IMDb Connector


IMDb Connector is a simple plugin that allows you to easily access the database through the API provided by and get details for a specific movie.

So far, the plugin comes with the following features:

  • Widgets that lets you display the movie details within your sidebar,
  • PHP functions that allows theme/plugin developers to easily parse information for a specific movie,
  • Shortcodes which you can use to display one or more details about a movie inside your post or page,
  • and a settings page that lets you (de)activate features and customize the way IMDb Connector works.

For instructions on how to use, examples and additional information, please see the official documentation.

In case you like this plugin, please consider making a donation to Brian Fritz, the author of IMDb Connector is based on.

If you have any other ideas for features, please don’t hesitate to submit them by sending me an e-mail and I’ll try my best to implement it in the next version. Your username will be added to the plugin’s contributor list, of course (if you provide one).

Feel free to make IMDb Connector easier to use for users from a non English speaking country by help translating the plugin on Transifex.


  • The plugin's settings page.
  • The plugin's settings page.
  • The standard widget displayed in a sidebar.
  • The standard widget displayed in a sidebar.
  • The widget configuration on the admin interface.
  • The widget configuration on the admin interface.


How to install

  1. Install IMDb Connector either through WordPress’ native plugin installer found under Plugins > Install or copy the imdb-connector folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Make sure the folder /cache/ in the plugin’s directory is writable (CHMOD 755).
  3. Activate the plugin in the plugin section of your admin interface.
  4. Go to Settings > IMDb Connector to customize the plugin as desired.

Please see the official documentary for information and examples related to IMDb Connector.


The full FAQ can be found on the [official website](


Amazing Functionality and Support

I have been using this plugin for quite a while. The functionality is great and the only thing I struggled with was the poster functionality. After posting on the support forum the plugin developer offered a helping hand and he solved the problem in a few minutes. Thank you for the great support.

Utterly well done

This is a great plugin for many reasons!

First of all I really appreciate the detailed settings page where you can set various caching options and are also presented with a deactivation tab. This shows the amount of thought and detail which went into it and certainly goes much further than just introducing a certain functionality into a plugin.

The documentation is ace, also well done.

Last but not least the plugin is “on point” and does perfectly what it should – connect to IMDb.

Thanks mate!

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Contributors & Developers

“IMDb Connector” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added administration option to choose between short and full movie plot.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.2
  • Updated Font Awesome to 4.6.3.


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.4.1.


  • Changed table format for “released” movie detail from integer to string so it no longer returns just the year number but the actual date (YYY-MM-DD). Note: To apply the change, you must drop the whole imdb_connector table in your MySQL database. Thanks to selse for pointing this out.
  • Updated translations.


  • Added shortcode detail “poster_url” to display movie’s poster URL. Please see the “Shortcodes” area in the official documentation for more information.
  • Moved functions to classes ´IMDb_Connector_Movies´ and ´IMDb_Connector_Cache´.
  • Updated translations.
  • PHP 7 support.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • Minor cosmetic changes.


  • Removed use of deprecated function in movie widget (thanks to MajorFusion).


  • Extended shortcodes which now accepts several more attributes to let users customize the output even more individually. Please see the “Shortcodes” area in the official documentation for an overview of all available attributes.
  • Added compatibility for WordPress 4.3 that has just been released.
  • Added “Reset Settings” button to settings page.
  • Fixed bug resulting in an error when activating IMDb Connector.


  • Changed several function names to be deprecated in order to make it more organized. All functions now start with ´imdb_connector_*´.
  • Cleaned up and optimized main.js.
  • Small face lifting on the settings page.
  • Removed debug mode.


  • Fixed bug resulting in corrupt JSON file provided by, making it unable for the plugin to work (thanks to jcandsv).
  • Added Font Awesome icons to plugin’s settings page.
  • Small code improvements.


  • Added more shortcode parameters and details. From now on you can display the runtime either as “runtime-minutes”, “runtime-hours” or as “runtime-timestamp”.
  • Re-programmed some sections.
  • Updated translations.


  • WordPress 4.2.3 compatibility.
  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed bug.


  • WordPress 4.2.2 compatibility.


  • Added compatibility with WordPress 4.2.1.
  • Updated translations.


  • Stable release.
  • Code cleanup and other small optimizations.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated translations.
  • Updated screenshots.


  • Fixed bug with newly added movies that do not contain all values.



  • Fixed bug with PHP version below 5.2.
  • Cleaned up code.


  • Added plugin installer icon.
  • Code rearrangements.
  • Updated translations.


  • Added “imdbrating” field.
  • Updated translations.



  • Fixed shortcode movie details with multiple values in it.


  • MySQL cache is now stored in a separate table.
  • Added feature to select the table name the cache data is being stored.
  • Added feature to automatically delete the cache after a certain time.
  • Added feature allowing admins to chose what cached files and settings IMDb Connector should keep after disabling the plugin.
  • Added “type” movie detail that returns the type (documentary, series, movie, …) of the movie.
  • Renamed movie details “genre”, “country”, “language”, “writer” and “director” to plural names.
  • Updated translations.


  • Added option to chose if the movie detail cache should be stored locally on in MySQL.
  • Added an option to the settings page that defines whether the movie poster should be cached or not.
  • Added “format” option array to imdb_get_connector_movie() function that defines whether the output should be an “array” or “object”.
  • Added translations and updated existing ones.
  • The movie details “genre”, “director”, “writer”, “actors”, “country” and “language” are split up in arrays.
  • The movie detail “runtime” is now an array containing “timestamp”, “minutes” and “hours”.
  • Removed “Use default widgets style” from settings page.


  • Added “Delete cache” function on settings page.
  • Added several PHP functions, e.g. search_imdb_connector_movies().
  • Added debug mode to display errors and warnings.
  • Added several translations and updated existing ones.
  • Fixed “headers already sent” bug on plugin activation.
  • Fixed bug that prevented translations from being loaded.
  • Fixed bug when a string run through wptexturize() is used for the IMDb title (thanks to 7movies).
  • Changed get_imdb_* functions to imdb_get_connector_* to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Rebuild movie widget.
  • Restructured plugin files.


  • Hotfix.


  • Initial release.