This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Improved Include Post


Improved Include Post is an expanded version of the original Improved Include Page developed by Vito Tardia ( and it was developed to add some features I needed.

Key Features

  • page title display with optional HTML code,
  • content display with different styles (full, teaser, custom ‘more’ link),
  • WordPress filters applied to both the content and the title,
  • supports WordPress 2.5.x Shortcode API


  1. Download Improved Include Page
    1. Extract the zipped archive
    2. Upload the file iinclude_post.php to the wp-content/plugins directory
      of your WordPress installation
    3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin ‘Plugins’ page.
    4. Include pages in your templates ising iinclude_page function or in your
      pages/posts using the shortcode syntax.

How to use it

After installing it, the plugin adds the function ´iinclude_post´:

void iinclude_post(int post_id [,string params, boolean return = false])

The function takes three parameters: the id of the page to include (post_id) and an optional string (params) which contains the display options and an optional boolean (return) tells wether to return the content or display it on screen.

Example 1: basic usage

If you wish to include the content of page number 4 insert the following code into your template file (eg. sidebar.php):

<?php iinclude_post(4); ?>


<?php echo iinclude_post(4, null, true); ?>

In order to avoid PHP errors you should use the function with the following syntax:

 <?php if(function_exists('iinclude_post')) iinclude_post(4); ?>

Example 2: using optional parameter

You can also display the page title using the following code:

<?php iinclude_post(4,'displayTitle=true&titleBefore=<h2 class="sidebar-header">'); ?>

Example 3: using Shortcode API

You can include a page’s content in a page/post using the syntax:

[include-post id="123"]


[include-post id="3" displayTitle="true" displayStyle="DT_TEASER_MORE" titleBefore="<h3>" titleAfter="</h3>"  more="continue&raquo;"]


The current version supports the following parameters:

displayTitle (boolean)
toggle title display
titleBefore/after (string)
string to display before and after the title
displayStyle (integer constant)
one of the following:

  • `DT_TEASER_MORE` – Teaser with ‘more’ link (default)
  • `DT_TEASER_ONLY` -Teaser only, without ‘more’ link
  • `DT_FULL_CONTENT` – Full content including teaser
  • `DT_FULL_CONTENT_NOTEASER` – Full content without teaser
more (string)
text to display for the ‘more’ link

Contributors & Developers

“Improved Include Post” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.