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We stop maintaining Litearlly WordPress because of few development resource. Please use alteranatives.
If you need special support for importing or exporting, please give us a feed back from the support forum.

Literally WordPress make your post payable. Registered users can buy your post via PayPal and other payment methods.

What you can sell

You can provide your customers serveral services.

  • Digital contents e.g. ePub, PDF, MP3
  • Event ticket e.g. Live ticket
  • Subscription e.g. User only magazine

To know more

There also is plugin support site Create thread, read TIPs or get sample theme there.


Icon sets are provided by Functions.


  • Transaction form is automatically generated.
  • Buy now widget is ready.
  • You can assign purchase history page on front page.
  • Event ticket has QR code and event specific code. Event promotor can manage participants.
  • Transaction history dashboard.


  • GMO Payment Gateway is now supported.
  • Softbank Payment Service is suppoted.
  • Redund price will be saved.
  • Many bug fix

  • Many bug fix
  • Support for Android XML-RPC API(exprimental)
  • Enhanced campaign list.
  • Now you can wait for cancellation on event.

  • Small bug fix
  • Enhanced event list

  • File uploader’s label is wrong.

  • Miner enhancement on XML-RPC API.

  • Some bug fix
  • XML-RPC API for iOS is updated. Now you can save UUID.

  • Add iOS non-consumable product support.
  • Many bug fixes.

  • Bugfix. Sorry for that.

  • Bugfix.


  • Added event ticket functions. Now you can sell your event ticket.
  • Added transaction summary on dash board.
  • Some bugs maybe fixed.


  • Added promotion functions


  • Add subscription plan feature.
  • Add smart phone support on PayPal Landing page.
  • Add Payment selection page.
  • Bug fix.


  • Enable user to pay via bank account.
  • You can refund to your customer.
  • Delete related data on uninstallation.
  • Database structure has been changed. Don’t forget to backup your data on upgrading!
  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fix. Count Down timer uses console.log().


  • Bug fix.


  • 1st release.

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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