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What is KomentBox?

KomentBox is a plug and play commenting plugin which gives instant boost to engagements, referral traffic and revenues of your blog/website. This plugin have innovative features to build a very good interaction and referral traffic along with an option to build revenues for your website/blog. Integrate KomentBox and sit back to observe automatic increase in commenting, traffic and revenues.

=Unique Features=

  • Real time mapping of comments on facebook/twitter page to the same page on the website. (Increases Commenting on website)
  • Interactive widgets like Most Commented Article (Builds referral traffic)
  • Ads are placed in between the comments to generate additional revenues for your blog/website.
  • A complete analytics suite comprising of Site Analytics, Comment Analytics and Article analytics.
  • Completely customizable features and UI via an easy to use dashboard.
  • Ease of moderation directly from frontend and SPAM protection.
  • Supports 48 Languages and SDK also available for Android and IOS

    For queries contact KomentBox support at: contact@nlpcaptcha.com


  • You need the NLPCaptcha API keys here


  • Meet KomentBox
  • KomentBox Settings
  • Most Commented Article Widget
  • Facebook Mapping of comments (Optional)


To install in regular WordPress and WordPress MultiSite:
1. To get dashboard and Integration keys you are required to Sign Up HERE. Verify account after Sign Up
2. Once your account is approved you can login to dashboard and take out Publisher Key, Validate Key and Private Key
3. Upload the�wp-komentbox�folder to the�/wp-content/plugins/�directory or Install the KomentBox Plugin from the Add New Plugin option in admin dashboard
4. Activate the plugin and update Publisher Key, Validate Key and Private Key in the plugin settings. Select Enable for comment form and Save Settings.


  1. Why KomentBox widget is not visible even after activating the plugin?

Make sure that you have deactivated other commenting plugin if you are using one. If you still see the issue please contact KomentBox support at contact@nlpcaptcha.com

  1. What is facebook/twitter mapping feature?

This is the most innovative feature of KomentBox. Whatever comments are there on your facebook/twitter page, KomentBox maps all those comments directly to appropriate website article by doing URL tracking.

  1. Are ads compulsory with the KomentBox? And how much will I earn?

Getting ads with the widget is optional. We work on revenue share model of 80:20. Whatever revenue we get from ads we share 80% revenues with the publisher. So no need to worry about CPM or CPC rates. Whatever we get, we will give most of it to the publisher.

  1. What kind of analytics will I get?

KomentBox comes up with an interactive dashboard that is equipped with a complete analytics suite. From comments analytics to article analytics and further to website analytics, KomentBox will give you a single tool to analyze and understand your audience on varied parameters.

  1. Can I moderate comments from front end?

Yes, moderation can be done directly from front end without logging into dashboard.

For more FAQS please visit HERE


Very good commenting option

I shifted from Disqus commenting system to KomentBox in search of getting something innovative and KomentBox stands in place. KomentBox started bringing comments to my website. I also started getting some revenue out of a commenting system. KomentBox is certainly a best option with completely customization of template available.

KomentBox is a good option to get commenting

I recently shifted to KomentBox and found that commenting started building on my website instanntly because of mapping of facebook comments to my website. Not only this, I got to earn some good revenues from a commenting system. Very good deal. UI is decent but can be improved.

I saw instant increase in commenting

I enabled facebook mapping feature of this plugin and what I noticed was just miracle. All my comments from facebook page started coming on my website article automatically resulting in 10-15 times increase in commenting.

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