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Listly: for blogs, brands & writers craving easy-to-author, socially compelling content

30% of blog posts are lists, because they work. Fun, social listicles: Numbered list posts made easy to author, share, embed & extend.

Integrate Numbered Lists/Listicles on WordPress & Beyond

Use Listy to create, curate or collaborate visually-appealing, social list-posts. A powerful combo in one plugin that frees your content to be discovered / distributed beyond your blog.

No list is ever truly complete, so engage the crowd, make them your crowd.

Moderate as your audience evolve & extend your lists. Community forms around interests, needs & expertise as your list posts get more valuable with time.

Listly is a "Swiss Army Knife" for content. A tool that does many jobs. There's a reason: Lists solve many content problems. This means you can manage and master less tools/plugins/apps.

Many ways to use Listly

More than a plugin, Listly is a collaborative content authoring tool & a content platform. Lists are a distinct form of media.

  • Build awesome useful lists for your niche
  • Use Listly as a free content source (embed other people's lists)
  • Track your list metrics as they get consumed across the web
  • Simplify sharing of both your lists & your list items

What kind of list will you make/embed? Who will embed your lists?

Get more from your numbered list posts with Listly

We believe a social list platform outperforms plain text lists. You wouldn't self-host a video today. We believe this applies to collaborative lists.

Media platforms are social. Platforms like Listly, YouTube, Slideshare & Instagram highlight why your content needs to be findable, shareable & embeddabe. Your content gets found independent of your blog. People visit these destination sites to find content. If you ignore these platforms your blog is operating in isolation.

It's smarter to author your media first, them this media embed on your blog. It gives your more reach. Lists should be media.

Making lists together is more fun & more productive

Begin with a few items; an imperfect list, then ask for help to enhance the list. A never ending task your community can embrace & drive. Working alone on lists is just 1.0 thinking.

Your job: source & seed. Ask questions in the form of lists. Why is talk radio engaging? Because the audience plays an active role by answering questions. Listly's paradigm emulates talk radio.

Your listicles should be inviting & enaging

Start lists & share them to entice readers to contribute & participate. Don't try to be exhaustive & perfect. Leave gaps. Don't be a smarticle. Sharing all you know is neither social nor inviting. An exhaustive list is unapproachable. Leave room for "Joe Public" to help. Be imperfecticle. If you ask for help, look like you need it & pitch it at a level where people see they can add to the conversation. Be real.

Imperfection is sexy.

By sharing your imperfections, you generously let others shine. Perhaps that's not something you expected to read on a WordPress plugin page, but genrosity is a strategy.

Collaborative, embeddable, shareable lists will always outperform static HTML lists. You'll enjoy more views & engagement because people can embed & extend your ideas. What more means is up to you. Get out what you put in.

  • A great static list will get stolen/copied/ignored/forgotten/outdated
  • A great Listly list will get embedded, shared & maintained

Listly ensures your lists get more valuable with time as they evolve, attracting more helpers & better SEO ranking. This is the cycle of life when you let your content evolve by empowering people can help. HTML lists lost inside blog post don't behave like this.

Benefits of Authoring / Moderating / Administering List Posts with/via Listly:

  1. Add/edit lists directly via blog posts/pages or Listly (inc assisted finding or uploading of custom images)
  2. Let your list posts evolve over time by accepting contributions from your readers (great for SEO)
  3. Moderate reader's suggestions as desired ( delete / approve / remove)
  4. Readers vote to rank their fave items, so your list post gets more useful over time
  5. Effortlessly share lists or list items on Listly or via embeds on any post/page

Authoring lists is tedious. Editing old posts to add omissions/suggestions is worse. Listly lets you (& your audience) update the list content, without editing in WP admin, so nothing breaks. What's the cost of not updating? Does it say you aren't listening? Worse still the utility of your content decays over time. We call it list rot.

Benefits of leveraging Listly as a publishing or media platform for list posts:

  1. Embed lists & create high traffic list posts on WordPress & other blogging platforms
  2. Listly lists are "responsive" so your content looks great on mobile, tablets & desktops (it's not an iframe - width & height are dynamic, based on available space & device constraints - embed in a page, post or a sidebar)
  3. Custom shortcodes allow you to choose from multiple layouts & control list behaviour
  4. Metrics. Track where people view & engage with your lists. See who contributes & build an army of helpers
  5. Optionally lists can be hand curated into a custom curated order

Benefits of leveraging Listly lists for Content Marketing / Content Management:

  1. Earn organic search traffic. Lists are automatically tagged for SEO best practices. Our biggest list has seen 1.4 million views & that's 100% organic search traffic
  2. Include media links on your lists to create interactive platlists eg slides, videos, audio, images, tweets etc (one plugin to let you embed many forms of media)
  3. Run contests/surveys to source & rank ideas. Option to let people & ideas on the fly
  4. Affiliate product lists have never been easier to create, share & embed (needs Pro)
  5. Get more from your Twitter lists by turning them into social content. People lists are a great tool for building engagement eg Top 10 Women in Business Intelligence - 50% of the views came from the blog / 50% from Listly.

30% of the web is numbered list posts. Lists work. Numbered list posts are the best performing content on the web. Listly just makes those posts social & collaborative. Listly elevates lists to be a platform on a par with slides / video media platforms like Slideshare & YouTube.

Watch to learn the value of embedding Listly lists on your blog:

When you begin using Listly you can get significant personal utility by saving time on authoring, visually-appealing lists. Most of all Listly makes lists social & collaborative, but you can grow into that over time.

Listly make your lists reusable: shareable, embeddable as responsive content. HTML lists on blogs add friction to sharing & reuse.

Listly empowers your audience to contribute to the list content on your blog. That's a level of engagement above commenting. People can also embed other people's lists on their blog.

  • Your lists are a source of content for others (just like Slides on Slideshare)
  • You can embed other people's lists on your blog (great blog posts in less time)

Use Listly to create useful resource lists (eg Top 10 WordPress plugins) or Listicle type list (eg 10 Tricks Every WordPress Developer Wish They Knew). Listly is also for creating playlists of videos, slides, audio & images.

Explore the Getting Started guide if you are new to Listly.

Lists & Listly are part of the shift from self-hosted media to embedded media. The social sharing benefits far out weigh control issues. They also enable your content to become earned media.

Think of Listly as Slideshare for lists. Put your lists on Listly, then embed them on your blog. Listly is a responsive authoring platform for lists that can be seamlessly embedded in blog posts across the web.

Here's 5 simple ideas to begin using Listly on your WordPress blog:

  1. Track your guest posts on other blogs for easy resharing
  2. Create people lists of your team for a given blog or project
  3. Create universal playlists of relevant slides, videos & podcasts to embed on your blog
  4. Create lists of related posts or resources to help your readers
  5. Manage your blog roll via Listly so anyone can / vote, re-use & extend your list

We think of Lists as a type of data, just like you think of Slides, Videos or Podcasts. All these technologies have evolved in similar ways to be highly embeddable. They have also become highly trafficed search destination sites. See graphic on Slideshare


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Image Credit: Ian Muttoo via Flickr & Creative Commons

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Compatible up to: 4.1.4
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