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LionScripts’ IP Blocker for WordPress allows you to stop the Spam Visitors and malicious IP Addresses. You can block IP addresses by using the manual method or the Bulk IPs Upload method. By blocking the Unwanted or Spam IP Addresses, you can save your site’s Bandwidth and hence the cost significantly. The blocked IPs won’t be able to scrap the precious content from your WordPress Site. You can choose to either display the blocked message or an empty page to the blocked users. To do so, you can just add the IP Address to the blocking list and anytime you can delete that IP from the blocking list if you know that it’s not performing malicious activities.

If you like IP Address Blocker Lite Version, then you can visit at below link to download the Professional version:

Plugin Features

  • Block Unlimited IP Addresses from viewing your site
  • Block IP Adresses by Uploading CSV files (Bulk IPs Upload)
  • Display predefined message or a blank page to the blocked user
  • Displays an error on adding already entered IP Address
  • Displays current User’s IP, to avoid banning own IP Addresses
  • Download CSV List of blocked IP Addresses either in IP Blocker Pro format or in the Normal Format
  • Works Without any conflict on your existing plugins and themes
  • Free 24X7 Support
  • Automatic IP Blocking on Suspicious Activity, Bulk IPs Upload with more parameters, Wildcard Support, Country Blocker, Exclude any IP, Time Specific Block, Personal Network Viewer, And a number of Features (Only in Pro Versions)

To enable the features, please visit the Options page after installing the IP Address Blocker on your website.

To buy IP Address Blocker Professional Versions, you can visit:

For all kind of support and questions, please visit and provide detailed explaination of the respective issue.


  • Uploading IP Addresses in CSV Main Screen
  • Adding IP Addresses Manually
  • Upload IP Addresses in CSV Main Screen
  • Download CSV List of blocked IP Addresses either in IP Blocker Pro format or in the Normal Format
  • Will Display Error on adding already entered IP Addresses
  • Main Page (Options Page)
  • Download CSV Dialog Box
  • Settings Update


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  • Version : 10 : Compatible to latest versions, added feature for exporting the IP adresses and settings in a single click using .dat file.
  • Version : 5.21 : A very little change but added due to users request that they are accidently blocking their own ID. So now the message clearly shows (highlighted in red) that this is your IP, please do not block this.
  • Version : 5.2 : CSV Download Bug Fix as stated by a WordPress user (Issue at
  • Version : 5.1 : Quick Fix Provided due to issue: Previous Saved IP Addresses were not coming
  • Version : 5.0 : Minor Bug Fixes with new optimized and better structure
  • Version : 4.0 : Major Error fixes
  • Version : 3.0 : Download CSV List feature added, Current User IP displayed
  • Version : 2.0 : Bulk IP Addresses Uploading via CSV and more features added.
  • Version : 1.1 : Minor bug fixed. Some web-hosts were showing parse error.
  • Version : 1.0.0 : First release.

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