Lazy Load for Comments


Lazy load WordPress default commenting system without any complex configurations. Get rid of unwanted HTTP requests and get your page speed back.

Lazy Load for Comments – Features & Advantages

  • Load comments only when required.
  • Improve page loading speed.
  • Reduce no. of HTTP requests!
  • Lazy loading comments gravaters.
  • Translation ready!
  • No complex configurations (Just one setting).
  • Developer friendly (Hooks available for altering).
  • Follows best WordPress coding standards.
  • Of course, available on GitHub

Installation | Screenshots

Bug Reports

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  • Settings - Select lazy load method.


Installing the plugin – Simple

  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin, search for Lazy Load for Comments and click “Install now
  2. Alternatively, download the plugin and upload the contents of to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to Discussion settings.
  5. Select the lazy load method (Scroll or Click).

Need more help?

Feel free to open a support request.

Missing something?

If you would like to have an additional feature for this plugin, let me know


What is the use of this plugin?

Plugin name says everything. This plugin prevents the comments from loading automatically when page/post is loaded. Instead, this plugin will lazy load the comments when user scroll down to comments section or clicking on comment button.

I don’t need loader gif image, can I disable it?

Yes, you can!. Just add following line to your theme’s functions.php or in your custom plugin.

add_filter( 'llc_enable_loader_element', '__return_false' );
How can I change the button text?

Just add following line to your theme’s functions.php or in your custom plugin.

add_filter( 'llc_button_text', function () {
    return 'My Custom Button Text';
How can I add a custom class to the button?

Add following line to your theme’s functions.php or in your custom plugin.

add_filter( 'llc_button_class', function () {
    return 'custom-class-1 custom-class-2';
Can I use something else instead of loader image?

Yes! There is a filter for this too! Add following line to your theme’s functions.php or in your custom plugin.

add_filter( 'llc_loader_element_content', function () {
    // Use any html element.
    return '<p class="custom-loader">Loading... Please wait.</p>';
I need more details

Please open a support request.



Really great plugin which comes with just the right amount of options/filters. Thanks Joel!

I wish the plugin worked with Cloudflare page caching, but it’s still a 5 star plugin without that 🙂

Awesome button

Just what I’ve been looking for; a way to have comments open on every page without them taking over and bogging down the load time. The creator is here to help if you need it, just be sure to open comments on the page you test, or you’ll think the button doesn’t work. Thanks Joel

I love it – now even more! 🙂

I’ve tried other lazy load plugins, but this one is the simplest and works best for comments. It’s exactly what I was searching for because some of my blog entries are really long, and have additionally many comments.

Not only the page load time is reduced, also the visitor is less likely to give up reading because the scroll bar appears to never end, if comments are loaded instantly.

I thought about breaking down the comments to show only 5 or 10 at a time, with pagination, but that’s less likely to read if you have to click through them, and finding stuff in comments is also much harder if you can’t skim over them easily (or use the browsers search function).

This plugin is the perfect solution because it really loads them only if they come into view, and then you have all of them visible.

Bonus: It works with only one Popup to set it up.

Update: In version 1.0.2 the plugin also takes care for loading specific comments directly from URLs, very nice:
If I could: 10 stars.

Thanks! 🙂

Works and can be customised

Great plugin mate, really simple and works well. No fuss.

I’ve customised it to exclude some custom post types I’m making a plugin for on my site. It might be good for users that aren’t developers for you to give them a select box or something to include/exclude some post types.

Amazing, Joel Does It Again!

This plugin should have been developed years ago! Actually it should be built into WordPress core if you ask me. If you have a post with 20+ comments, there is no reason why it should generate 20 HTTP requests, one for each gravatar. This simple lightweight plugin fixes all that!

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Contributors & Developers

“Lazy Load for Comments” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.3 (03/04/2017)

  • Fixed wrong value return in bot checking function.

1.0.2 (08/02/2017)

  • Added custom filters.
  • Added loader while comments are being loaded.
  • Disabled lazy load for Search Engine crawlers.
  • Scroll to comment if #comment id found in url.
  • 100% translation ready. (19/11/2016)

  • Bug fix on PHP v5.3 – Parse error.

1.0.0 (18/11/2016)

  • First version.