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Kanban boards are best known for agile project management, but work well for customer relationship management (CRM), tracking sales, scheduling content publishing, hiring new employees, and more. See and show progress on your projects. Get more done.

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Here’s a 60-second intro to how to use the board, once you have it installed:


  • Easy installation
  • Customize the board to work for your team, including custom swim lanes.
  • Most editing is “edit in place” for quick updating. Create tasks and projects quickly, right from the board.
  • Assign tasks to team members to make sure they’ll get done.
  • Estimate how long you think tasks will take, then track your hours to see the progress of tasks as they get done.
  • Create custom views by filtering and searching for tasks. Bookmark them for easy access.
  • Manage the users who have access to the board, for privacy and integrated project management.
  • Data is stored separately from your WordPress data, for better privacy and security.
  • Collaborate in real-time, and see updates live.
  • Works on mobile!
  • Lots of extra features available through paid add-ons – multiple boards, to-do lists, task flagging, notifications, and more.

“Easy to install, easy to use!” – Hovig Devejian

“Kanban for WordPress allows us to focus on our work and not waste time managing tasks.” – Brad Chellingwort

“I’ve used lot of commercial project management tools but was never overjoyed on data security. These guys have done it. You Own All Your Data.” – wpsupport.io

Add-ons available at KanbanWP.com

While using this plugin if you find any bugs, please submit an issue at Github or use the “Contact us” form included in the plugin.

Privacy Policy

For optimized user experience, upon activation, the plugin will make an API connectivity test. This API call is anonymous and will NOT share any identifiable information about your site or user.


  • An example of the kanban board
  • The kanban board on a mobile phone
  • The projects edit screen on the kanban board
  • The settings page, where you set the color of each status column (or swimlane)
  • The general settings page


Installation Instructions
  1. Download the plugin
  2. Unzip into /wp-content/plugins, or go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  3. Visit the Plugins page in the WordPress admin
  4. Click “activate” under “Kanban for WordPress” to activate the plugin
  5. Visit the “Kanban” menu item that appears in the WordPress Admin menu. You can manage settings for your kanban board here.
  6. Click “Go to the board” to visit your kanban board and start adding tasks!


This works for me

My requirement was for a task management platform for our intranet that users found simple, intuitive and (if it’s even possible) fun to use. Corey and his team have nailed it. The ability to have boards, only accessible to those who should see them, be able to have context relevant conversations and move the tasks through different stages with different owners works for us.

By nature a solution like this is more difficult than a simple task list to get an overview, so if I have any suggestion it’s to include the ability to have a shortcode that can be placed anywhere which gives a user with assigned tasks a summary, /board /lane /#count of tasks allocated to them, no detail, any click takes them to the board.

FANTASTIC plugin, highly recommended.

Great Plugin

Wow very slick. Plug in has loads of features. Think about some more freebie elements as the free version isn’t very useful. Pro version is very nice. Keen to see REPORTS and IMPORT/EXPORT. Very useable and useful.

Quite polished, but not complete

Nicely polished plugin. However, almost everything is locked behind paid add-ons, even basic functionality such as:
– Task comments
– Notifications
– Labels
– Description field for tasks(!)
– Attachments

Each of the functionality above costs 25-50USD each (per year, presumably).

Constructive criticism for the author: Charge for what established platforms like Trello don’t offer, instead of charging for something they provide for free.

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