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This plugin was created because there was a need in the WordPress community to have an images store that did not required the installation of multiple plugins. Enjoy!! and please support the plugin. :@)

The plugin fully integrated with the WordPress database, so you will not find any extra tables on your database (Cool!.. at least for me, I hate extra tables). NextGEN Gallery alternative.

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  • Support
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  • Shortcode guide


  • Payment notification.
  • Paypal Cart integration.
  • Google checkout integration
  • WP edit image integration.
  • Image RSS.
  • Promotions.
  • Gallery widget.
  • Galley shortcode.
  • Gallery expiration.
  • Sort images feature.
  • CSV sales download.
  • CSV customer download.
  • Sales menu: To keep track of you sales.
  • Image upload: Via a zip-file(no zip-mod required).
  • Dynamic generation of sepia and black & white images.
  • Taxonomy (albums/tags): Group Galleries using custom taxonomy.
  • Price lists: Create only list and apply across galleries.
  • Gallery Comments: allow user to add comments to galleries.
  • Watermark function: You can add a watermark image or text.
  • Image download: Allow user to download image after purchase.
  • Disable Store: Use it just like a gallery manager and not a store.
  • Folder import: add galleries by just uploading image through FTP.
  • Public Galleries: display your photos so that anybody can buy them.
  • Secure Galleries: Secure clients photos so that only they can see them.
  • User Permissions: Give access to users to specific sections of the plugin.
  • Customer menu: Keep track of your galleries and customers.
  • Plugin uninstall: Remove all entries added by the plugin.



Trent Foley(


Jack Moore,Alex Gregory(


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  • Screenshot New Gallery
  • Screenshot Pricing
  • Screenshot Sales / Screen Options
  • Screenshot Settings
  • Screenshot Photos / voting
  • Screenshot Slideshow
  • Screenshot Price list
  • Screenshot Shopping Cart
  • Screenshot Gallery embed
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Looks great, but terrible in execution


Thought I found what I really needed. However, when I created a gallery and uploaded images, it shows as a broken link. If I right click and open the link in a new tab, it shows the image just fine. So there's something seriously wrong here. Also, I tried to watch a tutorial on the developers site, long to load and then doesn't play properly. Also, can't register on their site to get support.

Killed my whole site!


I wanted to check this plugin out cause wasn't sure what to expect, but killed my whole wordpress MU install!!!!! I use NextGen and Justifies Image Grid, after installing and deleting this plugin everything was fucked up. Really fucked up, not even one page shows content!!!! Suck ass plugin.

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  • WordPress 4.5.0 support
  • Fixed: php notices
  • added: symlink support


  • WordPress 4.5.0 support
  • Minimum required 3.9
  • Fix coupons issues


  • Minimum required 3.8
  • WordPress 4.4.0 support
  • License year changed
  • Improved: pricing admin page.


  • Fixed: installation error.


  • Fixed: PHP notices.
  • WordPress 4.3 support


  • Fixed: Receipt redirect.
  • Fixed: PHP notices.
  • Fixed: image edit script.
  • Improved: image script performance.
  • Added: Check out option on image size selection.


  • Fixed: Sales report shipping address issue.
  • Fixed: Some sales reports not saving.
  • Added: Check out option on image size selection.


  • Added: Support for xclusive theme.
  • Fixed: Expiration date issue.
  • Fixed: lightbox issues.

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