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15,000 publishers trust iZooto when it comes to building an audience and keeping it engaged. iZooto helps publishers with audience marketing helping them increase their traffic and revenue.

And as Jomar, CEO @ PhilNews says – After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. Now, after three months, my realization was correct which also justified my first impression with iZooto. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month.

Building and owning audience is #1 priority for publishers and that is exactly what we at iZooto focus on. We help publishers build, engage and retain their audience using web push notifications.

Web push notifications are alerts that can be delivered on mobile and desktop to even when your users are not on your site. To receive these notifications, your website visitors need to opt-in (subscribe) for these notifications. Web push notifications are highly visible as they are delivered directly on the device and hence have a high click through rate. CTRs on push notifications can vary from 3% to 25% depending upon the context they carry.

iZooto helps publishers and bloggers accomplish 3 key objectives:
1. Build your marketing list: Convert your site visitors into an audience. With an opt-in rate of up to 7%, you can build a list 30 times faster than email.
2. Understand your audience: Segment your audience on the basis of their location, on-site behavior, device and more.
3. Engage and monetizeSend targeted notifications to your audience and drive engagement. You can also monetize your audience by opting to send ads via push notification.


iZooto supports all leading browsers
Chrome: Desktop and Mobile (Android only)
Firefox: Desktop and Mobile(Android only)
UC browser: Desktop and Mobile (Android only)
Microsoft Edge: Desktop and Mobile(Android only)
Safari: OS X

Operating Systems or browsers that do not support web push notifications include:
Internet Explorer
iOS on iPhone and iPad

Powerful Features For Publishers

  1. One Click Activation – it takes just one click to integrate iZooto with WordPress
  2. Manage Notifications from WordPress – auto generate notifications as you type in your post in WordPress. Preview and edit the notifications and push them along the post
  3. Automated Push Notification – every time you publish content your notifications will be automatically pushed using iZooto’s Zapier integration
  4. Notifications with Rich Media – use icons, images, emojis and call to action buttons with your notifications to make them appealing and action oriented
  5. Schedule Notifications – you can schedule your push notifications and put user engagement on autopilot
  6. Local Time Zone Notification Delivery – deliver push notifications according to their local time zone and get a better response rate
  7. Audience Segmentation – you can segment the audience on the basis of the content they consume, behavior and demography and target these segments with contextual notifications
  8. Geo Targeting – target users on the basis of their location and send them hyperlocal content
  9. Device Targeting – target and engage with users on both mobile and desktop
  10. Analysis – analyze your audience growth, campaign performance and also understand where your audience comes from and how do they access your website
  11. Manage Multiple Websites – a single iZooto account is sufficient to manage all of your websites, all you would have to do is integrate iZooto with these websites of yours
  12. Collaborate – bring your team on iZooto and assign them different roles

Success Stories

Over 15,000 publishers use iZooto to push out over 11B notifications every month. Leading brands including the likes of Yahoo, Condenast, Network 18, Newscorp use iZooto to engage their audience. iZooto now contributes up to 15% of total traffic for leading publishers. Here are some customer success stories about how fast growing publishers such as Philnews and Pricebaba are using iZooto to generate up to 15% of their total revenue.

Pricing Plans

Plans at iZooto are designed to match your existing business needs and give you functionalities to help you accelerate growth.
1. Monetization Plan: The Monetization plan is for fast growing publishers who want to monetize their push notification audience using ads. The plan is absolutely free and also helps you add to your revenue by sending native ads to your subscribers, according to their interests.
iZooto works with leading demand partners across the globe and sends up to 2 ads every day to these subscribers. We follow CPC model and advertising revenue is shared with the publisher.
2. Engage Plan: If you do not want to send ads to your audience, the Engage Plan is for you. The plan is designed to help you grow your audience and keep them engaged with the content that you publish. The plan starts at $25 and to know more you can reach out at
3. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is for fast growing brands, that are ready to level up their push notification game. The plan will help you design and schedule your messages to best address your audience needs. To learn more about this plan drop us a mail at

Launch your first notification campaign

Once you start building your audience, it is important to parallelly start engaging with them. Sending notifications with iZooto is fairly simple. All you have to do is get on iZooto and design your message, select the audience and push it out. Here are some easy steps to follow: –
1. Go to the Send Notifications section
2. Enter your Campaign Name
3. Design your message – Enter the title, message, icon, image, and URL
4. Add Buttons with landing URL
5. Enter the UTM parameters
6. Set number of days within which you want the message to expire
7. Select your campaign audience
8. Schedule your message for one time or make it recurring
This message will be sent to the selected audience at the scheduled date(s) and time.


iZooto help document will help you get started right away. You can also refer to our YouTube channel and go through the product videos to understand how to use the various features.


A dedicated support team that assists you across channels – live chat, email and on call support. Head to iZooto to start a conversation with our WordPress specialists.


  • How to add new plugin to WordPress
  • Activating iZooto plugin
  • Activate iZooto
  • Add your iZooto ID if activations fails
  • When the plugin is activated
  • Auto generate and preview notification in WordPress
  • How your notifications would look


Integrating iZooto with your WordPress account is fairly simple. Here is how you do it: –
1. Login to your WordPress admin account
2. Go to Plugins and then click on the Add New dropdown
3. Search for iZooto and click on Install Now button, it will take a few seconds to install
4. Once installed, you will see the Activate button, click on it (it will automatically fetch the email id you are registered on and your Domain URL and complete the integration.)
5. Go to the installed plugin page and make sure that iZooto is activated
6. You would be able to find iZooto on the left nav bar of your WordPress account, click on it
7. Your Current Status should say Activated
8. If it does not, submit your iZooto ID and you should be good to go

How to get your iZooto ID

  1. Login in your iZooto account
  2. Go to the Settings section and click on the dropdown
  3. Select Integration Instructions
  4. Under Integrate using iZooto plugin, you will find your iZooto ID for Setup

If you find yourself stuck anywhere, refer to this video or page or just reach out to the iZooto support team.

More Integrations

Integrate with Zapier
With iZooto Zapier integration connect your existing applications and trigger notifications to your subscribers. You can create a zap to automate notifications to broadcast your latest content to your subscribers.

Integrate with WooCommerce
With iZooto WooCommerce integration push notifications to your wooCommerce visitors. Use the iZooto WordPress Plugin, and send personalized notifications to engage and retarget your audience.
P.S. WooCommerce is one of the most relied and free WordPress plugins for developing an online store.

Get started with rolling your push notification campaigns and also check out the iZooto blog and stay tuned with about push notifications.


Incremental revenue and viewership

iZooto can be a great source of additional revenue for publishers in the long run! Also, it adds to the overall viewership by increasing page views and engagement on the site. A great thumbs up!

Great Plugins & Super Customer Services

i just tried a couple of push notofocation plugins, and i think Izooto is one of the best, it really easy to use, works perfectly in my website and i love the support. I really recommend this plugin to everyone who wants to build customer base subscriber Thankyou iZooto


I was looking for something like this, it works as I expected and better, the free version of the plugin give to you a dashboard with campaign report, even you can clone the campaign was sended.
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