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Latest Version @ BuddyPress Members Import (BMI)
This plugin allows you to batch import of users/members taken from an uploaded CSV file in BuddyPress WordPress setup and
can import all type of BuddyPress profile fields.

BuddyPress Members Export (BME)
is the plugin which can export all WordPress BuddyPress members along with their profile fields, friends and group
mapping, avatar details. CSV file exported through BME plugin can be import using BMI plugin.

It will add users/members with basic information, including firstname, lastname, username, password and email address.
Each user who is added will be a ‘subscriber’ if value not provided in csv file, and be able to login to your site.

You can also choose to send a notification to the new users and to display password nag on user login.

There are no additional options available at the moment, but if you want to add a bunch of users in one go, this will do this for you quickly.

Pro version features

– All WordPress user fields.

– BuddyPress profile fields can be import

– BuddyPress user avatar can be import

– Membership plugin fields can be import

– Free Support for 1 year

Basic Fields:

user_login, user_pass, user_email, user_url,

user_nicename, display_name, user_registered,

first_name, last_name, nickname, description,

rich_editing, comment_shortcuts, admin_color,

use_ssl, show_admin_bar_front, show_admin_bar_admin,


Pro version plugin name

BuddyPress Members Import

BuddyPress Members Export


  • Create users/members in wordpress site in a single click.
  • Imports all users/members fields.
  • Imports user/members meta fields.
  • Allows setting user role.
  • Sends new user notification (if the option is selected)
  • Shows password nag on user login (if the option is selected)
  • If username already present in database then this user will not register, in this way we can avoid the multi use of same username.


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CSV file format?
  • CSV file should have all the field name separated by comma(,) and delimitted by double quote(“) in first row.
  • Data present from the second row are assume as data to be import.
  • In a row all the data should be separated by comma(,) and delimitted by double quote(“).




I paid 49$ for the pro version 🙁 Completely useless. Tried 10 times and gave up. Why would you pay so much for a buddypress csv import plugin that does not work straightforward? Found a BETTER and FREE one at : complete BuddyPress support and 5 stars

Support Available


We had support issue in last year for light version. Try light or pro any version support team will contact you immediately after receiving your emails.
In-fact last since last 6 Month we are appreciated by so many customers both for the product features, support and custom modifications.
Team YTL

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  • WP Nonce validation added.


  • Fatal Error fixed


  • No, more password send via email. According to WP 4.3
  • Tested with WP 4.5
  • Removed password Nag feature, no more required.
  • Optimized code.
  • Fixed couple of warnings.
  • Thanks to team youngtechleads to join.


  • If you are using email id as user login/username then in CSV use only one and select first check box before import.


  • First release of plug-in. No changes.

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