Magic Post Thumbnail


Automatically generate thumbnails for your posts !

Retrieve first image from Google Images, Flickr or Pixabay thanks to API, based on your post title and add picture as your featured thumbnail when you publish the post.
Settings allow you to configure some settings for your automatics images : Image bank, language search, posts types chosen, image type, free-to-use or not, image size and much more.

You can :

  • Generate thumbnail for one post ( or page, custom post type… )
  • Generate thumbnails massively for chosen posts
  • Generate automatically thumbnails : Now compatible with WPeMatico, CyberSyn, Rss Post Importer, FeedWordPress & WP All Import


  • English
  • French

Todo list

Magic post thumbnail is improving progressively. Feel free to post on the forum or email me to give your suggestion or warn about a bug.

  • Create a configurable cron
  • More translations (you can help)


  • A Thumbnail generated by Magic post Thumbnail
  • Preferences : Configure settings and Generating images


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to Settings > Magic Post Thumbnail
  3. Configure your settings, which post type you want to enable it and the image bank.
  4. Go into a post or create one, choose “Plugin enabled for this post” on the sidebar. Update/Create the post and your thumbnail is generated as featured image !
  5. You can also mass generate thumbnails for posts. Go into the list of your posts, choose posts you want to get thumbnails and into “Bulk Actions” choose “Generate Magic Post thumbnail”

If you want to use the Google Image API method : From now on to use the Google Images API, it’s required to provide your own Google Search engine ID and API Key. Follow these steps :

  • Go to the Google API Console > Credentials > Create credentials > API key, copy your new key into the plugin preferences ( Google API Key field ). Then go to Library > Custom Search API > Enable.
  • Go to Custom Search page. Create a new search engine. Then edit the search engine and get the search engine ID. Copy/paste it into the plugin preferences ( Custom Search Engine ID field ).
  • Enjoy !



The Plugin works for me. I hope for optimice in feature 🙂


The plugin is amazing!! Helps save lots of time.
Google images API works great and scraping too!
I’ve tried Flickr’s api and that worked without any issues
Even Pixabay did its job!

if someone wants to use all the sources then It would be cool to have an option like that but no complaints!!

Google Images Api?

The developer must increase his clarity on this, I found the “Custom Search Engine ID”, but not the “Google API key”, which api do I need to create? The images api has been deprecated for a long time, so basically I couldn’t test the plugin for google images, it looks promising, I will wait if the author has any solution.

Amazing Time Saver – Google API Needs Work

What good fortune finding this plugin. Pulling in RSS feeds as posts, this plugin solves the missing featured image problem.

Of the various import methods, Google Images scrape is the most consistent, as title keywords won’t often turn up hits at Pixabay or Flickr, especially if your trying to respect copyright 🙂

Google API method was a dead end for me. Sure, I understand the Google Dev console and have many many projects and associated APIs. But creating a Google Custom Search Engine, then getting an API too; which api? Any. Will a YouTube, Google Cloud, Google Maps API work? They did not in my tests. The author needs to ferret out and better explain how a user is supposed to meet those criterias.

works great!

A great free plugin! Quickly and reliably fetches images at post update & publish. I found it’s possible to get good relevant results with careful domain selection within your google custom search engine, plus selection of larger image size. Definitely worth the time to tweak to get the best results. Thank you!

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* Compatible with plugin WP All Import


* Fix error with google scraping method


* Fix JS Error with tabs
* Add Google Image Scraping Method : Google API is complicated to generate Google Search engine ID and API Key.


* Remove error with Google API Key.


* Remove fatal error


* Updates with Google API. Google API ID/key to provide.


* Fix pixabay API lock. API Username/key to provide.
* Now compatible with autoblog plugins CyberSyn, Rss Post Importer & FeedWordPress


* Add Flickr & Pixabay API
* Improve checking image file type
* Possibility to select a part of the title
* Remove some bugs while scraping


* Bug fix for non-latin image filename


* No more CURL or allow_url_fopen used. Replaced by WP function wp_remote_request() : More secure and compatible
* Images better scrapped
* Image filename renamed by post title instead of original scrapped filename
* Compatible with the cron WPeMatico plugin
* More options into Search Preferences menu
* Some security improvements
* Remove some bugs while scraping


* Add the link plugin on the wordpress plugins page.
* Add "Domain Path" and "Text Domain"
* Remove an useless function "add_post_meta" when saving a post


* Solution has been found to get back Google Image with Google API
* Generation phrases have changed color
* Work with now with CURL or allow_url_fopen


* Plugin doesn't support anymore Google Image. Replace by free to use


* Add option "Generate Magic Post Thumbnail" for Custom Post Type


* Enable mass generation with servers that block some kind of ajax calls.
* Add error message when there is no image on Google, and don't create a blank image.
* Action 'edit_post' changed to 'save_post' for compatibility when publishing a new post


* Generation didn't work anymore with some selected countries in the list. Fixed.
* Choice to generate thumbnail or not regardless for each post
* Mass generation of post thumbnails with Action "Generate Magic Post thumbnail"


* Add "tbm=isch" at the end of the scraping Google URL. Otherwise it doesn't work any more.


* Error Message on settings with allow_url_fopen OFF
* Less empty image generated


* First release
* Automatically generates featured images