?

Yes, you can install the MobiLoud demo mobile app from App Store and Google Play.

How much does it cost?

The Mobile App Plugin is free to install. You can design your News app and test it online and your own device, for free. Once you’re happy with the result and would like to publish it on the App Store or Google Play, we have simple pricing plans you can choose from. Check the pricing plans on

Can I test out my app before I buy?

Yes, after installing the plugin you’ll be able to test your own mobile app on your device.

Read more: How can I preview my own mobile app on my device?

You can also get a live preview in a simulator, online, from within the WordPress dashboard.
1. Go to your Admin Panel, then click on the in the sidebar. Click on the “Test My App” tab and then click on “See Live Preview”.
2. You should then see a pop up box. Just click on “tap to play” if the app doesn’t load automatically.

What functionality will my News app offer?

Your News app will automatically show the latest content from your site, with no need for you to update it manually. Your app will display posts and pages, comments and categories. Your users will be able to read content online and offline, share it with a single tap, save their favourites, leave comments on your articles and, most importantly, receive push notifications alerting them to new content.

Are push notifications supported?

Push notifications are a key feature of mobile apps, something a site on its own cannot offer. They’re a fantastic subscription mechanism that can really help you drive growth and traffic over time. With MobiLoud you can send notifications automatically whenever you post new content (with optional filters) or manually, whenever you want. You can also attach a page or post to your notification, so you can use them for anything: alert your users to a new event, promotion or send urgent and important updates – it’s a direct connection with your users!

Watch the video below for an overview of the push notifications features.

Can I show my pages or an external URL in the app?

Your site is built with pages rather than articles? No problem, you can set a page as your mobile app’s home screen, add pages to the app’s menu and allow your users to easily navigate a whole hierarchy of pages. Use it to build apps for a company site, catalogues and any sort of reference apps.

Beyond pages and articles, you can now use any URL as your app’s home screen or as an entry in your mobile app’s menu. Use it to embed functionality from any web app into your app, like forms, widgets or your profile on social networks, the possibilities are endless!

Are image galleries supported?

Image galleries are supported natively, with a simple design that enhances your photography and lets the user quickly browse your images.

Users can swipe between images, save or share them and quickly get an overview of all the images you attached to your articles.

Can I modify the code or add my own CSS?

Sure, click on Settings/Editor to add your own HTML/PHP/CSS code and customise the contents and looks of your mobile app’s screens. You can easily pull in content from custom fields and add any functionality and styling adjustments you need.

Watch the video below for an overview.

Are custom fields supported?

Yes, you can easily add custom fields to the article list (one field supported) or anywhere and in any number within the content of posts or pages. You can add your own code using our Editor, or we can help you out with that!

With MobiLoud you have the ability to add any custom code to your mobile app’s post/page layout. Just click on MobiLoud in your WordPress admin dashboard, select Settings and then click on the Editor tab.

Read more: How can I show a custom field in the app?

Can I show custom post types in the mobile app?

Yes, custom post types are supported, simply select which post types to show in the article list by adjusting the relevant options in the plugin Settings.

Can I have advertising on my mobile app?

Of course! We support a number of mobile advertising solutions out of the box, including MoPub, Google DFP, Admob and Adwords. Through Mopub and DFP you can also add a number of mobile ad networks to your apps, without requiring any extra setup. You can also add your own code for any kind of HTML banners.

Can you add more functionality to the mobile app?

Yes, we can easily integrate additional content or functionality in your mobile app. Get in touch at to get a quote.

What languages are supported?

Our mobile apps are multi-language and support RTL for Arabic and Hebrew. We add languages all the time, write us now to inquire about support for your own language.

Languages currently supported include: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese (Si.), Chinese (Tr.), Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian (Bo.), Portuguese (Br.), Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish and more.

Do you take care of the mobile app submission?

Yes, we handle the complicated submission process for you. But you can also do it yourself if you want to.

Would you like to submit your own mobile app? That’s possible too.

I don’t want to pay monthly. Can I pay once for a lifetime license instead?

Yes, we offer lifetime licenses for both iOS (iPhone app and iPad app included) and Android mobile apps. A Lifetime License gives you all rights to operate your mobile app on the App Store and Google Play, for life. Once you’ve paid the one-off license fee, you don’t need to pay any further service fees to ensure your mobile apps are live and operating.

With a Lifetime License you also get technical support, including bug fixes, for 12 months.

Read more: Lifetime License explained – Get your mobile app with a one-time payment

How long does it take to publish a mobile app with MobiLoud?

From your order to submitting the information required to publish your mobile app we take 5-10 business days. Note Apple then takes 5-10 business days to approve your app for the App Store. Publishing on Google Play requires generally about a day for the store to update.

Can I use Disqus or Facebook comments?

Yes, you can use Disqus or Facebook for comments in your mobile app in place of the standard WordPress commenting system. You can change these settings from the MobiLoud / Settings / Content screen.

Does MobiLoud help me build a mobile site?

We don’t provide a mobile site together with your app. It’s a good idea to have a mobile site, so casual visitors can still have a decent experience on your site when using a mobile device. Of course, we recommend you also build a mobile app, to convert those casual visitors into loyal followers, increase your traffic and keep growing your audience.

Can I use my own Apple or Google Play account?

Yes, we recommend you register your own Apple developer account, though it’s not requried. You can get yours here.

Is there a long term contract?

No contracts here! You pay month-to-month, and if you’re unhappy with the service, you can simply cancel by emailing us at Simple. No risk.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Here are our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

What is a native mobile app?

MobiLoud News apps, on every platform, are native mobile apps. Most competing solutions instead give you HTML5 apps. The big difference is in performance and user experience. Native mobile apps are fast, run smoothly on the mobile devices they are designed for, and make full use of each platform’s capabilities. They’re also easier to use, because they’re designed to look and feel familiar on each mobile platform, be it iOS or Android. A mobile app allows your users to receive push notifications, share with a single tap, quickly comment on articles and access content offline. In short, if you want to impress your users, go native and build a real mobile app!

Suggested reading: Native, Web or Hybrid Apps? Learn The Difference

Where are you based?

We’re an English company based in London. MobiLoud is a trading name of Fifty Pixels Ltd. We have a distributed team of developers and designers and a suppor team ready to answer any questions at

Can I contact you over the phone?

Just call us on +1 415 5130 886.

Any questions?

You can contact us at


Very good Performance


the Plugin is very good performing. The realtime synchronization is well. The changes in articles or the adjustmens will set-up very fast. It‘s nice to work together.

The native design is awesome. The articles are loading very fast. The JavaScript contents are working; therefore the usage of the app / plugin is a win for us.

As an agency owner, I love Mobiloud!

We started using Mobiloud a while ago and it has been great. As an agency owner, we needed a tool/service that would work for many clients and Mobiloud has been perfect for those mobile needs. One thing that sets them apart is the personal service and great ongoing communication we have received. We had a lot of upfront questions and they were great about helping us through the process of creating the Apps.

Best Native App for WordPress ever

This is Best Native App plugin for WordPress ever. With full features as:

Deep Pusnotification.
Comment is beautiful.
Swipe to next or previous post.
Deep linking with tag, category and custom post type..

And Tons of features.

Read all 100 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“MobiLoud News – WordPress Mobile App – Convert your WordPress News Site to Native Mobile Apps” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Adds support for Admob Native Ads Advanced


  • Adds support for welcome screen


  • Fixes issue with PushBots notifications not including tags
  • Fixes PushBots notification icon


  • Fixes issue causing iOS apps to crash


  • Adds related posts feature
  • Adds support for paid app subscriptions


  • Adds improvements for caching functionality
  • Adds flush cache button to the settings
  • Adds a setting to include the post featured image in push notifications


  • Adds settings for Google DFP native ads
  • Adds support for sending notifications to sub-categories when a main category is enabled
  • Adds a setting to disable notices at the endpoint and prevent errors in the app


  • Adds improvements to OneSignal iOS notifications


  • Adds ajax loading for menu, settings and push tabs items
  • Adds comScore integration settings
  • Adds rating prompt settings
  • Adds usability improvements to the category list in the settings
  • Fixes a problem with indentation on replies
  • Fixes time on comments


  • Adds indentation to replies in the app comments
  • Adds improved confirmation when saving settings


  • Adds tabbed navigation to advertising settings
  • Adds Facebook Audience Network integration Settings
  • Adds limit to the interval between Ads in the article list
  • Fixes text in the sidebar


  • Adds pre-fill for menu items and design settings
  • Fixes problems with admin alerts positioning
  • Fixes a OneSignal issue when the number of registered devices is higher than 100.000
  • Fixes conflict with Nginx Cache and WP Rocket


  • Adds improvements to the app CSS loading
  • Adds Quantcast Measure integration
  • Adds a feature to restric searches for specific categories and post types in the app
  • Fixes instructions for Google Analytics integration


  • Adds plugin version to JS and CSS files
  • Fixes link to simulator
  • Fixes metabox position
  • Fixes spelling mistake


  • Adds new design to the settings
  • Fixes a bug in push notifications


  • Fixes automatic push notifications
  • Fixes push notifications for taxonomies without query_var


  • Adds support for WordPress 4.8


  • Fixes a bug with OneSignal where no image was being displayed in the push notification
  • Adds OneSignal additional parameters for Android push notifications


  • Fixes a bug introduced in the last update


  • Improvements to OneSignal support
  • Fixes a bug with posts list with Groups


  • Adds support for sending push notifications using OneSignal
  • Adds an option to configure the cache expiration time


  • Fixes a bug introduced in the last update


  • Fixes and improvements to the internal caching functionality
  • Improves support for server-side caching
  • Bug-fix for Disqus comments
  • Improvements to the display of images and captions within content
  • Automatic notifications for custom taxonomies
  • Adds options to send broadcast notifications with no categories (speed up delivery)


  • Now you can change the rate at which push notifications are sent out
  • Allow non-admin users, like editors and writers, access to the Push Notifications page
  • Fixes an issue affecting some New Relic users


  • Fixes a remaining edge case where push device counts would show zero devices
  • Minor changes in the design – you’ll note some of the Home Screen settings are now in the Settings section
  • Changes a parameter causing occasional long delays for push notifications on very popular apps


  • Fixes an intermittent issue with push device counts showing zero devices
  • Adds an option to change the number of posts returned with every request for content (in the main list and categories)
  • Adds support for new Admob ad formats
  • Adds an option to disable frontend markers inserted from Really Simple SSL (they break the content feed for the app)
  • Improves the rendering of excerpts in the app, making sure no leading space or shortcode is visible
  • Unusued shortcodes are now removed by default – this can be overridden in the Settings


  • Adds an option to remove unused shortcodes
  • Fixes a bug that kept empty categories checked in the article list options even when you unchecked them
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Fixes a bug with the push badge forgetting how to count. Now it should behave!


  • Fixes an issue with HTML entities not being parsed correctly in excerpts


  • Disables internal caching by default
  • Adds a switch in configuration to enable/disable caching


  • Fixes an issue with excerpts fields causing issues on iOS
  • Fixes content encoding issues
  • Makes the plugin caching features optional


  • Fixes an issue where internal links return a list of posts rather than a single post
  • Fixes a bug with Disqus comments
  • Other minor improvements


  • Fixes a bug with internal links returning a list rather than a single post
  • Adds an option to disable internal links detection and open all links in the browser


  • Fixes a bug within the license page


  • Fixes a bug with internal links accessed within the app
  • Fixes a bug with featured image settings


  • Improved automatic push feature to reduce resource usage


  • Support for WordPress 4.5


  • v2 API endpoints for new mobile apps
  • Changes on featured image size options for list and articles
  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements


  • Request caching reducing access to database
  • Fixes for sticky categories, character encoding issues
  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements