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IoPlus is a contact tracing solution for retail, restaurants, not for profit companies, and corporations. Once you install the plugin you will receive a 2D Bar code (QR code) that you can print and make available at reception. IoPlus plugin will allow you to track visitors, employees can submit their health screening survey. Clients can checkin using their social media

Design Principles:
• Privacy by Design – zero sum technology
• App-Less Design – no need to download an application
• Device Compatibility: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones

• Enables businesses and institutions easily to fulfill their responsibility to aid public health investigations
• Improves customer experience by making screening and ordering quick and easy
• Web-based system means that users don’t have to install an app
• Check-in using existing email and social media accounts is easy and familiar for users
• Check-in and check-out system enables businesses to identify which clients may have been exposed to COVID-19, and to advise only these clients to self-isolate
• Client privacy is protected – IoPlus does not track users and uses client information only to support notification

Contributors to this plugin are KI Design


Contactless sign in
Our contactless sign in solution provides a hygienic, touch free way to register anyone entering your workplace. Visitors can easily scan a Printed QR code and sign in using their own mobile device. Users do not need to download an application, your employees can simply sign in using their smartphone – eliminating the need to sign in using a communal device.

Employee Screening
As businesses re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic, IoPlus is providing tools for business owners to limit the spread of COVID-19.

IoPlus has implemented a screening questionnaire that staff can use to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before starting their work day.

Capacity Management.
IoPlus capacity management feature means you know who is on site or in your building, at all times. Organizations are required to monitor their premises to make sure that capacity isn’t exceeded and those distances are maintained, including in line-ups. Depending on the jurisdiction, Public Health order requires organizations, restaurants, gyms, to maintain a certain capacity upper limit. This is either determined as a portion of the regular capacity pre-covid of based on how many people can be onsite while still maintaining a two-metre distance between groups.

Completely Customizable *premium Feature
With the IoPlus visitor management system, you can customize the sign-in page at your entrances to engage with your visitors and market your brand to this captive audience. We handle multiple entry and exit points and bring it all together in a handsome, streamlined dashboard. All this, IoPlus, seamless sign-on, will ensure your organization makes a beautiful first impression.


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1) To install IO Plus plugin on the sidebar menu of your WordPress site, select Plugin and Add New.
2) There are two ways to add a new plugin:
a) enter the name “Io plus” in the search box and select it from the list of WordPress plugins, click Install and then Activate.
b) download the plugin to your computer from the Then select Upload Plugin (1), click Choose File (2) and choose the archive with the IO Plus plugin on your computer and click Install (3). Activate IO Plus plugin.
3) The IO Plus folder appears on the sidebar menu. To configure the plugin, select IO Plus item.
4) Since the registration of a new user is possible through accounts in social networks, first of all, you need to add keys for Google, Twitter, Linkedin.
5) Then select the Main page, Type of your business and check the box “Send user data to ioplus“. Click Save Changes.


What is the user experience of IoPlus

  1. Scan the QR code at entrance of the business you are visiting
  2. Answer COVID-19 screening questions
  3. Sign in with email or social media to receive notifications
  4. Check out when you leave
    In the event of an outbreak, you will be notified if you may have been in contact with an employee with COVID-19.
    If you don’t want to sign in, you can save the confirmation code and enter it to check the status of the business you’ve visited.

How to register IoPlus for Business SaaS solution?

  1. Register your business on
  2. Enter any custom screening questions, menus or information that you want clients to see
  3. Refer your employees and clients to IoPlus and post a QR code at the entrance to your business
  4. Employees and clients scan the code to check in as they enter and check out as they leave
  5. If an employee contracts COVID-19, access your registry and notify employees and clients who may have been in contact with that employee.

How to register and install IoPlus Plug-in Version?

  1. Download the free IoPlus plug-in from
  2. Install the IoPlus plug-in on your WordPress e.g. https://mywordpresssite.something
  3. Set up any custom screening questions, menus or information that you want clients to see
  4. Post a QR code at the entrance to your business
  5. Employees and clients scan the code to check in as they enter and check out as they leave
  6. If an employee contracts COVID-19, consult your registry and notify employees and clients who may have been in contact with that employee.


October 2, 2020
Using this it is very convenient to control the occupancy of the premises in order to comply with the norms. And also monitor employees for symptoms of COVID-19. Check-in is easy, users don't need to install the app. Thank you for this plugin!
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