T(-) Countdown


T(-) Countdown will display a highly customizable HTML5 countdown timer as a sidebar widget or in a post or page using a shortcode. Perfect for informing one’s website visitors of an upcoming event, such as a pending space voyage. Using Jedi Mind-tricks and CSS… but mostly CSS, the countdown timer is highly customizable for your viewing pleasure. A complete listing of shortcode options are available, as well as free community support. This plug-in was inspired by littlewebthings’ CountDown jQuery plugin. Intergalactic planetary thanks to g2.de, siliconstudio.com and be.net/arturex for the included css styles.


  • T(-) Countdown in action with styles: Darth, Jedi and Carbonite.
  • Styles: C-3PO, TIE-Fighter and Carbonlite.
  • The basic T(-) Countdown widget options.
  • An expansive view of the available Countdown widget options, provided for your viewing pleasure.
  • The magical jQuery Datepicker.
  • Plugin options page with Custom CSS section


How does one use the shortcode, exactly?

A complete list of shortcode options has been provided to answer this exact question.

Where can I fork this plugin and contribute changes?


Where can I translate this plugin into my favorite langauge?

Community translation for T(-) Countdown has been set up.

How does one pronounce T Minus?
  • Tee—As in Tea for Two, or Tee off time
  • Minus—As in the opposite of plus (+)
  • T Minus—As in “This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We’ve passed the 11-minute mark. Now T minus 10 minutes 54 seconds on our countdown for Apollo 11.”
I am a Social Netwookiee, does Twinpictures have a Facebook page?

Yes, yes… Twinpictures is on Facebook.

Does Twinpictures do the Twitter?

Ah yes! @Twinpictures is on the Twitter.

Where may one enjoy U.S. news that gives giggle?
  • The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


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  • no longer requires now.php
  • widget now accepts only expected values
  • all links now https
  • fully tested with WordPress 4.7.3


  • widget scripts are only called on widget page
  • updated method jQuery datepicker was being called in Widget


  • accepts numTransObj as object that holds number translations non arabic numerals
  • fully tested with WordPress 4.6.1


  • updated version and method of loading remote jQuery UI from google cdn
  • widget now uses esc_attr for the title
  • cloud-city digits have more space between digits for smaller viewports
  • updated jquery-ui-timepicker to version 1.6.3
  • added jquery-ui-timepicker css
  • only triggers callback when required


  • replaced top and bottom class names to tc_top and tc_bottom to prevent conflicts
  • renamed js functions to prevent conflict with the theme: Avada


  • Removed included language files in favour of WordPress Language Packs
  • Fully tested with WordPress 4.5


  • fixed: issue on some systems to thrown a Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string
  • Fully tested with WordPress 4.4.0
  • Notice: Last chance to go pro at 2015 pricing


  • fixed: bug with localtime not being passed when js was placed inline


  • updated the readme.txt file to reflect the retirement of J-Steu
  • count-up will switch to 3 digits when above 99 days/weeks


  • fixed error with wrongly named function, thank you Stefano


  • Added missing text domain
  • Renamed language files to xx_XX.mo and xx_XX.po
  • Fixed a typo


  • Modified php constructor
  • Adjusted language domain inline with new WordPress Translation tool
  • Fixed bug with html in launch text


  • Corrected name of widget


  • added IE 10+ gradients to c-3p0 styles
  • added PHP5 style constructors for the Widget


  • added htmlencoding for html areas above and below countdown.


  • fixed fatal bug when registering events ajax callback
  • added force load css option for systems that will not dynamically load css
  • misc cleanup


  • complete code update
  • added plugin options page
  • added datetimepicker to widget
  • added T(-) Countdown Event integration
  • new method of handling styles and custom styles


  • updated method of formatting time in meta-box
  • error handling if the ajax call is not successful


  • time calculation for NOW is done via ajax, so now caching plugins may be used


  • countdown script moved in loading priority to after jQuery, when loaded in the footer


  • addressed jQuery undefined function error on some WordPress installs
  • javascript cleanup


  • fixed TIE-Fighter style to deal with box-sizing and will now adjust width automatically
  • updated the enqueue_scripts to be called using the proper hooks
  • only load the widget admin scripts on the widget page
  • datepicker now works when widget is first dropped on a sidebar


  • fixed but with omitweeks attribute


  • fixed IE rotation issue in some styles


  • updated jQuery UI datepicker style.
  • added Russian language
  • added Slovak language
  • added Persian language
  • added Czech language
  • added Lithuanian language
  • added Catalan language
  • added French language


  • added cloud-city style which is a clone of vintage that came with vintage wedding theme: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cannot-see-boxes


  • When setting jsplacment to inline, script is forced to print after countdown elements.
  • Escape characters no longer converted in widget tile
  • Fixed ‘Top Scroll’ issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/timer-working-but-top-scroll-feature-conflicting?replies=7


  • only load jQuery datepicker and related css on widgets admin page
  • countup will switch to triple digits for numbers above 100
  • added carbonite-responsive style
  • added hoth style


  • calculate local time using WordPress current_time() function
  • fixed bug for iOS devices using Chrome


  • fixed missing php tag.


  • Added I18n localization support
  • Added German translation
  • Added source to Github: https://github.com/baden03/t-minus-countdown


  • Fixed issue with flashing animations on inactive tabs (again)


  • Bug fix: missing single quote on launchtarget.


  • Requires WordPress 3.3 or newer
  • Added jQuery datepicker for selecting target date
  • Added new ‘Count Up’ feature


  • Fixed spacing issues with some styles
  • Rockstar features will default to collapsed to save space
  • Updated method of locating plugins directory


  • Upgraded to a more efficient method of loading only the styles that are being used


  • Fixed CSS bugs, added new style: c-p30 mini


  • Greatly improved countdown script efficiency


  • Added two new image-free css styles: TIE-Fighter and C-3PO
  • Fixed an issue with strange spacing caused by WordPress’ wonky wpautop function
  • Moved plugin page at Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven
  • Consolidated support to WordPress Forums and added Premium Support option.
  • Fixed closed arrow issue on the widget options page.


  • Fixed issue with Digit Titles not being saved unless in rockstar mode


  • adjusted CSS to be compatible with WordPress 3.3


  • super fun with svn tagging issues.


  • further countdown optimizations.


  • Reworked the countdown timer function to deal with the requestAnimationFrame issue on an inactive tab in Chrome. By not blindly stacking timers on a tab the user cannot see them, the browser will have a reduced CPU footprint, leading to improved battery life in mobile devices.


  • Now works with retched Internet Explorer browser-like crap. Included new ‘carbonlite’ theme for single line countdown love.


  • Fixed bug with onlaunch HTML when using shortcode.


  • Added option of inserting the javascript in the footer or inline, after the countdown has been inserted.


  • Verify that a style has been set before looping – was throwing an error.
  • Improved load times by printing all javascript in the footer
  • Workaround for strange behavior with html content sent using shortcode


  • Multiple instance sidebar widgets.
  • Advanced above and below HTML areas.
  • Advanced ‘on-launch’ event that will display custom HTML in a target area when the countdown reaches 00:00:00.
  • Added shortcode to include multiple countdowns in post and pages.


  • 1.6 had completely different file structure that hosed the svn repository.


  • Added automatic 3-digit weeks and days.
  • Pimped out the Jedi css switcher to better handle user generated styles.
  • Added new carbonite style by Lauren at siliconstudio.com


  • Cleaned up code that was throwing array_merge warning errors on some systems.


  • NOW, when making time calculations, refers to the local time as set by WordPress in Settings > General > Timezone.


  • fixed issue with 1.2 not extracting the args… therefore there was not before-widget / before-title love. Sleep is important, as it turns out.


  • Reverted to the standard jQuery Library that comes with WordPress as it was conflicting with the TinyMCE/Visual Editor. To gain jQuery Google Caching, give the “Use Google Libraries” Plugin a whirl.


  • Squashed a bug that caused PHP to throw an extract() warning on some systems.


  • The plugin came to be.

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