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Show currency values to readers in their local currency (in brackets after the original value).

The LocalCurrency WordPress plugin allows visitors to see currency values in their local currency (in brackets after the original value). For example: If the site's currency is Chinese yuan and the post contains 10 yuan, a user from Australia will see 10 yuan (AUD$1.53), while a user from US will see 10 yuan (USD$1.39).

Why Use It?

I've seen many bloggers write something like: 10 yuan (about $1.50) - because many of their readers don't know how much the yuan (or whatever currency they are using) is worth. LocalCurrency automatically does this for you and tells readers exactly how much it's worth, in their own currency, wherever they are from.


  • Determines the reader's country via IP address, using IP2C
  • Obtains exchange rates from Yahoo! Finance
  • Uses 'AJAX' techniques so that converting currency values doesn't delay page load times
  • Caches exchange rates locally to minimise calls to Yahoo! Finance
  • Only does something if there is a currency value in the post
  • Allows visitors to change their currency via a selection box
  • Allows the conversion of a currency range (eg $50-100)
  • Gives site owner the ability to hide the original value if desired
  • Gives site owner the choice of using current or historic rates (ie at time of post)
  • Now works with mulitple source curriencies

How To Use (once plugin is installed)

Enter any currency values you want converted using the localcurrency shortcode. For example:


This can be done manually through the Visual view in the post editor, or using the LocalCurrency Quicktag in the Code view (select the number to be converted and click the quicktag).

For a currency range, use a hyphen between values (without spaces), eg:


There is a site-wide Site Currency setting which is used as the 'from' currency. To override this and convert from a different currency for a specific value, specify the 'from' currency (using a valid currency code):

[localcurrency from="AUD"]$65[/localcurrency]

The plugin will work with more than one currency per page, but will be much slower.

Note: This plugin used to use the following format: <!--LCSTART-->$10<!--LCEND-->. This will still work but it is recommended to use the shortcode format shown above. Please do not use both formats on the one page.


The plugin strips non numeric characters (such as $) from between the tags, before converting the value. However, some currency symbols may include numeric characters. For example, 10元 may be stored as 10&amp;#20803;. The 20803 will remain after the non numeric characters are stripped and will be considered as part of the value to convert, resulting in an incorrect value.

If you experience this problem, please leave the currency sign outside the tags (ie: 元[localcurrency]10[/localcurrency]).


  • This plugin requires WordPress 2.8 or above.
  • I am not currently aware of any compatibility issues with any other WordPress plugins.


This plugin is officially not supported (due to my time constraints), but if you post problems to the support forum, I'll try to help.


This plugin is released under the GPL licence. I do not accept any responsibility for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, that may arise from using the plugin or these instructions. This software is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty. Please refer to the full version of the GPL license for more information.

Requires: 2.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.9
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 400+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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