Logic Hop


Logic Hop brings the power of personalization to WordPress.

Now you can automate your website to show the right content, to the right person, at the right time.

Use built-in conditions or easily click-to-create your own rules and show content based on over 40 pieces of data for relevant, personalized messaging that builds a connection with users and gets results.

Content Personalization – What is it?

Information is automatically gathered when people view your website. Such as:

  • What website referred the person?
  • Where is the person located?
  • Which content has the person viewed?

Using this data, and MUCH more, Logic Hop helps you target individual users and show them custom content.

Get started in minutes! Check out our 3 Tricks to Personalize Your WordPress Website.

Logic Hop Features

  • Build powerful call-to-action conditional logic with just a few clicks for dynamic content display.
  • Logic Hop is fully integrated with WordPress so it’s easy to personalize content using Shortcodes & Widgets.
  • Control almost any WordPress content element, including third-party widgets.
  • Over 40 points of real-time data include lead score, goals, page views, geolocation, referrers, query strings, dates & time.
  • Extend Logic Hop functionality with powerful Add-ons for third party services.
  • Default conditions make it fast & easy to get started!

For full details, documentation and tutorials visit LogicHop.com.

Add-on Integrations:

  • Logic Hop Data Plan & Geolocation
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip


  • Logic Hop Dashboard
  • Logic Hop Condition Builder
  • Logic Hop Palette - Condition Shortcodes
  • Logic Hop Palette - Goal Shortcodes
  • Logic Hop Palette - Data Shortcodes
  • Logic Hop Palette - Javascript Builder
  • Logic Hop Page/Post Tools
  • Logic Hop Conditional Widgets
  • Logic Hop Settings


  1. Click “Add New” from the Plugins page in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Enter “Logic Hop” in the “Search Plugins” field
  3. Locate Logic Hop and click “Add Now” followed by “Activate”
  4. Visit the Logic Hop Settings page and follow the instructions to configure Logic Hop


Installation Instructions
  1. Click “Add New” from the Plugins page in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Enter “Logic Hop” in the “Search Plugins” field
  3. Locate Logic Hop and click “Add Now” followed by “Activate”
  4. Visit the Logic Hop Settings page and follow the instructions to configure Logic Hop
What does Logic Hop do?

Logic Hop brings the power of personalization to WordPress with click-to-build rules that display content based on over 40 pieces of data.

Logic Hop goals allow you to track and measure user activity.

Who should use Logic Hop?

Logic Hop is perfect for e-commerce websites, marketers, growth hackers, affiliate marketers, developers and small businesses that want to add personalization to WordPress.

How does Logic Hop store user data?

Logic Hop stores user data and activity for the user’s current session. Data is available as the user interacts with your website and remains accessible until their session expires – Typically when the user closes their browser, or after a few hours of inactivity.

Is Logic Hop Free? What are the Data Plans?

Yes, Logic Hop is free and fully functional with data stored in the current user’s session.

The optional Logic Hop Data Plans are paid services providing persistent data storage which allows you to access user data and activity every time the user visits your website. The plans also include added functionality such as IP-based geolocation.

A Data Plan is not required. Logic Hop is fully functional without an API Key.

Visit https://LogicHop.com to learn more.

Do I need a Data Plan?

No – You do not! Logic Hop is fully functional without a Data Plan. In fact, Logic Hop always works in real-time and user data is available on every page of your site during the user’s current session.

When users leave your site their data is discarded. With a Data Plan, user data is stored long-term and instantly available every time a user visits your site for building lasting personalization profiles.

What are Add-on Integrations?

Add-on Integrations are plugins that extend Logic Hop to provide functionality for third-party services such as Google Analytics, WooCommerce and ConvertKit.

Add-on Integrations are available as paid yearly subscriptions which include plugin updates and customer support.

Some Add-ons are also included free with Logic Hop Data Plans.

Do I Need a Data Plan to use an Add-on?

No – Add-on Integrations can be used without a Logic Hop Data Plan.

What’s required to use Logic Hop?

Logic Hop requires WordPress version 4.6 or higher and PHP version 5.4 or higher.

Logic Hop works does not work with sites hosted on WordPress.com or WordPress.com VIP.

Do I need a programmer to use Logic Hop?

Definitely not. Our click-to-build tools allow you easily create conditional logic and goals without any programming knowledge.

Does Logic Hop store my information?

No – The free version of Logic Hop does not store any of your data or information.

The optional Logic Hop API paid service does store anonymous visitor data, API Key and account information as well as meta-data about your Logic Hop configuration for customer support. Full details can be viewed at https://LogicHop.com


Get in the front seat

In need of optimizing your webpage for more convertions, leads and relevance to future users? Logic Hop lets me do this in a clever and intuitive way. I believe this is one of the plugins that has improved my site the most. With great goal setup, sophisticated condition parameteres and a dashboard to view the results later on, makes this a must-have and a no-brainer for marketers and webpage owners who need to get in the front seat of personalisation.

Note: I also want to add that I did send an enhancement request to the developer who pulled an update the day after. (Six stars from Norway)

Awesome concept! Give it a go.

Content personalization is not a familiar concept for most, but this plugin implements it well that it’s easy to get up and running even for beginners.

The future of marketing

This is the stuff everyone will be doing in a year or two. Great plugin, a ton of value. Some may find it complicated but … if you want power … you need options 🙂

Unbelievable value

If you want to get into content personalization, or website automation, you definitely need to use LogicHop.

I upgraded to the premium version and it’s already paid for itself a number of times over!

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  • Added option to support update notifications


  • Fixed undefined variable warning
  • Added MobileOS condition


  • Added case-insensitive operators for query strings, referrers and location conditions


  • Fix to prevent PHP warnings when add-on conditions are evaluated without add-on plugin installed


  • Fixed date formatting issue in condition builder


  • Added ‘No Condition(s) Met’ default catch-all condition


  • Added “in list” for multiple query string values in a single condition
  • Fixed issue where some condition builder values would improperly display
  • Prevent quotes & backslashes in condition values


  • Updated SiteOrigin Page Builder widgets to work properly with caching plugins


  • Added Logic Hop Dashboard
  • Added Logic Hop widget to WordPress Dashboard
  • Updated SiteOrigin Page Builder conditional widget functionality


  • Added support for IP Address conditions


  • Added conditional CSS to class


  • Added “in list” for multiple locations in a single condition


  • Added new default conditions & data variables


  • Added Lead Scoring
  • Added referrer ‘contains’ condition
  • Added Liquid Template variables for sending Logic Hop data to add-ons


  • Updated Logic Hop editor Javascript for inserting Conditions in the Page/Post editor


  • Added Javascript session/data testing tool
  • Added CrawlerDetect class to prevent crawler/bot data from being stored in Logic Hop Data Storage
  • Added User Agent session and storage


  • Removed date/time setting that could cause date/time inconsistencies when using UTC offsets


  • Added support for datalist inputs in condition builder
  • Added ability to store custom post types in data storage


  • Replaced event tracking filter with hook for multiple event triggers


  • Added additional Hooks & Filters


  • Initial version