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Intagrate Lite - Instagram Image Publishing

Integrate your Instagram images and your WordPress blog with automatic posting of new images into blog posts.

Intagrate and Intagrate Lite are 100% compatible with Instagram’s new API terms. You do not have to create your own API client. Read more.

Intagrate, the pro version of this plugin with many more features can be found here

This plugin allows you to automatically integrate your Instagram images with your WordPress blog.

No more manual embedding Instagram images into your posts, let this plugin take care of it all.

Install the plugin. Log in to Instagram, pick your default WordPress post settings, and you are done. Take a photo or lots on Instagram. The next time someone visits your site, a new post will be created with your each photo from Instagram.

This plugin requires the cURL PHP extension to be installed.

Full list of features:

  • Simple connection to Instagram. Login securely to Instagram to authorise this plugin to access your image data. This plugin does not ask or store your Instagram username and password, you only log into Instagram.
  • Helpful feed of images in the admin screen.
  • Option to manually set the last image in the feed, so all later images will be posted.
  • Configurable post settings:
    • Post title - default as Instagram image title. Custom title text before Instagram title, or embed the Instagram title using %%title%%.
    • Post body text - default as Instagram image. Custom body text before Instagram image, or embed the Instagram image using %%image%%. You can also embed the %%title%%.
    • NEW 1.1.0: Post date can be either Instagram image date or the date at posting.
    • NEW 1.1.0: Image can be either saved to media library within WordPress or linked to Instagram image.
    • NEW 1.1.0: If you save images to the media library you can now set the image as Featured.
    • NEW 1.1.0: Link to image setting.
    • Image size.
    • Image CSS class.
    • NEW 1.1.0: Post Format.
    • NEW 1.1.2: Post Status. You can set posts as published or as draft.
    • Post Category (selected from dropdown of available categories).
    • Post Author (selected from dropdown of available authors).
    • Plugin link at the end of the post body text. Can be turned off.
    • NEW 1.1.0: Debug mode setting to enable us to troubleshoot further problems with the plugin. Off by default.
    • NEW 1.1.3: You can now set the post type, eg. post, page or custom post types, where the image will be created in. Default is Post.
    • NEW 1.1.4: Default post title for images that have no title. Can be overridden by custom post title.
  • Advanced settings:
    • NEW 1.2: Option to override is_home() check setting on automatic posting if themes do not have a set blog page.

If you have any issues or feature requests please visit and use the Support Forum

Intagrate, the pro version of this plugin with many more features can be found here

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Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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