KBucket Topic Curation


Curate your knowledge of topics and events and share it via KBucket!

Editorialize any type of link (webpages, tweets, facebook posts, Youtube videos, google docs, pdf files…), assign content tags and publish it to your website.

Use KBucket as a B2B sales tool to empower your sales people and employees to share content from the library and drive traffic to your website.

Or, use KBucket as a hub to organize access to information based on project and worker needs, to help save time and improve productivity for information workers.

KBucket plugin for WordPress integrates as a standalone page on your website, and makes it easy to host, organize, navigate and share hundreds of curated content items in context!

Let’s take a look and see how it works.

Curation made easy

We make it real easy to curate and organize material straight in your browser with our Kurator extension for Chrome.

With Kurator you can save any type of link accessible from the Internet, editorialize the title and summary, record the publisher, author and date and assign content tags to categorize your items.

When you see an article you want to keep, you simply click on the Kurator icon, it scrapes information from the page and lets you add your own comments and tags.

Let’s take a look and see how it works.

Why you should curate content

  • B2B Marketing: Content libraries make it easy for sales and marketing to share information approved by management and increase inbound traffic.
  • Training: Learning where information resides will accelerate the training of information workers. We make it real easy to optimize access to critical information with direct feedback from people who use the information.
  • Branding: The keyto effective branding is frequency of messaging. Use our tools to curate and share news with your audience and drive traffic to your website.
  • ChatBot solution: Curation is an excellent tool to design your chatbot intents and index information from different sources in one place, To learn more see this post.

To learn more about these topics see our study on Inbound marketing, using our KBucket solution.



Install like most other plugins.

  • Search for KBucket in your plugin directory and directly install it from the store
  • Or, Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the Plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, KBucket Plugin page (You will see KBucket in the sidebar)
  • Register the Plugin by going to our registration page
  • Get your API key from your new profile page (The free version lets you display 10 articles per channel)
  • Enter your API key under the settings tab in your WordPress KBucket page
  • If you are using a PageMaker product, you need to use short keys to display the contents
  • Go the the “Settings Tab” and choose “use short code” option
  • Go to the KBucket page (this page is labeled under your pages list) and create a row with two columns and copy the short codes into each section
  • Go to your “Pages” section of the Dashboard and select the page your want to display the KBucket page on (You should first create a page for this from the page menu).
  • Add the Kbucket page to your desired menu and change the name and url of the page as you wish
  • If you are not using short codes, go to the Appearance Widgets menu and add the KBucket tags to the “KBucket Sidebar”
  • Download Kurator from the Kurator product page
  • Visit our forum if you have any questions forums.
  • To learn how to create and export your curated research see this post in the Kurator forum.
  • To upload your curated page go to the ‘upload KBucket’ tab in your plugin and upload the file.

Here are 2 examples of KBucket Pages. One is on our site and one is on a client site.

KBucket Page on Curation and Marketing

KBucket Page on US Immigration News


More Documentation

To get more detailed information and video tutorials visit our forums.

What are the limitations with the Trial Version

The Trail version lets you post 10 articles per channel and create as many channels as you wish. The idea is for you to make sure the Plugin works for you and is compatible with your site.

How do I curate Articles

To Curate articles you need either our <a href=”https://optimalaccess.com/kurator” target=“_blank”>Kurator plugin for Chrome, or the KBrowser plugin for Waterfox. Visit our website by clicking on the links to learn more.

How Do I share my links

You can share links individually by clicking on the “+” sign at the end of the description and sharing the article on your preferred channel. You can also grab the article “url” placed under each article and paste it to your timeline. Additionally you can schedule links in a channel using the RSS feed provided for each channel in your dashboard. You can find these feeds under the “Published Links” tab in your KBucket dashboard. Select the Category and sub-category and grab the RSS feed to the right of your drop down boxes. We have more detailed description in our KBucket forum on our website.


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Contributors & Developers

“KBucket Topic Curation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




First official public release


Fixed minor theme related bugs


Fixed minor theme related bugs


Fixed issues with “Set Social” on the backend


Added Twitter handle for sharing


Added Twitter handle for sharing
Fixed upload bugs


Fixed category tag issues


Fixed memory upload issues


Fixed issues with social image share

=2.3.23 =
Fixed issues with Style formatting

=2.3.24 =
Fixed issues with Java Script – conflicts with newer versions

=2.4.7 =
Made KBucket page micro tags visible to the search engine
Added short code capabilities to make it compatible for more themes
Changed how images are uploaded. Once an image is loaded from the server, it will stay, till changed by the server.

=2.4.8 =
Solved issues with mobile display

=2.6.1 =
Changed the URL structure to SEO friendly URLs.

=2.6.3 =
Added a new template with the channels appearing in the side-bar

=2.6.6 =
Added CSS tab for modifying look and feel of the KBucket page

=2.6.7 =
Fixed issues with image upload

=2.6.16 =
Updated Mobile display of posts. Now you see the whole description while in Mobile viewing. This helps with our Botcopy integration.