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Improve your website’s SEO score and user experience make ease on WordPress.
Our plugin offers one-click editing for proper Titles, ALT tags, captions, and descriptions, all directly from your media library.

🏆 Description

Are you struggling to keep up with updating the image Title, Alt tags, Captions, and descriptions in your media library?

Our plugin simplifies image metadata editing, allowing you to quickly update titles, ALT text, captions, and descriptions for individual or bulk images in your WordPress media library.
Access helpful sorting and filtering tools to easily identify which images require attention. With one-click editing, optimizing your images for SEO has never been easier.
Save time and improve your website’s search engine rankings by streamlining the image metadata editing process with our plugin.

🏆 Improve your website’s SEO score

Image metadata, including information such as title, description, and ALT text, can be extremely valuable for SEO.
Properly optimizing image metadata can help search engines understand the content and context of images on a website,
leading to improved search engine rankings and visibility. By including relevant keywords in the image metadata,
it’s more likely that images will appear in relevant search queries, driving traffic to the website.

Additionally, optimized image metadata can improve website accessibility,
particularly for visually impaired users who rely on screen readers to access website content.
Overall, neglecting to optimize image metadata can lead to missed opportunities for improved SEO,
reduced website traffic, and decreased user engagement.


  • Make The Image Categories.
  • Search Image by the category.
  • Bulk edit Title, ALT text, Caption, Description, And Category .
  • Edit the Title, ALT text, Caption, and Description of your images individually,
  • Find out Blank ALT tag, caption and description by data sorting the image.
  • Improve SEO score by assigning the proper image metadata.
  • Image Move to the trash instead of permanently delete.
  • Filter and search Image By Trash image.
  • In future can delete trash image permanently by one click.

🏆 Start Working

  • Install The plugin “Media Library Tools – WordPress Media Manager”
  • Go to Media > Media Tools -> Start editing From here.


  • Media Table
  • Media Table Edit mode
  • Media Settings
  • Media Library
  • Bulk Action


How Enable Edit Mode for single items?

  • By clicking “Enable Edit Mode” Button edit mode will enable.

How can I do move the images to trash?

  • Go to Media > Media Tools.
  • At first select those images by clicking the checkbox that you want to trash. You can select all image by one click.
  • Select the “Bulk actions” Select box and find the “Move to Trash” menu.

How can I make image categories?

  • Go to Media > Media Tools.
  • At first select those images by clicking the checkbox that you want to add category. You can select all image by one click.
    then chose “Bulk Edit” form “Bulk actions” Menu. The assign one or multiple image.

How can search by categories?

  • There has the fields near the Filter button. You can find the categories box there.


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1.0.1 ( MARCH 08, 2023 )

  • Fixed: Text fixed.

1.0.0 ( MARCH 07, 2023 )
* Initial Plugin.