MasjidNow Prayer Timings for Mosques


Provides a widget for displaying daily iqamah timings from for any mosque that has uploaded it’s timings there.
The timings are displayed along-side adhan timings which can be adjusted from the plugin’s settings if necessary.

Also provides a shortcode for displaying the monthly iqamah timings table.

The daily timings widgets are easily customizable with different colors, and can even be used with different languages.


  • Display adhan and iqamah times
  • Interactive with ability to click forward and backward to see different day’s timings
  • View daily or monthly timings
  • Show monthly information (ex. Jummah times)
  • Choose from different themes or colors
  • Usable with any language site

To be able to show timings, you must have signed up your mosque at

ATTENTION: You must clear the cache after updating the masjid’s salah timings. You can do this by going the MasjidNow Settings page and clicking “Clear Cache”.


  • The daily timings widget.

  • The daily timings widget with the blue theme applied, and "show monthly info" setting checked.

  • The daily timings widget with the text color and row alternate color changed. The titles of "Azan" and "Iqamat" were also changed in the MasjidNow Settings.

  • The monthly timings shortcode. The current day is highlighted to help users quickly find the date.


Why is the widget displaying “Please set your website’s timezone…” when I have already set it?

Unfortunately, due to the way that WordPress provides timezone information, you must set the timezone option to a “named” timezone. For example, instead of choosing “UTC-4”, you must choose something like “New York”.

Why is my widget or shortcode showing outdated or old timings?

The timings that are being displayed have been saved to your WordPress installation (aka “cached”) so that it doesn’t have to connect to the MasjidNow database everytime that your page is loaded.
This ensures that timings are displayed quickly and don’t slow down your website.

To clear these cached timings, go to your WordPress Admin panel, and click Settings > MasjidNow Settings on the left hand side. Then click the button labeled “Clear Cache”. Your timings will then be updated
from the MasjidNow website.

My website is not in English, can I change the language that is displayed?

No problem. Just go to your WordPress admin page, and click Settings on the left hand side. Once there, click “MasjidNow Settings”.

If you scroll down, you will see an area where you can set what text will be displayed for each prayer name, and for “Adhan” and “Iqamah”.

For example, French users can enter “Ichaa” instead of “Isha”, and all of MasjidNow’s timings will display “Ichaa” instead of “Isha”.

I have a question that isn’t listed here, what should I do?

Email me through the contact form at


Useless junk!


Pretty useless plugin. After wasting time translating the prayers, I realized that in order to display the prayers time, one needs to go to the website to find the masjid id, which could never be found!

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  • Adds daily widget reset by clicking date text


  • Fixes widget not working due to some javascript


  • Makes javascript unobtrusive on daily timings widgets


  • Fixes bug where monthly timings didn’t show


  • Fixes bug where last years timings were being used from cache


  • Fixes bug where next years timings weren’t available through Javascript


  • Switched to using HTTPS for widget’s javascript.


  • Made monthly tables take up 100% of width.


  • Made shortcode more robust by adding error checks for timezone. Also added title attribute to mobile icon links.


  • Reduced cache duration to 1 day from 15. Fixed big with “timings from” message showing incorrectly.


  • Fixed bug with December date parsing causing widget crash.


  • Fixed naming collision with plugin add admin page function


  • Fixed issue with missing updates to PrayTime file.


  • Added plugin icons
  • Made compatible with WordPress 4.0.
  • Fixed conflicts with other plugings using PrayTime library


  • Added support for PHP 5.2.X (fixed error caused by getTimestamp method).


  • Added support for multiple masajid in one WordPress installation. Now you can have multiple mosques times on the same website.


  • Added daily timings shortcode and ability to customize the title of the monthly timings tables.


  • Added custom colors for text and background of widgets.
  • Added support for multiple languages. You can change the names of the prayers (ex. Isha => Ichaa) by going to the ‘Settings > MasjidNow Settings’ page.
  • Made previous/next day arrows easier to click.


  • Added hijri date output. You can control whether or not this is shown by changing your mobile settings on


  • Fixed bug with mobile app icon links.


  • Added ability to display monthly info underneath the daily timings widget. Be sure to check the correct checkbox on the widget settings.


  • Fixed bug where widget would crash if there was no valid time zone set for the WordPress site.


  • Added caching of timings. Performance should increase by ~1000x, but YOU MUST CLEAR THE PLUGIN CACHE EVERY TIME YOU UPDATE THE TIMINGS ON MASJIDNOW.COM.


  • Fixed bug where adhan timings table columns were off by one.


  • Added ability to show different months with shortcodes. Add month=XX to the shortcode to have the timings for that month display. For example, [masjidnow_monthly masjid_id=XXXX month=12] for December timings.


  • Added monthly adhan timings shortcode. Just use [masjidnow_monthly_adhan masjid_id=XXXX] to display the adhan timings for your mosque.


  • Fixed bug in monthly timings where the month displayed was always “March 2013”


  • Timings are now available if user clicks to a new month


  • Fixed bug where widget wouldn’t display on some servers (used <? on one line vs <?php)


  • Removed additional dependencies on PHP 5.3+ by removing reference to DateTime::diff


  • Changed style of widget to properly accomodate small sidebars.


  • Switched to using wp_remote_get instead of file_get_contents which may cause issues on some WordPress installations.


  • Added mobile app download links.
  • Changed iqamah timings date to only show if timings were old.
  • Added support for PHP 5 (previous support was PHP 5.3)


  • Fixed bug where widget couldn’t go in the past if a month was incomplete.


  • Included updated file from fix in 0.9.9


  • Fixed bug where iqamah timings date would show “No timings available” regardless of availability.


  • Added ability to display monthly timings table.


  • Added ability to only display iqamah timings, instead of both iqamah and adhan timings.
  • Fixed bug where initial iqamah and adhan timings were showing the timings from the last day of the month instead of the correct day’s.


  • Added ability to change date.


  • Removed border and changed some stylings.
  • Fixed bugs with old adhan timings being shown.


  • Removed width requirement on container. Widget can now fit into smaller areas.
  • Added ability to set the header.


  • Upgraded to using API V2. Adhan timings are now retrieved from the MasjidNow server instead of through calculations, unless necessary.
  • Widget can be used without having a masjid connected to it. (Will get around to fixing how it looks when there is no masjid connected.)


  • Fixed incorrect calculated salah times due to wrong lat/lon being used.


  • Added ability to show calculated prayer timings.


  • No difference, simply a version bump.


  • Right now, the widget only displays the latest timings.

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