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Microthemer Lite

A visual theme editor that allows you to responsively customize the appearance of any WordPress theme or plugin without writing code.

Microthemer is a feature-rich visual design plugin for customizing the appearance of any WordPress theme or plugin content, e.g. contact forms, down to the smallest detail. For CSS coders, Microthemer is a proficiency tool that comes with the ACE code editor with syntax highlighting and firebug-like computed CSS reporting. Now you can inspect and edit in one place. For non-programmers, Microthemer's intuitive interface and 'double-click to edit' features allow you to change the appearance of your website without writing a single line of code. Our tutorials and documentation will help you start in just minutes and our support team is there for you if you have any questions.

Main Features in 99 seconds

Live Demo

Microthemer Lite is a free trial that gives you full editing features and the same customer support paying customers receive. The only difference is that it limits you to editing/creating 9 'selectors’ e.g.

  1. The site title.
  2. The site description.
  3. An image, or all images.
  4. A link, or all links.
  5. The search site input field.
  6. The search site button.
  7. A post/page.
  8. The sidebar.
  9. The footer.
  10. Or any other 9 elements you choose, these are just examples.

The full program allows you to edit an unlimited number of elements – read on to find out how.

What Can You Do With Microthemer & Who Is It For?

To style your theme simply double-click the thing you want to edit, and choose from over 80 styling options to apply. This versatility means that you can use Microthemer to customize the appearance of any WordPress theme or plugin content such as Contact Form 7 forms, or BuddyPress, or eCommerce shopping carts.

Main Features

  1. Double-click anything on your web page and Microthemer will let you re-style it.
  2. An intuitive visual editing mode so you can always see what you're working on.
  3. Over 80 different style options at your disposal (e.g. background color, font-family, CSS3 gradients, drop shadow).
  4. Integrated with CSS3 PIE so your rounded corners, gradients, and box-shadow will work in Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 as well as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
  5. You can export the designs you create with Microthemer as a zip file and then share them with your friends or sell them on themeover.com
  6. You can install alternative designs for themes or plugins other users have uploaded to themeover.com (free & premium).
  7. You can create a library of designs for your own development.
  8. First rate in-program docs so you can master the program and even learn about CSS.
  9. Revision history feature - roll back to a previous point if you make a mistake or change your mind.
  10. Light-weight - 95% of the code doesn't load on non-Microthemer plugin pages so it won't slow down your site or admin area.
  11. Supports multi-site.
  12. Supports SSL sites.
  13. Nonce security to help keep things secure.
  14. Easily add Google Web Fonts to your theme.
  15. Design responsive WordPress themes without the usual headaches. Easily preview your theme in different screen sizes and apply styles contained within media queries effortlessly. All without writing a single line of CSS code. Responsive web design calls for a tool like Microthemer to make life easier.

If you get stuck, you can get help here on the WordPress forum, or on our dedicated Microthemer forum.

To unlock the full program, you can purchase a Standard ($45) or Developer ($90) license.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 8,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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