Mobile sharing toolbar (share via Facebook, Twitter, etc..)


About The “Mobile Sharing toolbar” plugin

The “Mobile Social Sharing toolbar” plugin adds social share buttons to your mobile site so users can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkdin.
The social share buttons are displayed exclusively on mobile devices and does not affect your desktop site.

You can choose to display the social share buttons in two layouts:

  • As a floating share icon on top of your mobile posts and pages, clicking this icon opens the social share buttons.
  • Display the social share buttons directly on the end of each of your mobile posts & pages (just uncheck the “floating” option on the plugin settings).

This plugin was created by Wiziapp which enables you to set an exclusive theme for your mobile site & create native mobile Apps, click here for more information.
The “Mobile Social Sharing toolbar” can be used for sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkdin, here is some info about social sharing as a tool to promote your brand & about the importance of enabling your users to share your mobile content & general info about these social networks.

Why Is Social Sharing Important For Your Website?

Share, Share, Share… this is what all those social “SHARE” media experts have been telling the world for the last few months. A lot of benefits can be achieved if you share some quality information related to product, service or anything else for that matter. There is no secret to the fact that modern world is all about advertising and promotion. A number of services are helping businesses to grow. If you have launched any product or service, you definitely want exposure for the same. The best tool for achieving the desired results is internet that allows you to share the details with people across the globe. The social media platforms are the perfect alternatives to share the information with your followers and friends. Not only can you share with friends and followers, but also with targeted users from across the globe. Internet has made social share very easy and simple. You only need to have a website for your business and services and share it with public through a number of social media sites. These sites are playing huge role in marketing of products, businesses, services and many other industries.

The Share Options

When it comes to share options, internet has given us so many mediums to advertise our services and products. This simply leads to more business enquiries resulting in increased profit in turn. Other then products and services, you can share information about your business, related upcoming event as well as other newsworthy event related to the niche. Here is a list of options to consider when it comes to share posts on social media.

  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Share on Pinterest
  • Share on Google Plus
  • Share on Tumbler
  • Share on Reddit
  • Share on Stumble Upon
  • Share on Folkd
  • Share on MetaFilter
  • Share on Digg
  • Share on Fark
  • Share on Newswine
  • Share on Slashdot
  • Share on Delicious
  • Share on
  • Share on
  • Share on Youtube
  • Share on Foursquare
  • Share on Flipora
  • Share on
  • Share on Propeller

What are the Advantages if I Share more on Social Media?

You do get quite a few advantages if you share information about your products, services or business on social media. It is a fact that socially shared links get more popularity and exposure than other kinds of links. If you share on social media, you are more likely to attract not only people but search engines as well. Latest reports have confirmed that social media sites impact Google ranking a lot. More the times a link is shared, higher the search engine ranking will be. This simply means more traffic and revenue in turn. If a user has a huge social circle and he shares plenty of details with them, he automatically gets promotion for related products and services.

Should I Share Information on Social Media?

The answer is yes. Here are few reasons why you must share information with people for your website.

Share to Get Brand Identity

Just having a business is not enough to achieve success. Developing a Brand Identity is important. The best way to achieve the same is to share on social media. There are professional service providers who provide the service to share details about your products and services and create brand identity.

Share to Get a lot of Viewers

The rule is simple – share more to get more viewers. Now, the content you share must be informative, interesting and call for action. Share random information and chances of you losing out on number of viewers increases.

Share more to Generate and Convert Leads

If you have quality content on your website and share the link with viewers, you get better chances to generate and convert leads into revenue.

Share to Build a Reputation and Status

One more reason that supports the fact you must share about your website on social networking sites is that it helps in building a reputation and status on internet. Building reputation for products and business is very important for getting benefits for long duration. This reputation can help you go long way and in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Once you get good reputation and respect among users across the globe, they definitely want to visit your services again and again.

Share to Stand Out Among Competition

There is a cut throat Competition in every business field. Everyone wants to get bigger benefits and eat into the profit margins of rivals. If you have and website and share the details on social media on a regular basis, you create a special image of yourself among the potential clients and customers. Make sure the content is good on your website so as to make the visitors come back for more.

Share to Connect with Targeted Audience

Share your website with a number of people on internet in order to connect with your targeted audiences. You get to know about real people who want to get your services. Having a good product or service is necessary in order to gain success; however, connecting with consumers is necessary. Social media can be a platform to increase the trust level for your company and services in the minds of consumers.

Share to Get Long Time Business Profits

While many other temporary marketing solutions help you get success for few days or months, social share options can give you long term profits. It helps in generating good quality leads that help your product become a brand.

Share to be a Trustworthy Businessman

Winning trust and loyalty of viewers is a big and promising thing. This is one of the most important factors to be successful in business world. When you share a post about your products and services with your audiences, you win their heart by receiving their trust. They think that your company is worth trusting since you share information with them. They are more likely to come back to your service in future as well. Trust is the only thing that will keep you running for long on the path of success.

Share to Reduce Cost of Advertisement

When a product is just launched, you need to spend a lot of money in promotion and advertisement. In the world of internet today, it is very easy to share these products with viewers. This method does not cost you a penny. When you share your website with other, you get immense benefits since a number of people are going to view this.

Social Share Buttons

Addition of social share buttons is vital to your blog or website. In case there is a visitor to your site who likes one of your offerings, a share button would allow him to share the details with his friends or followers. All he needs to do is click on the share button on the dedicated social media site. His friends in turn would be able to see the details and share it further.

Share to Go Viral

Social media share options can make your posts go viral and attract millions from across the globe. So stop wondering. Share now.

Ready To Share? Read these before Adding Share Buttons

  • Add only those share buttons that you need
  • Decide the place where you want to add share buttons
  • Not good at coding? Hire an expert for addition of share buttons
  • Adding social share buttons is possible on platform based sites (WordPress)

Some Interesting Social Media Share Facts

A recent study identified the motivation percentage that persuaded people to post. Here are the details

  • 61% post on social sites to share important things
  • 43% post on social sites to share funny things
  • 39% post on social sites to share their beliefs
  • 30% post on social sites to share a product or service they recommend
  • 29% post on social sites to share a cause they support
  • 26% post on social sites to share unique things
  • 22% post on social sites to share details on what they are doing

Clearly, a major percentage of share’s on social media is related to marketing of a product or service. If you are not doing it, you are losing out on something. Start sharing now, if you want to reap in the related benefits.
Not only texts and contents help in increasing the rank and traffic of website but share of pictures also has a huge impact. If you share images related with your company and brand, you will have better chance to get business leads. There are a number of social sites that allow its users to share images as well. You can make most of this service and share your pictures related with products or team in company regularly by just clicking on the picture share option. Here are some of the aspects related with your website and company that you must share with your viewers.

Share the Pictures of Community Work you do

If your business has something special that other companies do not have, you must share that fact with the world. You should take pictures of that exceptional thing you offer your customers like special gifts and vouchers and share them on social networking sites. If you are supporting any cause or creating awareness in society you should let the world know about the same by sharing online. You can share pictures in order to get awareness.

Infographic Shares

You do not need to write a full article on any particular topic, you can illustrate your concept in form of graphics and share it on social sites.

Share Your Articles on Multiple Platforms With Ease

You can share your well written articles or posts on one social site and the platform would automatically let you share with friends and audiences of the other social sites. You can connect your LinkedIn and twitter accounts or Facebook and Twitter to share the details. So we know the importance of social share. A lot of share of our posts can help you get numerous benefits. We can say that social share has a huge effect on traffic and ranking
of the site. Just few things you must keep in mind while sharing posts on social media sites.

Share Relevant Posts

When you share anything on social sites make sure it is relevant to your product or business.

Do not share anything that can be banned by Google

Google can ban your site if you share anything spam and illegal, so avoid this situation and share good and quality things.

Share Tactfully

Share your post by keeping important things in mind.

Mobile Users

With social media platforms accessible on mobile devices in the modern times and the number of smartphone users increasing at a blistering pace, a simple share on social media has a higher potential to reach more people. Start sharing.


Twitter is one of the most powerful and popular social networking sites among internet users across the world. This microblogging service or Twitter allows users to send and read messages limited to 140 characters. These messages are known as tweets. Twitter is not only helping people to connect with each other but also provides distinctive opportunities for the improvement of social media marketing campaigns and conventional marketing. Twitter has been joined by millions of users all around the globe and the number if increasing at a blistering pace.
Twitter helps users market their products and services and become a reputable brand. Twitter went public a few weeks ago and high share value as compared to estimates is a good proof of the popularity and bright future of the platform. Here are few benefits that Twitter provides.

Twitter Helps in Reaching Prospective Clients

Twitter allows users to build relationships with their clients by updating them about new services and products via their posts.

Twitter Helps in Promoting Special Offers

Twitter is big platform where you can promote your special offers and discounts in order to attract more and more customers. You only need to tweet about your promotional and discount offers on Twitter.

Twitter and Traffic Generation

Twitter is a great method to generate web traffic and get higher ranking on search engines. When you tweet about anything, all your twitter followers are able to view the same. If they like it, they would tweet it further to their followers thereby resulting in marketing and traffic generation.

Reasons to be Active on Twitter

  • Twitter helps both business owners and personal users to be in the lime light when it comes to current roles and events.
  • Twitter improves your relationship with other users on Twitter and followers.
  • Twitter helps in broadening social circle and network.
  • Twitter builds brand consciousness.
  • Twitter helps in getting feedback about your company and its products.
  • Twitter allows users communicate with Twitter followers and support them.
  • Twitter helps in promoting forthcoming events, promotions and product launches.
  • Twitter Helps in endorsing best practice and displaying knowledge of users.
  • Twitter strengthens your brand coverage and enhances your social trustworthiness.
  • Twitter increases viral prospective without spending money for marketing.
  • Twitter enables users to get a lot of benefits via internet. Mostly tweets consist of a web address that directs readers to the website of tweeter.

Here are a few important points to consider when it comes to getting the maximum out of Twitter

Optimize the Twitter Profile

The twitter profile of users is usually a one page summary having website URL, a short bio, and contact details. When you make a profile on Twitter, try to make it more impressive so that you get more followers. You can do that by including a direct weblink of a page on your website that offers relevant, free content.

Always pay attention to the Customers you have on Twitter

The most important thing to do is to listen you clients and customers carefully on Twitter. For this, you would need to pay attention to tweets that are posted by your clients on Twitter and respond according and correctly. The good thing is that you are not required to respond via any other medium and can do so directly on Twitter. You must also provide helpful information about your business on the Twitter network. When a twitter follower in your network is benefitted from your tweet, he will not only remember your business and but would also tell other about you.

Use Hashtags on Twitter

You can use Twitter hashtags to make your post more helpful and effective. These twitter tags are intended to connect a Tweet with any special issue on Twitter. Twitter tags also helps in connecting with other customers in Twitter community. Users can make their own hashtags on Twitter that are connected to their business.

Make Effective Tweets On Twitter

Twitter marketing not just endorses your business but also helps in improving relationships and providing significance. If you want to be effective on Twitter, you must provide a lot of information to your followers on twitter. Try to maintain a balance. Remember, if you constantly send out information and advertisements about your products, it will annoy your Twitter followers and they would discontinue following you on twitter. So it is better to take some time and post valuable information or links. Too less activeness can also lead to loss of followers.

Some Correct Twitter Tweets Types that you can Share on Twitter

  • You can share the newest apps and tools on Twitter and let the world and Twitter users know about it.
  • Twitter users can post something informative, useful and relevant to their niche and attract other users on Twitter.
  • You can also link your press releases, contests, blog posts, promotions and many more on Twitter post.
  • You must retweet relevant content on twitter.
  • You can also share links to third party relevant articles, videos, pictures and many more on Twitter profile.

Interesting Facts about Twitter

Some of the interesting facts about Twitter are

  • Twitter is absolutely free to use
  • Twitter is accessible on Mobile
  • A number of well known people or celebrities are connected with Twitter.
  • Twitter is the most effective social media site.
  • Twitter has over 800 million active users and you can connect with them if you join twitter.
  • Twitter helps in promotion
  • Twitter helps in building brand
  • Twitter offers users a number of different features.
  • Twitter helps in marketing products
  • Twitter helps users to boost their Brand Value
  • Twitter means you have a lot of followers

Users can share anything related to their business on twitter and get help in a number of different ways.

  • Twitter raises trustworthiness among customers
  • Twitter helps your businesses develop
  • Twitter leads to better networking
  • Twitter allows users to post links
  • Twitter allows users to post pictures

Since Twitter has become the most loved social networking sites, people are making most of this platform. Twitter is a boon for business users and that is why a number of business owners around the world are associated with it. They have joined Twitter in order to get new customers and make a true connection with current ones. Twitter is providing free option for promoting and advertising their products. Not only business owners, but a number of popular artists are also available on Twitter and use the platform to interact with fans.

Twitter On Smartphone

Seeing the importance of Twitter and popularity of this social media platform Twitter is now available on mobile as well. A lot of new mobile companies are making the most of the situation by offering Twitter app on their mobile. It provide an easy way to twitter users to contact with their friends and family. One major benefit that Twitter gives to its users is that it lets them the ability to talk to their followers on Twitter account and improve the chances to get their Twitter messages read by millions across the globe. You can regularly talk or chat with your Twitter followers. You can also get to know about public response via Twitter messages. Your Twitter followers actually help you to improve your performances and services. Twitter has emerged as the preferred social network of the modern times and simplicity, ease of use and exceptional power to users are the major reasons behind the same. If you have a business – small or large – it is time to use the power of Twitter.

Importance of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that has millions of members across the world. Initially Facebook was being used by people for connecting with their friends and family members who were already on Facebook. The scenario has now changed and it is being used by businesses as well. A number of people of all age groups are connecting with Facebook in order to make most of this powerful networking site. Some of the benefits that users get from Facebook include.

Facebook for Messaging

Facebook helps people get and send messages anytime. You can send your message on chat or via private messages. Facebook gives you opportunity to improve connection with friends. Facebook is also used for networking with other people with same interest and qualities.

Facebook Builds Brand Credibility

Facebook is also helpful in building brand credibility of your company. When you make an account on Facebook and connect with friends and other members, you get a better chance to build brand credibility. You must share a lot of information about your company and products on Facebook in order to improve the image of your brand among the potential customers.

Facebook Advertise your Products and Company

Creating an account on Facebook or joining Facebook is free of cost and you get best opportunity to advertise your products on Facebook absolutely free. You only need some time to promote your products online with Facebook.

Facebook helps in Announcing Special Events

Facebook also helps in making an announcement of any special event you are going to have like webinars, conferences and launch of the product. Facebook allows you to easily invite your friends and family on these occasions.

Facebook Connects you with Target Audience

Facebook provides the easiest way to get many new customers for your products since it gives you chance to search for target individuals according to their interests. Sometimes your friends on Facebook also become the customers of your products.

Facebook Helps in Data Analysis

Facebook also helps you to analyse your data since it offers a highly detailed reporting tool that tracks in accordance to special filters.

Facebook Increases your Site’s Visitors

When you make a website and share it on Facebook, you get help for increasing the visitors to your website. All the friends in your list on Facebook can see your posts. It will give immense benefits.

Facebook Features

Facebook has a number of effective features that are helpful in businesses. Some of the powerful features on Facebook are as below.

Facebook Wall

This is major feature of Facebook. A wall is a space on each profile where friends of the users and user himself can post a message or pictures. This Facebook wall also displays the date and time when a particular message was written. Facebook Wall helps people to leave short notes as well.

Facebook Feed

Facebook Feed is also an interesting feature of Facebook that is meant to inform Facebook users about their friend’s birthdays, any special event and profile changes. Facebook Feed also allows users to see conversations among friends.

Facebook Status Updates

This Facebook feature only displays status updates created by your friends on Facebook. It does not consist of other stories about your friends like which group they joined on Facebook or added a new friend on the platform.

Facebook Tags

Facebook Tag feature allow users to tag their friends in their posts and images in order to share it with more friends on Facebook.

Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes feature in Facebook act as support or appreciation by friends. When you share a post, your friends can like the same. It means that your post have been supported by your friends on Facebook.

How to Join Facebook

Well it is very easy to join Facebook. You are not required to pay any price for that. You just need to go to the Facebook sign up page and fill a simple form there. Now search for your friend who have already joined Facebook to connect.

Facebook on Mobile

Now a days, a number of mobile companies have started keeping Facebook App in their set, so that users get more attracted to their phones. As we all know that people love being online on Facebook and sharing their updates with their friends, the tendency has been utilized by mobile phone companies. Now most of the mobile brands are giving the Facebook app in their phone to attract more customers.

Privacy Issue on Facebook

A number of people complain that Facebook does not allow privacy to its users; however, this is not true. There is privacy setting on Facebook account that can help users in the same. These Facebook privacy settings are mostly demanded by people who are available on Facebook just to be connected with their family members and friends.

=Tips for increasing the Facebook Presence of your Brand =
Facebook can take your business to a higher level with the help of some methods. These methods are related with your activity on Facebook. Below are some tips to improve the presence for your brand on Facebook.

Create An Effective Facebook Profile

“A picture speaks louder than words.” This proverb is perfect for Facebook. You need to have an impressive profile picture for Facebook account. Browse for options and select one that would be able to attract friends on Facebook. You can add a profile image related with your product and company that has capability to appeal users on Facebook.

Select Dissimilar Content for Fans on Facebook or non-Fans on Facebook

Facebook users usually become your fans when they like the page created by you on Facebook. When they like your page, they get all updates by you. When you change anything on your Facebook, it is shown to them as well. By using Facebook tricks, you can also make other non-fan users on Facebook see your shared content. It will attract them and encourage them to become your fan on Facebook platform.

Add your website to your Facebook Profile

Facebook gives you opportunity to share your website on it. With the same, you can divert the traffic from this social platform to your site, resulting in increase in business leads and sales.

Make a Regular Schedule for Updates on Facebook

When you have an account on Facebook, you need to update your Facebook profile daily. This way, other users on Facebook or your friends would get a perception that you are dedicated to your job and your customers. Daily updates on Facebook are helpful for drawing the attention of many users and friends. So be regular on Facebook.

  • Avoid selling On Facebook
  • Remember, you must avoid selling your products on Facebook. You can use Facebook for informing about your products or suggesting products to your Facebook friends. However, do not sell product on Facebook. People join Facebook for networking and socializing with each other. If you start selling on Facebook you are going to lose not only potential clients but Facebook friends as well.

Facebook Contests and Facebook Marketing

Facebook contests are considered as important tools to make your brand a powerful one. Most of people love fun contests on Facebook and you can make most of this tool. You need to have a fun contest along with a grand prize on Facebook. A number of Facebook friends and Facebook users will participate in this contest. You will have better chance to display your products to these Facebook users.

Facebook Contests become Viral among Facebook Users

Facebook contests can become viral and thereby result in improved marketing of your brand. When any Facebook user participates in your Facebook contest, other members also get update in their Facebook account. In this way your Facebook contest can go and you get a better chance of exposure.

Connect Your Facebook Fans to form a Following

Facebook contests give you bigger opportunity to promote your products among your Facebook fans, Facebook friends and many others users on Facebook. Creating a Facebook Contest is an excellent method to let other Facebook users follow you. They keep on checking your profile for getting updates about next Facebook Contest.

Facebook Contesting is an Ideal Way for Internet Marketers

Organizing a Facebook contest is beneficial especially for internet Marketer. The contest on Facebook can help you to market your products in better way.

Why to Use Facebook for Marketing

If you are still unsure and do not know the reasons for using Facebook for marketing, read on.

  • Facebook is free
  • Facebook is one of the most powerful among social media sites
  • Facebook helps you connect with over 400 million active users
  • Facebook allows numerous features
  • Facebook helps in marketing
  • Facebook helps in advertising
  • Facebook helps in building brand
  • Facebook increases reliability among customers
  • Facebook helps your businesses grow
  • Facebook helps you in better networking
  • Facebook includes exciting and useful features
  • Facebook is available on Mobile
  • Facebook helps in increasing the Brand Value
  • Facebook allows you to have a lot of friends

Facebook has been joined by millions of users all around the globe since it came into being. Users being able to share many things on Facebook is seen as the major reason behind the same. Some of things that you can share on Facebook include

  • Facebook allows posting links
  • Facebook allows posting pictures
  • Facebook allows sharing of videos with Facebook friends as well as Facebook followers
  • Facebook allow promotions

Use “Facebook Timeline” to Endorse your Small Business on Facebook

Facebook Timeline offers a great opportunity to businesses to promote their services. Facebook Timeline makes it easier for business owners to tell their stories and get in touch with new customers. If you wonder how Facebook Timeline can help, below are some techniques that can help you to endorse your products.

Design Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Sensibly

You Facebook Timeline cover page plays a huge role in attracting any Facebook User to your profile. When a customer finds your Facebook page, the first thing they notice about you is your Facebook cover photo. If you are promoting a business, design your Facebook cover picture wisely.

Show up Your Discounts and Promotional Offers on Facebook Timeline

The Facebook timeline provides you with the option to show up your particular posts. You can also enlarge the image, video and status message to full screen mode on the Facebook Timeline. You can make most of this facility given by Facebook. Your Facebook timeline photo can help you get a lot of exposure. Facebook timeline also allows you to endorse discounts and special offers via Facebook ads so that it can attract more customers.

Other Facebook Features

Apart from above mentioned features of Facebook, there are number of hidden features as well. Some of the features related to Facebook include

Facebook Activity Log

The Facebook activity log offers you a list of your posts and goings-on from the beginning till today. You can also see images, your likes or the tags you got.

View Friendship History on Facebook

You can also see the friendship history on Facebook. All you only need to do is click on the arrow in right corner of Facebook profile page and select See Friendship from the dropdown menu.

Put Off Tagged Stuffs from Displaying on Facebook Timeline

Facebook allows you the option to grant or dismiss tags that your Facebook friends add to your posts.

Send a private message via Facebook

Facebook also helps you to send private message from a customary email account like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail to email address.

Turn off Facebook Mobile Notifications

Sometimes people may get irritated with continuous notifications on mobile phone. These notifications are about the updates on Facebook page. The Facebook push notification can help you turn off notifications via Facebook app on your smartphone.

Download Facebook Data

This feature is available in Facebook general account settings and allows users to download their Facebook data. This Facebook data include things like Facebook timeline information, messages, images and Facebook posts.

Facebook Hash tagging Feature

This is a recent feature of Facebook that helps users to search the current topics that are being discussed over the website.

Facebook Emoticons

Facebook chat supports a number of different and exciting emoticons to show your different mood. Recently, Facebook has also added many more animated images to it. These Facebook’s built in emotion system helps users have more fun while chatting.

Facebook Poke

Facebook Poke feature is intended for Facebook users to get attention of their Facebook friends. It is an instant message option on Facebook.

Facebook Subscribe

The feature of Facebook Subscribe allows Facebook users to track updates of their Facebook friends.

URL Shortener on Facebook

Facebook also has its own URL shortener based on the domain name In this Facebook feature, all the links on can be accessed through

Facebook Live

Facebook also has a service called “Facebook Live”. It is a live streaming video channel. This Facebook feature allows Facebook users get updated on all the happenings on Facebook. So we can say that Facebook is not only helpful for personal users but for professional people, students, friends and many other users too. If you are still not on Facebook, chances are that you are missing on a lot. You can get a lot of related benefits for your business as well or just use the platform for networking. Join Facebook Now.


Installing The Mobile Social Share toolbar plugin from your WordPress admin panel:

  1. Go to the “Plugins” / “Add new” on the left main menu.
  2. Type WiziappAppWall within the search box and click “Search Plugins”.
  3. Choose the “WiziappAppWall” Plugin and click “Install Now”.
  4. Click “Activate Plugin”.
  5. Click the WiziappAppWall button on the menu sidebar to create your Android App.

Download and Install The Mobile Social Share toolbar plugin from wordpress plugin directory or from

  1. Click the “Download” button.
  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, open the Plugins menu on the left main menu and click “Add New”.
  3. Click upload on the top page menu.
  4. Choose the “Mobile Social sharing toolbar – compatible with Wiziapp” plugin and click “Install Now”.
  5. Click “Activate Plugin”.
  6. Click the The Mobile Social Share toolbar button on the menu sidebar to create your Android App.


What is the “Mobile Social sharing toolbar” plugin?

The “Mobile Social Share toolbar” plugin adds social share buttons to your mobile site so users can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkdin.

How is the “Mobile Social sharing toolbar” plugin different from other “sharing” plugins?

The social share buttons are displayed exclusively on mobile devices and does not affect your desktop site.

Which social networks can be used by the “Mobile Social sharing toolbar” plugin?

The “Mobile Social Share toolbar” can be used for sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkdin.

I dont have a mobile site yet, can I use this plugin?

This plugin is compatible with the Wiziapp plugin which enables you to creates an advanced adaptive mobile theme.

How can I display the social share buttons on mobile?

You can choose to display the social share buttons in two ways:

  1. A floating share icon on top of your mobile posts and pages, clicking this icon opens the social share buttons.
  2. Display the social share buttons directly inside your mobile posts & pages (just uncheck the “floating” option on the plugin settings).

Contributors & Developers

“Mobile sharing toolbar (share via Facebook, Twitter, etc..)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bug Fixes


  • Email sharing support added


  • Bug fixes


  • The The Mobile Social Share toolbar plugin is a new plugin, change logs will display for the future version of the Search by Tags plugin.