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Create, Organize, and Publish Issues with WordPress

"...IssueM is a real standout." — WPMU

IssueM is one of the cornerstones of the leading WordPress platform for publishers.

IssueM turns WordPress into a powerful publishing platform for digital issues. Popular with alumni magazines, trade magazines, news sites, science journals, and other publishers of periodicals, IssueM brings the proven and familiar issue-based publishing model to the web. There are incredible benefits to the issue-based model of publishing:

  1. Publishers love that IssueM's issue-based digital publishing slows the pace of posting to better suit their existing workflows;
  2. And, readers love the long-format, less-frantic, well-organized reading experience.

IssueM is packed with features—and is gaining more with every release! Upon installation, IssueM allows publishers to:

  • Create issues
  • Create articles and assign articles to particular issues
  • Publish an issue (and all included articles) at one time
  • Display past issues on an attractive "Past Issues" archive page
  • Display a current-issue article list anywhere on the site using a widget
  • Allow readers to search for content across all issues
  • Select featured articles to be displayed in a rotating article showcase
  • Use WordPress's scheduling ability to schedule and automate the launch of an issue
  • Present issues with an attractive ready-to-go (yet customizable) issue table of contents page

Some other benefits: * IssueM works with any WordPress theme. * IssueM is backed by the dedicated team of developers and publishers at zeen101. * IssueM is an active project, with new updates and features released regularly. * IssueM's developer, zeen101, is committed to providing stellar support. * IssueM is free.

Issue-based publishing on the web is gaining steam. More and more traditional publishers are learning that using their print version's issue-based publication schedule on the web—as opposed to a running stream of content—is not only not a step backwards, but it is a welcome change for readers who are often overwhelmed by streams of content. As this publishing model grows in popularity, so does the IssueM ecosystem. Currently, zeen101 offers the following add-ons and companion plugins to turbocharge and complement IssueM.

  • Leaky Paywall, when paired with IssueM, makes charging for issue subscriptions simple. Sell subscriptions to your content using any schedule (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) and price you like. Set your "leak level" to define how many articles readers are allowed to view without a subscription for any time period you set. For example, you can allow unsubscribed readers to read 3 articles per month before a subscription is required. Leaky Paywall also allows you to set limits by content type as well. Leaky Paywall is a paid plugin.
  • UniPress brings your IssueM issues to iPhone and Android devices as your publication's very own app. Build a stronger relationship with your readers by providing them with a dedicated app that they can have in their pocket every day. All your issues, articles, posts, and pages flow into the UniPress app framework that zeen101 will brand as your magazine, set up, and submit to the Apple and Android app stores. It couldn't be easier. UniPress is available now. (The IssueM integration is currently under development and will be available soon.)
  • The Ultimate Magazine Theme is the theme zeen101 built expressly for IssueM. It makes the most of everything IssueM has to offer. The theme is responsive, loads quickly on all devices—mobile included, and showcases content like no other theme.
  • The SimpleMag Child Theme for IssueM is zeen101's theme for issue-based publishers using IssueM and the SimpleMag theme. It is clean, simple, and easy to work with. It is based on the rock-solid SimpleMag theme from ThemeForest.
  • There is no quicker way to get your issue-based publication up and running than with IssueM and the IssueM Magazine Theme.
  • Native advertising is taking over web advertising. zeen101's Sponsored Article plugin pairs nicely with IssueM (and blog posts) to allow issue-based publishers to jump in on the action. This plugin lets publishers change an standard article into a Sponsored Article within an issue. All Sponsored Articles are clearly and attractively marked as such so that readers know they are reading an article written by an advertiser.
  • The Issue-to-PDF add-on allows publishers to convert their digital issues into PDFs with the click of a button.
  • Want to convert your blog posts into issues? The Issue Migration Tool will migrate any post content you choose into article content, so that you can include it into your IssueM issues. Quickly create a special issue or start an issue based magazine or news site.
  • If you need more power in your search box, the Advanced Issue Search add-on allows your readers to comb through your content in a way that isn't possible with the standard WordPress content search.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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