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Jituzu is the premiere HIPAA-compliant platform for securely connecting service providers with the people they provider services to. Online scheduling, appointment reminders, secure messaging and online bill pay are part of the Jituzu platform. While you have complete control over which services you use, and with whom, Jituzu is intended to be used as the scheduler for the entire business. You have the option of allowing new clients to create an account with their service provider and schedule an appointment, or just allow certain existing clients to book new appointments.

Jituzu is a fully-interactive platform. Appointments are not merely “requested” pending acceptance, but they are placed on the calendar when there are openings that fit within the office hours and other guidelines set by the service provider. You can even set rules for an individual client! (i.e. “Only allow Billy Brown to schedule on Tuesday afternoons where there is a 2-hour window) Group practices can keep individual calendars while still allowing sharing between permitted services providers that are part of the group.

Jituzu meets the HIPAA-security requirements and includes a Business Associate Agreeement (BAA) as part of the subscriber agreement as required by U.S. law in order for Healthcare providers to meet their HIPAA obligations. This requires acceptance of the Jituzu subscriber agreement and in most cases, a paid subscription to individual services.

Non-healthcare customers (we have a lot of those, too) benefit from the high level of privacy and security required in healthcare, but will also enjoy being able to customize the terminology used to refer to customers, clients, patients, members, students, and so forth. The bottom line is that Jituzu is extraordinarly flexible and easy to use.

This plugin places a customizable iframe on your wordpress website, allowing your clientele to log in and use the Jituzu options you have granted.

Key Features:

  • Online account signup for new clients
  • Clients update their profile information
  • Customize the terminology to refer to clients, customers, patients, etc.
  • Supports multiple service providers operating as a group (contact customer support for setup instructions)
  • Interactive text and voice appointment reminders
  • Client response to appointment reminders updates calendar
  • Secure messaging between service providers in a group
  • Group messaging from a provider to a group of clients
  • Emergency group notification (i.e. “Doctor had an emergency today, please reschedule”)
  • Online bill pay (currently healthcare only)
  • Auto-waitlist to keep your calendar full and your clients happy
  • Apple iOS and Android mobile app for service providers and their clients
  • Videoconference with clients from your website or mobile device


  • This is a sample view of what the client will see when they first log in to their client account. Any new messages are clearly visible in their inbox.
  • Clicking on the Appointments menu option allows the user to see their upcoming appointments, past appointments, or to request a new appointment.
  • The user can also look for available openings weeks or months into the future.
  • If the user enters any notes when they schedule, they'll be visible to the service provider in the main calendar.


To install the Jituzu Tools plugin, use one of the following methods:

Automatic Installation:

  1. Find “Jituzu Tools” via the Plugins > Add New screen in your WordPress dashboard and click Install Now
  2. Activate the plugin after installation. Click on the new Jituzu Tools link that was added to menu options on the left.
  3. Create your Jituzu account by clicking on the blue Signup button on the Getting Started page, or go to the main Jituzu site and create an account.
  4. Finish the setup options within the plugin and then insert your wordpress shortcode wherever you like.

Manual Installation:
1. Download the plugin via WordPress.org or from the Jituzu site.
2. Upload the Zip file by clicking Plugins > Add Plugins > Upload Plugin
3. Activate the plugin after installation. Click on the new Jituzu Tools link that was added to menu options on the left.
4. Create your Jituzu account by clicking on the blue Signup button on the Getting Started page, or go to the main Jituzu site and create an account.
5. Finish the setup options within the plugin and then insert your wordpress shortcode wherever you like.


What does this cost?

While the base level of service for Jituzu is free, this plugin interacts with the Client Portal paid service option. Check the Jituzu website for current pricint, but at the time of this writing a Client Portal subscription was $14.95 per month.

Is this HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. Jituzu, or any other third-party service, needs to meet the requirements of a Business Associate for any covered entity. This includes contractual security and privacy obligations written in a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Jituzu includes the HIPAA-required BAA provisions in our subscriber agreement.

Here’s a link to HHS.gov that describes the HIPAA requirements more fully.

How does online bill-pay work?

Online bill pay works with a credit card merchant account that you activate within your Jituzu account with our processing partner. Currently, it is only available to healthcare providers. This feature enables clients to view and pay their bills online. Bills are automatically generated by partner billing companies of Jituzu, such as My Clients Plus. When a bill is paid online, the amounts can also be automatically posted to the individual client account of the billing entity such as My Clients Plus. If online bill pay is not active in the service provider account, the Balance Due menu option will not be visible.

How do I set up my Jituzu account, and what the options?

There’s a button inside the plugin setup that steps you through a minimal client portal setup. There are many other options for you to control what the clients see from within the portal. All of these settings are available by logging in to www.jituzu.com. The full calendar is also accessed by logging in to the main site.

How does it work when a new client books an appointment?

You have the choice as to whether you allow new clients to create their own accounts and book an online appointment. You can also choose not to allow online appointment schedule altogether (if you just want to use messaging, for example). If you enable new clients to signup, they can create their username and password along with their security questions (in case they forget their password). The first time they log in, they’ll be prompted to complete their basic profile information along with any custom fields you require them to complete. The service provider is notified immediately when a new client creates a Jituzu account.


No Sure…

I recently reviewed Jituzu after a long, tiring day. I was having some difficulty setting up a test account and integrating it into WordPress. Rather than wait and look at things with fresh eyes the following day I complained on this forum. While the interface is a bit confusing and I am still testing the plugin, I was hasty in my comments. Jituzu kindly reach out within a few hours offering assistance. I’m upping my rating to a four.

The Videoconferencing Is Superb

I frequently need to videoconference with my clients, and I used to struggle with how difficult it was to make sure my clients was ready at the time of the session to begin video conferencing. Also, I was not always sure that what I was doing with video was HIPAA compliant.

I started using the Jituzu videoconferencing using their wordpress plug-in from my own site and couldn’t be more pleased! It’s super-easy for my clients to start their session. All they do is go to my site and login, and the button to begin their video conferencing is right there on the page for them. They just click and the session begins.

I haven’t used it yet, but I’m told their iPhone app also supports videoconferencing. So, if my clients don’t have a full computer at their disposal, they can just log in with the mobile app and start their video session from their phone. Very, very nice.

This plugin works better than my receptionist!

I’ve had great experience with this plug-in and the Jituzu service. Most of my clients would rather do everything themselves online rather than call my office and talk to my admin.

They can pay their bill online, see their appointments, schedule new ones, send me secure messages, complete intake paperwork, add themselves to a wait list for an earlier appointment, and on and on. I highly recommend for anyone in healthcare, or anyone that serves the generally public, actually.

Pretty slick. Works as advertised

It took me about 5 minutes to add a nice login screen for my clients to my website. They can schedule appointments, message me, etc.

What I really liked is that, once the plug-in is installed on your wordpress site, you can change the appearance of jituzu section by logging into your jituzu account and changing the template. You can either make it bare-bones and transparent, or add your own text and images. Updating that automatically updated my wordpress site.


Great plugin and easy to use

I was looking for a plugin I could use on my therapist site and Jituzu Tools worked perfectly. There’s a nice help function inside the plugin that made it easy to set up my Jituzu account. Once the account was set up properly, all I had to do was put the shortcode inside my site and everything worked the first time. I have already gotten a few compliments from my clients. A great plugin.

Very clean and easy to use.

There was only one other HIPAA-compliant plugin that I could find, but it was pretty clunky. I tried Jituzu Tools and it did the trick.

I needed to create a site for a doctor where patients could log in, see their appointments, message with the doc and schedule new appointments.

This does even more than that. Would definitely recommend.

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  • 2015-10-27
  • Initial release


  • 2015-10-31
  • Added screenshots to wordpress repo


  • 2016-02-02
  • Tested on WordPress 4.4.1


  • 2016-02-18
  • Added option to choose transparent background
  • Tested on WordPress 4.4.2
  • Tested on WordPress 4.6


  • Made styling change to support mobile responsive design


  • Added additional help text