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Straight out of the box, WordPress is a great platform to create, publish and share engaging content. That being said, most of the businesses using WordPress donÕt focus a lot on building and engaging audiences. They focus on Traffic but not audience. No one today wants to deal with traffic. Marketers are laser focused on building and owning audiences.

How about converting your website visitors into subscribers?
How about doing it without asking for the email id of a user?
How about building marketing lists without asking users to fill long forms?

Welcome to iZooto – an insanely simple WordPress plugin that helps you convert your traffic into web notification subscribers. Build your subscriber list at 30X speed as compared to email. Yes ! iZooto’s WordPress plugin simplifies user engagement for you. Allowing bloggers, developers and marketers to build and engage their audience with personalized notifications. Notifications which can be delivered even when your subscribers are not on your website.

iZooto helps you boost your website traffic by up to 20%, drive more leads and recover lose sales.

Read more about web push notifications here.

Browsers Supporting Web Push Notifications

  • Chrome: Desktop and Mobile (Android only)
  • Firefox: Desktop and Mobile(Android only)
  • Safari: OSX (Macbook and Macintosh)

iOS does not support web push notifications. Follow this thread to stay updated about iOS web push notifications.

Chrome was the first browser to release support for Service Worker with Chrome 42. Other browsers including UC Web and Internet Explorer do not support web push notifications. Microsoft Edge is yet to release full support for web push notifications. Read more here

Why Should You Use Web Notifications

Web push notifications are clickable, bite sized messages that can be delivered to user even when they are not on your website. Web Notifications are delivered to user’s device, be it a mobile or a desktop. iZooto helps marketers accomplish three simple objectives –

  • Build Your Audience: iZooto helps you convert your web traffic into subscribers. With Opt-in rates up to 7%, you can build list 30 times faster than email. Read this post on how bloggers are using iZooto
  • Understand Your Audience: Using iZooto you can segment users according to behaviour and interest and send personalized notifications.
  • Understand Your Audience: Using iZooto you can segment users according to behaviour and interest and send personalized notifications.

* Welcome Notifications: Impress the users on first touchpoint by sending a welcome notifications to all your website users that opt-in to become your subscribers. Show that you are honoured to have them.
Multi-platform Support: This feature of iZooto web push enables you to establish high user engagement through all the platforms, be it Mobile, Tab or Desktop.
* Native Language Support: Uplift your conversion by personalizing your notifications with the native language of your user. This feature helps to create a connect on a personal level. iZooto web push supports many native languages such such as – Bengali, Gujarati, Russian and Malay.
* User Profiling – With Zooto’s User Profiling, you can easily segment your audience to send hyper relevant notifications. Once you onboard all your user-data to iZooto, we will convert it into actionable user-segments and it will start reflecting on the Create Audience section on panel. You can segment users based on Topics Interested In, Videos Played/ Viewed, Demographic, User Who Have Commented etc, to target the right users.
* Events – Events help to send notifications according to user actions. It helps to target users who have performed a particular action at a particular period of time and the frequency at which they have performed it. Now users can recieve tailor made notifications.
* Rich Notifications – It is now possible to send a full blown image within your notification, to attract users in first go. It offers powerful ways for the users to interact with the notification as there is one lesser click. It helps you to set forward your point effectively as the users can view the image directly from the lock screen. Afterall, an image speaks louder than words.
* Social Sharing/ Click To Call Button – Amplify a notification with social sharing buttons. Users can now share the information in the notification, helping you to spread the word. You can also add a phone number and encourage users to call you.
* Local Time Notification Delivery – This feature ensures that all your global users receives your notification as per their timezone and do not get disturbed at odd hours. For instance, you can schedule a notification targeting your Japan users at 10 am IST and be sure that they will receive the notification at 10 am JST — as per their own timezone.
1 Click Subscription For HTTP Unlike many other web push platforms, iZooto web push provides 1 click solution for all HTTP website that allows your web visitors to opt-in (become your subscribers) in just 1 click. A longer process is usually seen to make them leave the process halfway.
* Notification Expiry: Set expiry time for notifications so that users do not get stale notifications.
* Schedule Notifications: Schedule notifications across time zones with click of a button.
* Collaborate: Invite your team and assign them different roles.
* APIs: Use our web push APIs to personalise your user communication
* Custom Settings For Notification And Prompt Apart from setting your own timezone in the iZooto dashboard, you can also apply custom settings to the consent prompt and notification and manage how and when they will appear and disappear from the device of your user.
* **In-Depth Campaign and Subscription Analysis with Campaign Performance Filters – Understanding the fact that analysis is the most critical part of any campaign, iZooto allows you to apply multiple filters to understand your subscribers overview and individual campaign performance to carry an in-depth analysis.
* **Geo Targeting Filters: Using the Geo Targeting filters allow you identify subscribers in a specific location and tailor >your communication accordingly. It allows you >to filter audience basis Country, State and even >City.>
* **Device:Using Device filter, you can specifically segment mobile, desktop and tablet users.
* **Subscription Date: You can selectively target subscriber basis their date of subscription.
* **Retargeting using push notifications: Send personalized push notifications and recover lost sales.

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  • How to add new plugin to wordpress
  • Activating iZooto
  • Once page is activated, you can login to dashboad to send notifications
  • Add iZooto account ID in case of Activation failure
  • Verify email and set password once the account is activated after submiting the iZooto ID
  • Example of Rich notification
  • Rich notification on mobile
  • Rich notification on desktop



  1. Search for iZooto plugin in your plugin directory, click on Install.
  2. Go to the list of your installed plugin.
  3. Search for izooto> Click on Activate > Click on Install. With this step you have successfully added iZooto plugin on your WordPress dashboard.


After installation of iZooto plugin on your wordpress dashboard, all you have to do is click on ‘Activate’. It will automatically fetch the email id you are registered on and your Domain URL, to complete the integration.

Creating a new notification campaign

  1. iZooto Dashboard >Send Notification
  2. Fill in the required parameters like- Notification title, Notification message, Image,con, Landing url.
  3. You can also add rich notification, buttons, and utm parameters
  4. Choose the audience you want to send the notification to
  5. Click on Push It Now to send the notification right away or schedule it for later.

Reports and analysis

  1. Login to with your credentials.
  2. Click on Notification Reports to views and analyse your campaign performance.
  3. You can Download the report by clicking on Download CSV

Integration guides

  1. Zapier Plugin Integration – This integration helps to connect your existing applications to trigger a notification to your users. One of the classic use cases is, publishing new content. Using Zapier, you can create a zap which will automate a broadcast of your content to your subscribers.
  2. Woo Commerce – WooCommerce users use iZooto to drive traffic to their website, push updates about latest blog posts and more. WooCommerce is one of the most relied and free WordPress Plugin for developing an online store.

Additional Resources

  1. Everything about Web Push notifications
  2. Welcome Notification Templates
  3. How Re-targeting can be achieved via web push notifications
  4. Automated Push Notification Campaigns
  5. Notification Templates for eCommerce

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How much does this plug-in cost?

Installing the plugin is free of cost. However, you can choose a pricing plan during the activation process or start with the free trial. The free plan allows you to send 5 campaigns per month. More information here.

How long does the trial period last?

The trial period lasts for two weeks after which you will be asked to move to a paid subscription as per the plan you have selected.

Does it work for both – HTTP, HTTPS sites?

Yes, the same iZooto plugin works for both – HTTP, HTTPS sites. When you sign-up on iZooto, you need to specify and confirm website protocol. Plugin takes care of placing and integrating the required JS code on your website.

How do I check whether the plugin has been successfully activated or not?

You would see a message on the plugin saying – iZooto web push is currently active on your site. Your website visitors would start seeing subscription prompt asking them to subscribe to web push notifications.

Which device and browsers platforms are supported?

Push notifications are supported on
Chrome (Version 42+) – Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Firefox – Desktop (Version 44+), Mobile (Version 48+)
Safari (Version 7+) – Mac OS X only

How can I activate iZooto web push?

Please click on Activate once you have installed the iZooto plugin on your wordpress dashboard, to activate it.

I am unable to locate iZooto ID for my site, what should I do?

iZooto ID for your website would be available on iZooto panel, under Settings > Integration Details > Plugins. Please write to us at if you are unable to locate iZooto ID for your website.

How do I see total no. of subscribers for my site?

Total no. of subscribers are available on iZooto panel.

How do I send notifications to my subscribers?

Please login to iZooto panel, go to Campaign Manager > Create Campaign.

Will my subscribers have to download this plugin in order to receive notifications?

No, not required.

Which version of WordPress is it compatible with?

3.0.1 or higher.

Do I need to install it for all my websites separately?

Yes, the plugin needs to be installed separately for all your websites. However, you may use same account on iZooto panel to add multiple websites.


Great Plugins & Super Customer Services

i just tried a couple of push notofocation plugins, and i think Izooto is one of the best, it really easy to use, works perfectly in my website and i love the support. I really recommend this plugin to everyone who wants to build customer base subscriber Thankyou iZooto


I was looking for something like this, it works as I expected and better, the free version of the plugin give to you a dashboard with campaign report, even you can clone the campaign was sended.

super plugin

hi, guys its super and lite wait plugin currently its working fine on chrome browser as well easy settings available . no doubt given 5 star rating

Hassle Free Experience

iZooto is a no-nonsense notification platform which allows for quick integration, has easy to use interface and no restriction on the number of subscribers and notifications. So far, I have not seen any other notifications platforms which give you so many features in the free version! I am satisfied with the performance and would recommend it to other website owners as well to improve the engagement with your visitors. The icing on the cake is that the support team is very prompt, helpful and responsive to communicate and get things rolling in no time.
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Contributors & Developers

“Free Web Push Notification Tool to Engage and Retain Users by iZooto” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




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Feature Image as campaign’s icon fix.


Removed HTML from title and body from campaign data.


Simplified setup and activation, moved features and reports to


Compatibility tested with WordPress 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7.3


Added user messages and alerts.


Update API changes.


API mail update.


Missing admin user handling


Service worker fix for random number


Tested up to WordPress 4.9.5


Support for older version of PHP


Add user onboarding