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MLB Standings adds the ability to display the standings for a division of Major League Baseball (MLB) on your blog via a sidebar widget or template tag. This is ideal for team fan blogs who want to show how their team is doing in the standings. You can also highlight your team in the standings.

Standings are derived from an XML file published daily at The XML is saved to your WordPress settings and parsed from there to display on your blog.

Version 2.0 removes cURL and file system dependencies to make it more universally compatible with webhosts.

Users upgrading from 1.0 to 2.x should visit the settings page to reset their settings in order to display the standings properly.


  • The front end.
  • The setting page.


I upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 and now I get an error when displaying the widget. What happened?

The settings mechanism was totally rewritten for version 2.0. Go to ‘Settings->MLB Standings’ to set your division and team to display the standings properly again.



  • Compatibility changes for NBA Standings plugin.


  • Added compression support for XML download.


  • Minor CSS change.


  • Added option to highlight team in standings.
  • Added AJAX menu for team selection. Only teams from the selected division will be available in the team select box.
  • Rewrote settings page to better conform to the WordPress settings API.
  • Refactored code to remove unnecessary settings and variables.
  • Added link to settings page to the MLB Standings listing on the plugin page.
  • Changed download function to use WP_Http API eliminating dependency on cURL.
  • Now saving XML to the database instead of downloading eliminating dependency on file system.
  • Now using WP Transients API calls to cache the standings XML data instead of using a custom function.


  • Initial release.

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