MailChimp Forms by MailMunch


MailChimp Forms by MailMunch

Adding sign-up methods for your MailChimp lists to your WordPress site is now easier than ever.

MailChimp Forms by MailMunch allows you to painlessly add MailChimp sign up forms to your WordPress site. The MailChimp form captures the lead and sends it to specific MailChimp lists automatically. You can set it to no op-in, opt-in, or double opt-in.

What is MailChimp? MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools. Signup up for a FREE Trial Account and see for yourself!

MailMunch Account
MailMunch is a standalone service that integrates with all web platforms including WordPress. MailMunch account will be required if you want to use the premium features.

MailChimp Forms and Landing Pages

Our MailChimp plugin allows you to build a range of different MailChimp forms and pages.

  • MailChimp Popup with Exit
  • MailChimp Embedded
  • MailChimp Sidebar Widget
  • MailChimp Top Bar
  • MailChimp Scroll Box
  • MailChimp Landing Pages

MailChimp Form Features

  • Connect with your MailChimp account in seconds. No API keys required

  • Build unlimited forms for any of your MailChimp lists with an easy-to-use admin, including multiple forms for the same list

  • Sign-up forms look beautiful, user-friendly and mobile optimized. You have complete control over the form fields and can send anything you like to MailChimp

  • Analytics and reporting for your MailChimp forms

  • A/B Test your MailChimp forms and improve conversions

  • Includes landing page builder with MailChimp forms

  • Disable or Enable the default MailChimp welcome email

  • Add MailChimp forms to any post or page

  • Supports MailChimp interest groups

  • View your MailChimp analytics and reports

  • Custom thank you message for MailChimp subscribers

In no time you’ll be creating superb MailChimp newsletter forms and landing pages that never let you down and capture thousands of emails every day.

Real Testimonials

“MailChimp is just the best. So easy to use and easy to integrate into my WordPress site. Thanks MailChimp for being so user friendly and awesome.” – @chris_j Read the review

“I am so in love with this plugin! It simplifies using MailChimp while I’m in my site instead of having to switch it back and forth. LOVE it!!!” – @sagecreekmeadow Read the review

“MailChimp campaigns and templates work as expected.” – @nvalidsername Read the review

Why MailChimp?

MailChimp is a newsletter service that allows you to send out email campaigns to a list of email subscribers. MailChimp is free for lists up to 2000 subscribers, which is why it is the newsletter-service of choice for thousands of businesses.

MailChimp is currently used by more than seven million businesses and people throughout the world. The features and integrations of MailChimp allow you to send out automated messages, marketing emails, as well as different targeted campaigns. MailChimp has been in business since the year 2001. Since that time MailChimp has grown and now there are more than 500 million emails sent through MailChimp each day. MailChimp is a simple email marketing software. So many MailChimp users cannot be wrong. If you are creating an email newsletter, MailChimp can help. MailChimp is a platform to create, design, and publish your newsletters.

With MailChimp you can build a list of email subscribers. MailChimp allows you to customize templates. MailChimp is the best email marketing platform. The pricing is affordable, making MailChimp perfect.

MailChimp is a simple EMS (email marketing software) that provides you with a number of different options for saving templates, designing new templates, and sending email campaigns. MailChimp’s drag and drop email editor is very easy to use and sets it apart. More than a million MailChimp users cannot be wrong.

If you are creating any type of newsletter, MailChimp can help. Not only can you create your newsletters using MailChimp, but you can also use different options for sharing them on each of your social networks. This makes MailChimp your own personal platform to create, design, and publish each of your newsletters.

With MailChimp you will be able to build a list of people that you want to target and send your marketing products to. You can even save this list using MailChimp so that you can use it at a later point in time. In addition, MailChimp allows you to create and customize templates so that you can use them for each of your products.

If you have been looking for the best email marketing software programs, look no further than MailChimp. This is truly an EMS program that will allow you to do everything that you need to. The pricing scheme is affordable, making MailChimp perfect for any size company large or small.

MailChimp Forms by MailMunch is a super-fast plugin that lets you build beautiful looking MailChimp forms to maximize conversions and grow your MailChimp list.

After installation and creating your account, the plugin will guide you through connecting with MailChimp, selecting your MailChimp list, and then adding the MailChimp form to your site. The time from starting installation to have the form on your site should be less than 5 minutes – absolutely everything can be done via our user friendly GUI – no file editing at all!


Use the plugin forums for community support where we try to help all of our users or you could create a ticket on MailMunch help center.


  • Mobile friendly MailChimp forms
  • Mobile friendly MailChimp forms
  • MailChimp Form Designer
  • The MailChimp Form Builder
  • MailChimp Form Settings
  • Publish page for MailChimp builder
  • Example MailChimp form design
  • Another MailChimp form example
  • Another MailChimp connected example


  1. Unzip our archive and upload the entire mailchimp-mailmunch directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the MailChimp plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Look for “MailChimp” in the WordPress admin menu and click it
  4. Sign up or sign in to MailMunch account
  5. Create your first MailChimp optin form
  6. Choose the MailChimp optin form type: Popover, Embedded or Top Bar
  7. Connect MailChimp and choose a list
  8. Start collecting user emails and growing your MailChimp subscriber list!

Visit our Knowledge Base for more detailed installation instructions.


Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip our archive and upload the entire mailchimp-mailmunch directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the MailChimp plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Look for “MailChimp” in the WordPress admin menu and click it
  4. Sign up or sign in to MailMunch account
  5. Create your first MailChimp optin form
  6. Choose the MailChimp optin form type: Popover, Embedded or Top Bar
  7. Connect MailChimp and choose a list
  8. Start collecting user emails and growing your MailChimp subscriber list!

Visit our Knowledge Base for more detailed installation instructions.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is full of useful, powerful email marketing features that are easy to use whether you’re an email marketing expert, or a small business just getting started.

To learn more, just check out: MailChimp

How to display a form in widget areas like the sidebar or footer?

Go to Appearance > Widgets and use the MailChimp Forms by MailMunch widget that comes with the plugin.

Do I need to have a MailChimp Account?

Yes, you can register on MailChimp at MailChimp. MailChimp has a free plan.

Do I need a MailMunch account?

You will need a MailMunch account if you want to use any of our premium features. It’s 100% free to sign up and you can have unlimited MailChimp forms for free.

Do I need to have lists already set up in MailChimp?

Yes, you have to have at least 1 list set up in MailChimp.

For more help, visit the MailChimp Support article How do I create a new list?

Do I need MailChimp’s API Key?

You don’t have to worry about that. We will guide you through the MailChimp flow.

How do I add my MailChimp lists?

After you connect your MailChimp account, the plugin will fetch all of your MailChimp list information and load it into the plugin admin. You can simply choose the MailChimp lists you want to make forms for.

How do I add the MailChimp sign up forms to my site?

We offer a variety of MailChimp forms: Popups, Embedded, Top Bar, etc. You can choose which pages, posts or categories to show MailChimp form on. You can also use a shortcode to add a MailChimp form to a specific area in a page or post. Everything is done visually.

How to add a MailChimp sidebar widget?

To create your MailChimp Sidebar widget, go to your Appearance > Widgets. Then, drag MailChimp Forms widget to your sidebar and expand it and choose or create your MailChimp form.

Do your MailChimp forms work on mobile devices?

Yes. Our MailChimp popups, MailChimp embed forms, MailChimp sidebar widgets and MailChimp top bars are fully designed to work on mobile.

How does the MailChimp form analytics feature work?

MailChimp provides complete analytics on your MailChimp forms and MailChimp subscribers.

How is this MailChimp plugin better than other MailChimp plugins?

This MailChimp plugin is the easiest, fastest and best form builder. Try other MailChimp plugins and then try ours.

How do I change the MailChimp submit button text?

Edit your MailChimp form and go to the “Fields” step. Update the MailChimp submit button text.

How do I add new MailChimp fields to my form?

Edit your MailChimp form and go to the “Fields” step. Click add new MailChimp field.

How do I change the MailChimp field labels?

Edit your MailChimp form and go to the “Fields” step. Edit the MailChimp field and update the label.


Complicated and date formats are WRONG

This plugin has no way to control on which page/post the pop will show that I could see. I tried to see if are any instructions or settings but I could not find any

Also as a non – U.S.A. resident we see dates as dd/MM/yyyy and have my site set-up according to match the country i live in. Please have your dates displayed to match the sites settings, please ….

Great Plugin

I really love it, it helps me get the right subscribers and really manage them well.
Thanks to the developers!

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Contributors & Developers

“MailChimp Forms by MailMunch” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



MailChimp Forms 3.0.0 – March 14, 2017

Landing Pages

  • Added Landing Page builder with MailChimp forms
  • Way to reset submission counts for individual forms.
  • Fixed error thrown for some users on edit forms page ‘save’.- Explain that greyed out integrations means that specific plugin is not activated.
  • Updated language files.
  • Fixed interest group errors thrown for some users

MailChimp Forms 2.1.7 – January 14, 2017

  • Updated to use MailChimp API v3
  • Added new option to replace/update interest groups
  • Added the ability to bulk remove form fields from the form builder
  • Tweaked class names, labels.
  • Confirm each integration is working as intended.

MailChimp Forms 2.1.5 – July 28, 2016

  • Upgraded to faster CDN
  • Added new MailChimp themes
  • Confirm each integration is working as intended
  • Added date field and textarea field
  • Resize MailChimp popups with different sizes

MailChimp Forms 2.1.4 – May 16, 2016

  • Redesigned subscribers page
  • Improved MailChimp search
  • Plugin review notice is now dismissible.
  • Fixed a bug that caused display issues on some sites after unchecking the “New CSS” powerup

MailChimp Forms 2.1.3 – April 23, 2016

  • Performance improvements
  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Improved formatting of birthday fields.
  • Ensure fields are HTML decoded before sending to MailChimp.

MailChimp Forms 2.1.2 – March 07, 2016

  • Improved MailChimp Popup targeting engine: changed how a session is counted (a session now expires after 30 minutes of inactivity).
  • Issue with escaped HTML when using form tags introduced by previous update.

MailChimp Forms 2.1.1 – February 19, 2016

  • Various other small bug fixes & improvements

MailChimp Forms 2.1.0 – February 06, 2016

  • Refactored MailChimp Popup
  • Improved MailChimp Form targeting

MailChimp Forms 2.1.2 – January 29, 2016

  • Improved error messages when writing exceptions to debug log.
  • Show notice when form is missing required MailChimp fields.

MailChimp Forms 2.0.9 – January 17, 2016

  • Fixed MailChimp integration bug
  • Fixed MailChimp lists not found bug

MailChimp Forms 2.0.8 – January 2, 2016

  • More MailChimp form themes
  • Created API classes to interact with the MailChimp API

MailChimp Forms 2.0.7

  • Fixed MailChimp API wrapper class file
  • The “Send Welcome Email” option is no longer supported by MailChimp and has been removed

MailChimp Forms

  • Fix: repair ‘Opt In’ default list drop down on options page
  • Fix: repair errors being thrown when a commenter is added to a list

MailChimp Forms

  • Removed the update MailChimp profile info link, some users brought up security concerns.
  • Fixed missing argument when using table display formatting.

MailChimp Forms

  • We have added brand new functionality, allowing users to easily customize forms on the fly, through a familiar UI as well as a templating framework to allow users to design and implement their own custom forms. A minor security bug was patched in this release as well. We fixed an issue with the MailChimp API key check running on each page load, and added a few new filters to allow users to alter text.

MailChimp Forms


  • Added autocomplete=”false” to MailChimp API input field
  • Added event listener to form submission (forms can now be placed in modals/slideout menus)

MailChimp Forms


  • Security Vulnerability patched

MailChimp Forms


  • fix bug with nonce security check when using table ‘Preferred Form Layout’ setting

MailChimp Forms


  • added stripslashes() to the following settings fields :
    • Single Opt-in Confirmation Message
    • Double Opt-in Confirmation Message
    • Interest Group Label
    • Opt-in Checkbox Text


  • Updated readme FAQ section

MailChimp Forms

  • Update SSL conditional in main plugin file
  • Added mcrypt module check, for MailChimp API encryption
  • Conditionally loaded scripts and styles in admin ( prevent conflicts )
  • Included NONCE security checks on form submissions ( helps prevent CSRF and other attacks )
  • Added proper update task function to add missing settings to the options page ( prevents undefined variables for new settings )

MailChimp Forms 2.0.6

  • Biggest change is migrating the plugin to use MailChimp’s v3 API.
  • Added missing styles to post page ( added missing icon to tinyMCE button )
  • Added missing styles to widget page
  • Adjusted Chimp Chatter activity time formatting to return correct time based on user time zone
  • New Feature: Real time updates to MailChimp Account Activity ( utilizing the heartbeat MailChimp API )
  • New Feature: Added MailChimp account activity widget to dashboard ( with live updates using heartbeat MailChimp API )
  • Added screenshot of admin dashboard account activity widget

MailChimp Forms

  • Added reCAPTCHA support to prevent bots and spammers from submitting forms
  • Split settings page into three separate sections
  • Removed Jetpack sharing icons from appearing in the success messages

MailChimp Forms

  • Update MailChimp API to v2.0
  • Added MailChimp API Key Validation Check
  • Updated translation files with new strings
  • Update existing screen shots and add new screen shot
  • Update FAQ
  • Added “loaded server modules” to the debug page, to better aid in support requests

MailChimp Forms

  • Changed name of plugin to MailChimp Forms
  • Added support for multiples of the same MailChimp list
  • Bug fixes

MailChimp Forms

  • Added support for multiples of the same MailChimp list
  • Bug fixes

MailChimp Forms

  • Supports custom merge vars now
  • Allows import from MailChimp
  • Allows Table or Div output

MailChimp Forms

  • Fixed form not submitting to MailChimp for anonymous users bug

MailChimp Forms

  • Custom merge vars allows more customized field configuration

MailChimp Forms

  • Removed required from First Name and Last Name fields
  • Added update routines for future versions

MailChimp Forms

  • Changed the list logic and added a notice for the MERGE VAR naming schema

MailChimp Forms 2.0.5

  • Impression tracking can now be disabled
  • Small UI improvements to form editor
  • Numerous bug fixes

MailChimp Forms

  • Changed CSS paths from Absolute to Relative

MailChimp Forms 2.0.4 =

  • MailChimp automation

MailChimp Forms 2.0.3

  • Added new layout
  • Added MailChimp Popup Feature
  • Numerous Bugfixes
  • Numerous User Interface Improvements

MailChimp Forms 2.0.2

  • CSS improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed API conflicts
  • Fixed conflict with cherry plugin

MailChimp Forms 2.0.1

  • Numerous CSS Fixes
  • Fixed issues with PHP5.2
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.0.1
  • Added premium banner

MailChimp Forms 2.0.0

  • Brand New: Faster and more reliable MailChimp forms

MailChimp Forms 1.0.9

  • Faster MailChimp forms

MailChimp Forms 1.0.8

  • Fixed multiple MailChimp forms conflict

MailChimp Forms 1.0.7

  • MailChimp confirmation email