This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Magic Action Box


Magic Action Box is an easy to use but powerful lead generation plugin that lets you create a focused and high converting feature box in minutes. It let’s you display professional looking opt-in forms and feature boxes in your WordPress site.

Magic Action Box also integrates with Gravity Forms to build complex, powerful and beautiful contact forms in just minutes.

Some features:

  • Easily add an action box before or after a blog post or page
  • Set up horizontal opt in forms in your header or home page
  • Easily add opt in forms – with stunning designs – to your sidebar.
  • Create Email Opt In Forms
  • Integrates with Gravity Forms
  • Make your own action box styles
  • Or, pick a style from one of the pre-configured designs

See more features in Pro version

Some features available in Pro version:

  • Create Contact Form Boxes
  • Create Sales Boxes
  • Create Share Boxes
  • Create Custom CSS3 Buttons
  • Use your custom image as submit button for OptIn forms
  • Display random action boxes
  • Show video (not just images) with your action boxes
  • More pre-designed styles
  • Shortcodes and template tag
  • Sidebar Widget
  • VIP Support
  • And more…

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  • Main Settings Screen
  • Button Designs Screen
  • Sample Action Box
  • Select Action Box Type
  • Action Box Settings Screen


  1. Download the zip-archive and extract it into your computer.
  2. Upload the magic-action-box folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory in your web site.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress administration page.


I’ve installed the plugin. What now?

Check out the Quick Start guide to get started.

My autoresponder is not on the list. Can I use it with the plugin?

Yes you can. As long as your autoresponder lets you create html forms that you can copy and paste, then you are all good. Watch this video tutorial to learn more.

Shortcode and Template Tag (available in Pro)

You may use the [magicactionbox id=”ACTION BOX ID”] shortcode in your blog posts or the mab_get_actionbox( ACTION_BOX_ID ) template tag in your theme template.

Can I place an action box on my website’s sidebar?

Yes. In the WordPress Dashboard, go to the Widgets page and lookg for the Magic Action Box Widget.

My action box doesn’t seem to have any styles to it. What’s wrong?

Make sure that your uploads directory wp-content/uploads/ is writeable (it usually is). Then save your action box or custom style again to allow the plugin to generate the required css code.

My action box has a lot of empty spaces and line breaks in it.

Go to Magic Action Box Settings -> Main Settings and check the Minify HTML Output checkbox.

My action box styles are gone. What did your update do?

If you just upgrade from any version below 2.8, then this is expected due to the big improvements in the code. We’re sorry for the scare but don’t worry, just follow the steps in this guide and you should get back your converting users in no time.

I just recently updated the plugin and the action box looks weird.

Try clearing the plugin cache using the Clear Cache button found in WP Admin -> Magic Action Box Settings -> Main Settings

The action box is showing up after some other social sharing icons placed by another plugin. But I want it to show up right after the blog post

Try checking the Reorder post content filter priorities checkbox found in WP Admin -> Magic Action Box Settings -> Main Settings. Please understand that this may not solve the problem and may conflict with other plugins too. Just uncheck it if it does.


September 22, 2016
This is the best plugin for opt-in subscription on your Wordpress website or blog. Used with the free MailChimp service this plugin provides tons of customizing options and seamlessly integrates into your footer or before/after your blog content. Customizing does take some time to do but well worth the effort!
September 3, 2016
I use MailChimp for my lists and Magic Action Box is GREAT! But I have to say that at first I got a little confused while setting it up but once I spent some time working on it I found out that this plugin was exactly what I needed. I wish the free version had more pre built styles but hey, what more styles? support the plugin upgrading but the free version gives you the option to create your own styles so it is just a matter of taking your time and doing it. It's super easy to make it your own. I LOVE IT!
September 3, 2016
I use the Avada theme with Fusion Builder. The boxes look great, but I can't seem to get the horizontal display to show, even though I have the box checked off 'enable horizontal layout.' Is there something I am missing? Thanks!
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Contributors & Developers

“Magic Action Box” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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*Fix PHP7 error – Indirect access to variables, properties and methods will be evaluated strictly in left-to-right order since PHP 7.0. Use curly braces to remove ambiguity.


*Remove non-working implementation of style preview
*Add curl option to disable verify ssl peers on mailchimp api


*Compatibility check with WP 4.4
*Update widget class to drop old style constructor


*Restore built-in integration with Constant Contact
*Add debug tab in dashboard
*Some refactoring, nothing else exciting


* Temporarily removed built-in support for Constant Contact


Fix MailChimp api error when another MailChimp plugin is active
*Improve styling for responsive view
*Added new style – *The Dark

*Added native support for Constant Contact


* fix wrong object used to create button stylesheet resulting in fatal error


* fix mailchimp error
* fix activation error not finding the correct method
* fix version update notice


* fix postmatic name field required checkbox not saving


* [fix] change name field value of postmeta – from ‘postmeta’ to ‘mabpostmeta’ to avoid namespace issues


* [fix] php notices when saving Main Settings for the first time


* [fix] undefined variables in wysija optin form settings
* [enhance] basic css stylesheet


* [add] way to set mailchimp group to mailchimp opt in form
* [update] aweber and mailchimp API library used
* [add] integration with Postmatic
* [add] hooks when showing optin settings to make it easier to integrate more email providers
* Refactor classes and plugin structure.
* [add] MAB API endpoint (beta)
* [add] [mab_load_assets] shortcode
* [add] way to add custom fonts. Found in Magic Action Box -> Styles & Buttons -> Custom Fonts
* [fix] do not print css declaration blocks that have empty values


  • add tracking code fields to MailChimp
  • add options to enable/disable First and Last name fields for integrated opt-in forms
  • [fix] responsive videos not triggering on certain themes


  • [fix] issue with MailPoet integration always showing error message on the form upon initial page load.
  • [fix] process optin setting for action box type that is not pure optin type i.e. share box
  • placeholder.js is now loaded separately
  • remove required name fields from mailpoet form


  • added field labels metabox for mailpoet option


  • [fix] integration with MailPoet which broke after their update to v2.6.12
  • pre_replace url returned from mailchimp so that it is protocol-less
  • add mab_pre_duplicate_action_box action hook
  • add mab_duplicate_action_box_meta filter hook
  • add mab_duplicate_action_box action hook


  • [update] add vertical-align: bottom; to .mab-field elements
  • [fix] fix wrong key used in aweber list resulting in dropdown always showing the first item in list
  • [fix] fix wrong key used in sendreach list dropdown.
  • [add] add is_main_query() check to ProsulumMab::setupContentTypeActionBox()


  • Add SendReach integration
  • use correct path in call to load_plugin_textdomain()
  • update base styling for input fields
  • enable caching when saving option settings


  • Hide edit link
  • [fix] typo in templates
  • [fix] use new unique_list_id for aweber api
  • drop support for PHP4. no more PHP4-style constructors


  • [fix] processing of textarea element.
  • Add button style selector for Contact Form 7 action box type.
  • Styling fixes to widget.
  • Add edit link to action boxes
  • Add ability to use image for submit buttons (Pro only)
  • Add option in widget to force field stacking layout.
  • Improve action box class and templating.
  • Add css box-sizing to everything.
  • Add responsive checkbox option.
  • Add horizontal layout setting.
  • Add helper script for responsive videos.
  • Improve fields layout setting.
  • Add center content option.
  • Add auto adjust submit button width option.


  • [fix] php notices and various undefined indices
  • [fix] if action box is trash status, then, do not show.
  • [add] custom buttons stylesheet should now load after the last action box (so it is not overridden).
  • [add] updated get_settings() method in base class to return default settings if it is not yet set.
  • [add] added mab_load_addons action hook to ProsulumMabBase class.
  • [add] option to center form elements
  • Move all admin pages under one main menu item.


  • [pro] Added Gravity Forms add-on
  • Improved custom style generator
  • Improved the category tab in main settings to also display parent categories.
  • Minor fixes


  • [fix] fixed action box style dropdown select box reverting to User Styles after save when selecting None as style.
  • [fix] fixed style creator not putting out border-radius css
  • [fix] fixed php notices
  • [fix] fixed php error if the page content type is not allowed by MAB but MAB still tries to set action box.
  • made paths to functions file in addons use absolute paths
  • added more classes to generated button css code
  • [fix] updated linear-gradient in button css code to use new W3c implementation


  • Added Random Box type to display a random action box from a specified set of action boxes
  • Added feature to display video beside selected action boxes


  • Fixes
  • made css more specific in button css code
  • custom buttons now working for Opt In box type
  • added [mab_button] shortcode


  • Fixed css generator where it wasn’t putting out the property for submit buttons on hover
  • Fixed paging issue when on page with custom query
  • added mab_allowed_post_types filter for making it possible to show action boxes on other post types


  • Added new action box type – Contact Form 7 box
  • Added a number of action and filter hooks for extending the plugin 🙂
  • Added options for setting the input field labels of integrated mailing list providers


  • Replaced the hook used to call the main action box from template_redirect to wp hook.


  • Improved Custom Style editor generated stylesheets due to label color being overridden.


  • Fixed Custom Style editor stylesheets
  • Updated default action box css


  • Added new action box styles
  • Reorganized plugin assets so they’re all registered at magic-action-box.php
  • Added specialized classes MAB_ActionBox, MAB_Template, MAB_Widget classes to make things more OOP.
  • Reorganized methods and classes to fit the new architecture and use the new classes.
  • Updated view templates to use MAB_ActionBox class.
  • Updated mab_get_actionbox() function to work with new MAB_ActionBox class.
  • Added mab_template_output, mab_get_template-{$type} and mab_get_template action hooks for outputting action box html in MAB_Template::getTemplate()
  • Added MAB_Utils and deprecated ProsulumMabCommon class and placed in deprecated-classes.php file.
  • Default value for selected action box in posts/pages now set to “Default”. Previously it was set to “Disabled”.
  • Added option to enable/disable minifying of html output.
  • Added Magic Action Box Widget.
  • Improved HTML parser to allow and tags, and recognize attribute values surrounded by single quotes.
  • Updated action url of generated mailchimp form
  • Added margin: 0 auto to .mab-wrap default style. added actionbox-helper.js
  • Added Duplicate Action Box function
  • Replaced textarea for action box main content and secondary content with WYSIWYG editor via wp_editor()
  • Changed a lot of CSS for the preconfigured designs
  • Added wrapping


div> around the submit button


  • Fixed admin notices not having a “hide notice” link.
  • Added new admin page – Support.

  • Minor fixes


  • Added integrated support for Wysija Newsletters plugin


  • Added new setting field for salesbox action box type for specifying additional attributes for the main button


  • Fixed bug where multiple custom stylesheets were not all loading


  • Added feature to set a default action boxe for ALL posts/pages


  • Disabled tracking on AddThis social sharing as it was adding ugly tracking hashtags to the share link.


  • Made action box styles global
  • Added Share Box action box type
  • Renamed Design Settings menu to Styles & Buttons
  • Fixed PHP notices
  • Fixed action box styling issues on preconfigured styles
  • Added id parameter to shortcode
  • Added mab_get_actionbox() template tag function


  • Fixed style not working for Sales Box type


  • Fixed PHP notices


  • Added new style “Purity”
  • Added new style “Purity Alternate”
  • Added new style “Lead”
  • Added new style “The Grey”
  • Added autoupdate functionality”


  • Improved UI copy on Opt-In box settings screen.


  • Fixed styling issue where all visited links on the page are overriden by the plugin’s stylesheet.


  • Fixed stylesheet not loading when selecting User Settings


  • Added option to reorder the priority of wpautop() and wptexturize() on the_content filter. This is to force the action box to be displayed first.
  • Fixed Aweber thank you page not working


  • Fixed issue with previous styles not being the right one.
  • Added function to clear cache
  • Added nag message to clear cache.


  • Added Crosswalk style.
  • Added 10 preconfigured CSS3 buttons
  • Styling fixes


  • Added [magicactionbox] shortcode and mab_get_actionbox() function
  • Thumbnail previews for styles.
  • Moved individual action box assets to be under each own directory.
  • Override Preconfigured styles with own CSS through Custom CSS box.


  • Modified action box styles to be more resilient.
  • Added Last Light style and Clean style.


  • Added Sales Box type
  • Added Button creator functionality


  • BUG/FIX fixed conflict on wp media upload/insert on post and page edit screen with plugin.
  • Fixed styling issues with some of the preconfigured designs.
  • Added screen to select Action Box type.


  • Created additional action box styles


  • Fixed settings not being initialized on first install


  • Original Version.