MailOptin – Popups, Email Optin Forms & Newsletters for MailChimp, Aweber etc.


WordPress Popup, Email Optin Form, Call to Action & Newsletter Plugin

MailOptin is the ultimate lead generation, customer acquisition and email marketing/automation plugin to grow and engage your mailing list and visitors.

It allows you to exponentially grow your mailing list, display targeted messages and “calls to action” across your WordPress website with popups (a.k.a lightbox or modal), before/after post subscription form and sidebar / widget optin forms as well as send automated / event-triggered newsletters such as automatic new post notification.

MailOptin is full featured and comes with an easy to use form builder and template builder that allows you to create beautiful optin forms and email newsletters that are optimized for the highest of conversions.

Most optin / list-building / email subscription / newsletter software and plugins are typically very expensive, buggy, hard to use or customize to one’s heart content. With MailOptin, none of this is the case.

Let’s see how MailOptin can help you get more email subscribers as well as engage your email list.

MailOptin Premium
This is the lite version of the MailOptin Premium plugin that comes with all the conversion features you will ever need including optin form types such as bottom/top bars( a.k.a notification or floating bar) and slide-ins; optin triggers such as exit intent, time on site, pageviews, scroll trigger; periodic email digests, advance targeting and analytics, ton of templates and more. Click here to purchase the best WordPress email optin forms & newsletters plugin.

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Intuitive Form & Template Builder

You don’t have to be a designer or hire one to build high converting lead optin forms. Our powerful drag & drop builder allows you to create visually astonishing and conversion optimized optin forms and email newsletter templates. You have total control to make customization to your heart content.

Easy Integration with All Email Marketing Services

MailOptin works out of the box with all popular email marketing service providers including:

MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Sendy, Mailerlite, MailPoet 3, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip, EmailOctopus, GetResponse, GetResponse360.

MailOptin premium allows you to build hyper segmented list and increase email automation possibilities with its deep integration with MailChimp groups & interests and lead tagging available in AWeber, Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign.

Elementor Form Integration

Elementor — arguably the best WordPress page builder — has a Form element for creating say a contact form.

With MailOptin, you can create lead capture or email optin forms with it by simply connecting the form with your email marketing service provider. It’s that easy.

Features of MailOptin Lite

Lead Generation

  • Lightbox/Popup optin forms that overlays above your content to grab your visitors attention. See Demo
  • Before & After Post optin forms optimal for converting your blog readers and website page viewers. See Demo
  • Sidebar/Widget optin forms which is arguably the most common and popular method of building email list. See Demo
  • Calls to Action display targeted messages to your website visitors with a call-to-action button included urging them to perform an action.
  • Up to 3 optin forms can be created. Upgrade for unlimited.
  • After Conversion Actions such as immediately close opt-in form after converstion, close form and reload page or redirect to a custom URL. Additionally, premium version allows you to trigger a JavaScript code as well as pass lead data to redirect URL.
  • Great free alternative to the likes of OptinMonster, Bloom, Thrive Leads, Icegram, Hustle etc.


  • New Post Notification: It allows you to create automated newsletters or email notifications of new blog posts to your registered users immediately after they are published. This make the process of keeping in touch with your subscribers or users very easy.
  • Scheduling: It allows you to set when the newsletter will be sent. Could be immediately after a post is publish or few minutes, hours and days after publication.
  • Beautify and Responsive Email template ready for your use to send out these newsletters.
  • Multipart Email: We send out the pretty HTML newsletters alongside plain-text alternative to support non-HTML email clients.

Features of MailOptin Premium

Automated/Event-triggered Newsletters

MailOptin integrates WordPress with all major email marketing providers to send automatic newsletter and event triggered emails. This can be very useful if your ESP lack such automation.

For example; Sendy is an email marketing software that lack integration with WordPress to send new publish post notification to your mailing list. MailOptin bridges this gap and deliver your post content as soon as they are live.

We have hosts of other automation and event-triggered newsletters in the pipeline.

A/B Testing: Take the guesswork out of your lead generation strategy

Marketers are constantly using trial and error to guess what will be most effective — but they shouldn’t have to. A/B content testing lets you see what optin camapign will be most effective before you share it with your larger audience. No more guesswork.

MailOptin ships with an easy built-in A/B testing feature that enables you make data-driven decisions that will improve your conversions and revenue for any optin campaign.

More highly converting optin types

There are cases where you would find popups, sidebar and in-post optin forms an inappropriate solution. That is why we offer different optin form types such as notification bars and slide-ins so you don’t have to rely on one way of collecting leads and install multiple softwares and platforms to achieve them.

They are are highly noticeable and proven to be very effective in converting visitors and users into customers into list subscribers.

Conversion Boosting Optin Triggers

Timing is everything. This is why MailOptin continually track visitors interaction on your website and display the right message or optin form at the right time they are likely to convert.

Our Exit Intent and slide-ins trigger convert abandoning visitors into subscribers by your optin campaign at the precise moment they are about leaving your website.

If your opt-in form display too early, your reader might not yet be willing to subscribe and waiting too long will make you lose out on new lead. Our Pageviews and Time on Site triggers give you fine-grained control over the display of your optin campaigns.

The Scroll Trigger display optin forms or messages only after the a visitor scrolls a down a specific percentage of your page.

The Click Launch Trigger display optin forms when a link, button or image on your site is clicked. Useful for implementing content upgrades.

Other great features include but not limited to:

  • Optin Campaign Schedule: Allows you to specify a start and end date when an optin campaign is scheduled for display.
  • Advance Analytics: Get important metrics to improve your lead-generation strategy and make data-driven decisions to increase your revenue.
  • Branding Removal: Option to remove the MailOptin branding present on every optin form and email templates.
  • Custom CSS: An advance customization feature that allows you to customize your optin campaigns with your own CSS styles.
  • Display Effect: 30+ built-in CSS3 animation effects to capture your visitor’s attention and bring awareness to your optin forms.
  • Lead Bank: It stores your leads within MailOptin as well as important data about your subscribers that normally can’t be passed to your ESP such as the referrer, time of conversion and where it occurred.
  • Shortcode & Template Tag Embed: Display optin forms anywhere on your website page and posts with shortcodes and anywhere on your theme with template tags.
  • And lots more to come.

What’s Next

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  • New post notification newsletter
  • Lightbox/popup optin form
  • Mobile optimized optin forms
  • After post optin form
  • Sidebar optin form
  • Optin campaign form builder
  • Email template builder
  • Tablet optimized email newsletter
  • Elementor form integration
  • Elementor form integration with MailOptin


Installing MailOptin is just like any other WordPress plugin.
Navigate to your WordPress “Plugins” page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions:

  1. In the search field enter MailOptin. Click “Search Plugins”, or hit Enter.
  2. Select MailOptin and click either “Details” or “Install Now”.
  3. Once installed, click “Activate”.


Installation Instructions

Installing MailOptin is just like any other WordPress plugin.
Navigate to your WordPress “Plugins” page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions:

  1. In the search field enter MailOptin. Click “Search Plugins”, or hit Enter.
  2. Select MailOptin and click either “Details” or “Install Now”.
  3. Once installed, click “Activate”.
Who should use MailOptin?

MailOptin is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else.

Do I need to have coding skills to use MailOptin?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage optin forms and newsletters without any coding knowledge (Intuitive form & email template builder).

What type of optin forms and email campaign can I build with MailOptin?

MailOptin Premium is the most powerful WordPress optin form and automated newsletter plugin in the market. Here are some things you can create:

  • Great alternative to OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, Bloom etc.
  • WordPress New Post To Email Subscribers
  • New Post Notification To MailChimp, Aweber List
  • New Post Notification To Constant Contact List
  • New Post Notification To Campaign Monitor List
  • New Publish Post To Registered Users & Sendy Email List
  • WordPress Post To MailChimp Email Campaign.
  • WordPress Post To Aweber Newsletter Integration
  • Email Digest
  • Elementor form
  • Content upgrade implementation
  • ConvertKit form
  • ConvertKit optin form
  • Drip Forms
  • ActiveCampaign Forms
  • MailPoet optin Forms
  • MailPoet 3 Forms
  • WordPress Drip Optin Form
  • WordPress ActiveCampaign Optin Form
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Newsletter Signup Forms
  • Exit Intent Optin Forms
  • Scroll Trigger Optin Forms
  • MailChimp For WordPress Subscribe Forms
  • MailChimp Single And Double Optin Support.
  • MailChimp Signup Forms
  • Sidebar Email Optin Forms
  • Aweber Sidebar Form Widget
  • MailChimp, Aweber Form In WordPress Page
  • Before and after Post Optin Form
  • Aweber Optin Form
  • MailerLite Optin Form
  • GetResponse Optin Form
  • Elementor form
  • Constant Contact Forms
  • Campaign Monitor Forms
  • Aweber, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor WordPress Popup Form
  • MailChimp Top Bar / Notification Bar Optin Form
  • MailChimp Slide-in Optin Form
  • Ajax Email Optin Form.
I’d like access to all features. How can I get them?

You can get access to more features and support by upgrading to our Premium version. Purchasing a Premium license gets you access to the full version of MailOptin, automatic updates and faster support.

Is MailOptin translation ready?

Yes, MailOptin has full translation and localization support via the mailoptin textdomain. All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder in the base of the plugin.


Perfect solution for all my clients email signup

Over 90% of my clients have a mailing list and I use MailOptIn with MailChimp for every one of them. I prefer MailOptIn over any other Popup or plugin because it is easy to customize and it integrates easily with MailChimp and all the other major email marketing platforms. The free version has everything you need to create great looking forms and the paid version has all the features you would expect from a high end plugin. It is one of my must have plugins. Try it, you’ll love it!

Mail Optin

I have not had any hits- so it is a bit hard to review! I am still setting my blog up

Excellent Support

I contacted the support team for the plugin MailOptin. It was missing a feature I needed for my website, the support team listened to my wants and made it happen! They sent me an updated version of the plugin and some code to add to my functions.php file and it fixed the problems I was having. They mentioned that this “fix” would be permanente for everyone in an upcoming release.

Support was very responsive and helpful.

Good Plugin, but annoying message

The plugin is working well for what I want – using it to connect ConvertKit and ElementorPro forms, but the nagging for the rating without being to dismiss it permanently – if I don’t want to give a review is annoying.

Read all 16 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“MailOptin – Popups, Email Optin Forms & Newsletters for MailChimp, Aweber etc.” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Fixed bug where impression wasnt counting for sidebar/inpost optin forms.
  • Fixed bug where impression count was doubling for popups, notification bar and slide in optins.
  • Added activation of email camapign as toggle switches.
  • Added support for background color for optin form fields.
  • Fixed bug in OptinCampaignsRepository::get_optin_campaign_ids() working incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug where columbine inpost field get overly long when CTA is activated with onclick to reveal optin.
  • Fix styling for email campaign schedule control in customizer.
  • Rebuilt how optin form style are inlined.
  • Fixed bug where configuration of an optin clashes with another of same theme.
  • Small design change of the form builder.
  • Remove load_plugin_textdomain from core to main plugin file.
  • Reworked honeypot implementation.
  • Optimized images and added margin:0 to form optin tag.

  • Added link to permanently dismiss review admin notice.

  • Removed test files that raised seurity warning by VaultPress.
  • Cleanup assets added to customizer preview frame by other plugins/themes.
  • Fixed issue where sendy connection wasn’t saving.
  • Added index.php to all folders to prevent directory browsing.
  • Removed close optin and close optin and reload in non-popup forms.
  • Code and performance improvements.

  • Tweak mailerlite to resubscribe user who previously unsubscribe and then opt-in again.
  • Code and performance improvements.

  • Fixed bug where AWeber connection settings page wasn’t showing up.

  • Added: connected status added to all connections.
  • Added: Close Optin On Note Click in optin form completed.
  • Fixed bug where lightbox impression count doubled
  • Define background-color for all form fields.
  • Added switch to activate/deactivate optin campaigns.
  • Added shortcode support to headline, description and note
  • Redesigned the connection settings page to be sidebar tabbed.
  • Elementor now added as a connection.
  • Connection’s API key/token now obfuscated on display.
  • Fixed bug in leads subscription that already exist in mailpoet from failing in other language WP installs eg German.
  • Revamped single chosen field as well as date time and ace editor.
  • Rearranged menu such that optin menus comes first before that of email menus.
  • Added missing text-domain in strings.
  • Fix textareas control with long height.
  • Added filter to list of optin form fonts list.
  • All form fields in optin form now captured during form submit.
  • Added an event that is triggered after core optin form validation.
  • An event is now triggered when optin form validation kicks in.
  • Added styling to builder control descriptions.
  • Replaced optin actions buttons with icon font. Tooltip added to describe the action.
  • Replaced email automation actions text descriptions with icons. Tooltip added to describe the action.
  • Ensure OptinConversionsRepository:: month_conversion_count() return integer.

  • Added accidentally removed background color form builder control.
  • Add action hook after optin form shortcodes definitions.

  • Added: form background image customization for optin themes that support it.
  • Added: shortcodes in email campaigns are now parsed before they are processed for delivery.
  • Added collapse and expand buttons to connection and settings’ admin pages.
  • Email campaigns label changed to email automation
  • Log changed to Email Log
  • Plugin menu re-arranged.

  • Added: GetResponse and GetResponse360 integrations.
  • Fixed bug where TinyMCE field preview wasn’t working in form/template builder.
  • Fixed bug where clearing local cookies didn’t clear that of successful optin conversion.
  • Fix compatibility issues with upcoming WordPress 4.9

  • Added after conversion actions feature: close optin, close optin and reload page, redirect to URL.
  • Added Action hook triggered after optin subscription.
  • Reverted change to limit_text() from wp_trim_words.
  • Removed older hide_logged_in rule from form builder.
  • Added: toggling of optin form close button.
  • Burst connection email list cache after every settings change.
  • Optimized all image assets.
  • Added class_exist check to MailPoet API class before usage to prevent any PHP error.

  • Custom CSS textarea converted to ACE Editor (Premium).

  • Recycled existing optin themes to other types (Premium).
  • Optin background image and logo support land in customizer.
  • listing of optin and email campaign now in descending order
  • Fixed bug where undefined webfont js function causes optin not to display.
  • Fixed bug that prevent highlighting of active tab in settings page.
  • Added: shortcode and template tag embed of optin (Premium).
  • replace custom function for trimming text with wp one
  • All text-shadows be gone from every submit buttons in optin forms.
  • Simplified connections composer packaging.
  • Loads of performance enhancements
  • Code improvements.

  • Fixed bug where before/after post optin form wasn’t showing in post.

  • Added MailPoet 3 integration.
  • Added new Bannino optin theme (Premium).
  • Added new Dashdot optin theme (Premium).
  • Added new Daisy optin theme (Premium).
  • Recycled existing optin themes to other types (Premium).
  • Optin background image and logo support land in customizer.
  • listing of optin and email campaign now in descending order
  • Fixed bug where undefined webfont js function causes optin not to display.
  • Fixed bug that prevent highlighting of active tab in settings page.
  • Added: shortcode and template tag embed of optin (Premium).
  • replace custom function for trimming text with wp one
  • All text-shadows be gone from every submit buttons in optin forms.
  • Simplified connections composer packaging.
  • Loads of performance enhancements
  • Code improvements.

  • Added ActiveCampaign integration.
  • Listing of optin and email campaign now displays the newest to oldest.
  • Added styling to pre tag in email template.
  • Added switch to toggle optin campaigns activation.
  • Global success and interaction cookies rule implemented. Was previously missing.
  • New display rule: Optin display can now be determined based on whether users are logged in or not.
  • Added support for click triggered (2-step optin process). (Premium)
  • Added refreshing styling to customizer controls.
  • “Footer Description” changed to “mailing address” in optin customizer.
  • Added check to ensure jQuery.MailOptin and jQuery.MailOptin.track_impression is defined to prevent any error.
  • Fixed bug where custom fields associated with a connect/esp do not show on initial customizer UI page load.
  • Loads of performance enhancements
  • Code improvements.

  • Added integration for Drip (Email Marketing Automation Software).
  • Added ConvertKit integration.
  • Added EmailOctopus integration.
  • Added button to clear optin caches.
  • Added settings to change optin branding url with affiliate link.
  • Added impression tracking to inpost optin forms.
  • Missing close icon now display on all optin types after subscription success.
  • Fixed js bug that affected safari browsers when customizer is opened.
  • Connections now implement the features_support() interface contract.
  • Code improvements and performance enhancements.

  • Now compatibility with MySQL versions less than 5.6.5.
  • Fixed bug where MailChimp subscription wasn’t working.

  • Added Elementor form integration.

  • Fixed bug where email service providers weren’t showing on optin campaign customizer.

  • Added mailerlite integration.

  • Fixed bug where invalid controls were showing for sidebar optin.

  • Fixes to some internal APIs.

  • the genesis.