This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.




  • Extremely flexible open publishing support
  • Rich interface for open publishing (see below)
  • Posts and comments can be hidden (instead of deleted)
  • Posts and comments can be signaled to admin
  • Premoderation support: see its own section
  • UI Internationalization
  • Event support
  • Widget for displaying next events
  • Basic antispam

Open Publish form features

  • TinyMCE interface for rich text editing, upload and media embed
  • Form validation: if the user is missing some fields, JS warns it immediately
  • HTML5 form attributes (newest browser will autovalidate some fields)


Indypress does NOT have these features:

  • Multi language articles: this is not even in our wishlist.


  • Plugin status page, with summary informations
  • Make some forms accessible only by logged users with some permissions
  • Typical publish page (on twentyeleven)


It is to difficult to configure! How can I just test it in a easy way

Go to plugin page and activate the “Indypress Base Configuration”: this will enable a simple, “standard” configuration

Indypress Base Configuration is fine, but TOO limited; a compromise?

On you’ll find lot of “presets”: settings that has been done, tested, sometimes actually used in production site. Sometime they require a bit of customization for your needs



Minor improvements:

  • basic antispam, it is called emptyspam.
  • images can be censored for premoderated status
  • disclaimer can be put on hidden/premoderated posts

To use the antispam, just add

{ "type": "emptyspam" } 

to the inputs, and that’s all


Huge rewrite


i18n fixes

boyska (2):       Fixes i18n problems (string quoting)       Fix: return of get_indy_publish_permalink 


Introduces i18n

boyska (4):       Some publish-related fix about categories       The events page works with terms, too       Add functions for publish page URL       Bump to 0.5 capzioso (1):       Aggiunto supporto internazionalizzazione 

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